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the only difference with suboxone and subutex is that suboxone has a added ingredient that makes for a less potential of abuse, and overdose. suboxone is safer and a better choice i believe.
Before I address that though, I wanted to also address the damage you are doing to your liver because of the amount of acetaminophen you ingest by taking both percocets and Coricidin. Just Something to think about. Now let me tel you about Suboxone. Suboxone is the brand name for a medication consisting of buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is a thebaine derivative with powerful analgesia approximately 20-40x more potent than morphine.
my son started suboxone treatment yesterday... he was quiet at first... it made him feel better than he did while going through withdrawal..... but today he is aggitated, aggravated, and edgy.... he wants a pill really bad..... is this normal??? Does he need a larger dose of suboxone.... ??? Can he up his own dose safely???
My partner is due to go on suboxone this afternoon after speakin to his key worker this morning can any 1 help out an tell me pro's an cons ect. Is it safe or is it just a subsitute for herion??????
I take suboxone. I am close to relapse and my doctor will not help. I am going to a new doc Monday morning. Will my insurance continue to pay for my meds if I switch doctors?
I do want to caution you and him that Suboxone in also an opiate. Let me tell you about it. Suboxone is the brand name for a medication consisting of buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is a thebaine derivative with powerful analgesia approximately 20-40x more potent than morphine.
Important information about Suboxone Suboxone can cause death from overdose, especially if it is injected with a tranquilizer. Use Suboxone exactly as directed by your doctor. Suboxone can cause drug dependence. This means that withdrawal symptoms may occur if you stop using Suboxone too quickly. Withdrawal symptoms may also occur at the start of treatment due to dependence on another drug. Suboxone is not for occasional ("as needed") use.
I'll tell you---a few years from now you will be back here asking how to get off of the Suboxone. Suboxone is not for everyone but can be a great tool to help you get your life together, IF used properly. So, do your homework---don't just jump in. Let us know how you are doing.
So my questions are can you use the kratom with the suboxone and can I still take the vitamins with the suboxone. I know i can't use the xanax with the suboxone but I am so desperate. I think my marriage is going down the tubes because of this. My husband has this horrible addicton too but he can't handle worrying about the both of us. I just stopped my paxil a few weeks bqack because it was having adverse effects on me.I dont want to try another anti-depressent untill i stop the oc's.
Patients with a clinical need for analgesia should not be transferred to a SUBOXONE regimen. SUBOXONE is not indicated for pain management. Why aren't these websites telling the TRUTH!! Momscares This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/719970'>What kind of pain does Suboxone help?</a>.
Does that mean you're taking four of these a day or 25...I can't really tell from your post. Also, how many did you take that induced the "overdose"? Have you been at the same amount the whole time or has the usage gone up? I will try to help, as will countless others here. Hang in here with us!
Few differences in the adverse event profile were noted among SUBOXONE sublingual film, SUBOXONE (buprenorphine and naloxone) sublingual tablets, SUBUTEX (buprenorphine) sublingual tablets and a buprenorphine ethanolic sublingual solution. The most common adverse event ( > 1%) associated with the sublingual administration of the SUBOXONE sublingual film was oral hypoesthesia.
You are not goin to get high they have a ceiling effect, so if you take one you may feel a little pep for a min or two and if you take 20 more you will never get any more buzzed then the first one, and if you overdose it is not goin to be pretty and you very well could overdose and i really don't think you want that.kitty.
The person is TAKING Suboxone because they couldn't stop opiates-- so why would they expect to be able to stop Suboxone? But more and more the real question to the 'stopping' issue is, why would you want to stop it? Just my opinion, but the quest for 'total cleanliness' is a mistake for many people; I know of at least one opiate addict who died of an overdose in his quest to 'be clean', when a few months earlier he was employed, free of cravings, and as happy as he had been in decades...
OK, so anyway Vicodin (in the short term) seems to work for me. I did some research about Suboxone and talked with my doctor and he put me on 4mg a in the morning and one at night. Well I took the first dose on the first day, later since I didn't get it until about 5PM and then didn't feel so hot. I sort of got a tightness in my chest and feeling a little anxious. Well I took the 2nd dose at 12AM and I felt REALLY's 6:22AM right now and I still feel bad.
and just before that i discovered i had a problem as well, i have been trying to get off of them for about 6 mths now by taking suboxone but relapsed alot of times..i am now on mth 2 of only takin the suboxone . i started off with one whole strip and got myself down to a little sliver of the strips, they come in pill form to and it is the equivalent of a quarter of one a day,i have been taking one day off a week but cant do much on those days!
My husband just began using Suboxone Thursday the 14th. His dose is 8mg once daily. He took his first dose at 4pm. Bad idea. He looked so high, I couldn't even bear to look at him. He was sweating profusely, running around the house like the energizer bunny and cleaning up everything. He couldn't sleep hardly at all that night and ended up leaving at 330am to go work out at the gym. His history: according to what he tells me, he was taking up to 7 Lortab's a day.
Recently I have had folks addicted to suboxone ask me for help. I visited some recovery facilities in Texas and Oklahoma and found lots of confusion and conflict. Detox facilities said that they were using the durg for opiate addiction detox. "Licensed" doctors said that they required a "contract" with the paitient to control the use of the drug. One doctor said he will no longer prescribe suboxone due to paiient abuse.
I have been taking Suboxone for 3 years, I tapered down to 2 mg a day from 24 mg a day. I want to quit. I took 40 10 mg norco's from 80 mg to 30 mg to maybe kick the suboxone off the receptors. I am on day 6 with no sleep and RLS. Do I really have to do two months of this to get clear? I do not think I am strong enough for that. Should I go back on suboxone and taper down a lot lower.? Thanks, I am in misery. Ben.
I am 9 months pregnant and have been on suboxone for almost a year now. I have has tests done and a number of ultrasounds and the doctors say the baby is great. But I am really concerned about whether I should withdrawal before I have the baby or just have the baby. I have been doing some research on suboxone and infant withdrawal and so far have found that infants do not go through any withdrawal sysptoms. But it's not good enough for me.
) I used suboxone for my oxy addiction and i can honestly say it saved me and helped me get my life back because without it i really dont think i could have done it and my addiction was farther along than you i was at 250-350 mg oxy a day so i am so happy to see that you have not went to oxy from hydro because it turns worse a lot faster from there but the suboxone will help you as long as you do it the right way and when you talk to your doc my suggestion would be ask him about a 30 day suboxon
It seems that suboxone is the topic with the most mystery. I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone. I've been on it for a while and have had some interesting experiences; many were not among those I'd read about. I would like to converse with someone who is also on this drug and share experiences. Let me know if you're on it or if you have been and gotten off.
This *****, Im in Pain and DR says t go back on meds.Im on Suboxone now for 3 weeks.Im down to 1 a day for 4 days now in 1/4s. My back is hurting. He says 24 to 36 Hrs after my last dose of Sub before i take any Pain Meds.Anyone that knows about this please reply.
When you finally stop taking Suboxone, throw away any leftover pills so they can’t be used by anyone else. Can I Overdose on Suboxone? As noted above, although all opioids lower breathing, when Suboxone is taken alone and as directed, it has an upper limit on how much it does this. This limitation is because buprenorphine is a partial agonist.
What is Suboxone/Subutex? Suboxone®, manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser, is the first opioid substitution treatment available without the hassle involved with going to a methadone clinic everyday or even weekly. The two active ingredients in Suboxone® are buprenorphine hydrochloride, and naloxone hydrochloride dihydrate. Subutex® has only buprenorphine as an active ingredient.
I have a question about Suboxone. What would happen if someone would take an opiate (percocet, vicodin, oxycotin...etc.) while being on Suboxone? Does anyone know?
5 pills 14 hours later 4875 mg (Mon) 6 pills 23 hours later 3900 mg (Tues) (with attempe\ted CWE which I dont believe worked correctly) 5 more pills 8 hours later 3250 mg (Tuesday night at 7 pm, no CWE) Its been approx 80 hours since my last dose and I was reading online that 72-96 hours is where liver failure occurs from acetaminophen overdose....
However many individuals who start using it to treat their addiction, become addicted to the Suboxone itself. Suboxone has a high rate of illicit abuse. Subutex, the product containing buprenorphine alone with no naloxone, creates a greater risk of misuse, abuse and diversion and many physicians are uncomfortable prescribing it. I hope this was helpful.
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