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Avatar m tn My brother thinks his heart is enlarged. I have no idea what an enlarged heart looks like, but when he first got his xrays, his heart was not this big and in this picture you can tell it has "grown". That is what concerns me.
7665079 tn?1393187282 In most patients with any evidence of previously known heart disease, it is likely that their syncope is related to a cardiac arrhythmia, usually VT. This is a serious matter because in patients with syncope due to VT, it’s common for SCD to occur within the ensuing year, this should be preventable if the cause of the syncope is found and managed. All cardiac arrhythmias can be effectively controlled if proper diagnosis is made with the help of cardiac electrophysiologic studies.
1236893 tn?1408490528 An analysis of eight clinical studies which investigated the effects of taking EPA and/or DHA from fish oil with various anti-depressants (including SSRI drugs such as fluoxetine and sertraline and tricyclic drugs such as amitriptyline) found that, overall, there appeared to be additive benefit, especially from EPA in doses of about 1,000 mg β€” 2,000 mg per day, concluding, "EPA-rich omega-3 fish oil may be recommended for the adjunctive treatment of major depressive disorder.
Avatar f tn OMG don't even get me started on hormones and menopause issues and the heart....i would probably end up blowing up my computer w. all i could tell you about that part of it. I am now in my mid 50's went into peri menopause in my early 40's and finally in the past couple of years am starting to settle down a little with everything that my body is doing to rebel against me.
Avatar n tn Hi Esther Yes, very normal for metoo and I am sure many others. I get bouts of rapid heart beating and feeling that my heart is skipping a beat or two and chest pains. I too went to the Doctors this time last year he did and E.C.G which was fine.He did put me on Pantoprazole 20 mg for acid stomach, even though I would not have said that I had a problem with that but they seem to have helped. Just last week while at work it happend again .
Avatar f tn I am scared because heart disease runs in my family, hypertension and stroke, some diabetes. I feel it would be wise for me to see my orthopaedist about my leg and see a specialist about my BP, cardiologist maybe. I have a heart murmur have since childhood, leaky valve, mitral valve prolapse. I also take meds for hypothyroid, depression (sertraline hcl), anxiety (PTSD), skelaxin, prn cyclobenzaprine (not with other meds), now tramadol hcl. Can someone validate my concern about waiting?
Avatar n tn my symptoms are (and im sure i will miss a few) dizzyness, lightheadedness,blurry vision ,rapid or slow heart rate,confusion,heart / chest pain,tight chest and throat,lack of oxygen,vomiting,pins and needles all over body,skiping heart beat,headaches,numbness in arms, leggs,face,hands,and lips. musckle weakness to the point i cant even stand or walk...the list can go on forever. im taking 3 medications to help controll it but everyday is a strugle. so for all sufferers....
Avatar f tn For those you are concerned about Lyme disease and think that it's a very rare disease you are wrong. If it was not misdiagnosed so often it would be at 200,000 cases per year in the U.S making it way more prevalent than AIDS. At least 50% of the ticks are infected now. Watch this trailer or buy the documentary. It's called Under Our Skin. Get the correct information regarding Lyme disease it is now epidemic and it only have been around since 1981.
297366 tn?1215816651 I had an intuition something bad might happen on the forum, so I checked in and found your message. You have already become part of OUR heart and OUR home, so you need to stay with us and let us support you. You are not crazy, imagining things, somaticizing, or anything like that. It is so hard when a doctor that you felt so close to reveals that he basically knows nothing about your symptoms, about you or about your life. How awful! Dump him.
1236893 tn?1408490528 An analysis of eight clinical studies which investigated the effects of taking EPA and/or DHA from fish oil with various anti-depressants (including SSRI drugs such as fluoxetine and sertraline and tricyclic drugs such as amitriptyline) found that, overall, there appeared to be additive benefit, especially from EPA in doses of about 1,000 mg β€” 2,000 mg per day, concluding, "EPA-rich omega-3 fish oil may be recommended for the adjunctive treatment of major depressive disorder.
Avatar n tn They really suggested that I get an epideral to keep me calm and to control the pain from exacerbating my condition. My heart rate and blood pressure had some problems but both of us were able to pull through. My doctor and OB now tell me that I really can't take a risk again and that I should be blessed with the one i have so i won't be having anymore (unless i'm stubborn enough to not listen again). I hope this answered your questions.
Avatar n tn I had to stop drinking because I had no idea what was wrong with my liver. I thought I was developing that disease that Muhumed Ali has because I talk and move so slowly. My hair started falling out. I had long locks, but I went ahead and cut all my hair off. I wear a bald head now. I attributed the tiredness and weakness to getting older. I don't have the excitement and passion of emotions anymore. I stay to myself becasue I don't enjoy others company like I used to.
Avatar f tn i had 2 major surgeries on my back in 03' and 07' and have chronic degenerative disease so i am in constant pain...but not so much that i need this much medication. i was gonna try to taper down 1 pill a week but i dont know if that is too fast. maybe i should do half a pill per week....the longer the taper the less the withdrawals will be. what do you think? what has your experience been coming off and how did you do it? thanks.
Avatar n tn I do get shortness of breath sometimes but Im not sure its not cause im freaking out and im causing myself to have a panic attack, same when the chest pain comes on. Im really concerned about it, both my parents have heart disease and these symptoms are really scaring me...
Avatar n tn She also had symptoms of feeling faint when awake and her night symptoms were similar to waking from a nightmare (pounding heart, sweating, and a feeling of your heart jumping like being startled). This disease is mainly diagnosed in young adults and can be diagnosed by a simple EKG. We were lucky she got a great ER doctor that was familiar with it and she now is on medication to control it. Please don't just assume that it's stress or panic until you get a thorough check-up. Good Luck!
503727 tn?1210442710 As soon as I get into a place I get so dizzy and my vision is all messed up. I get so hot and sweaty and my heart races. I want my life back. I still dont believe that its just anxiety causing all of this. I feel like I have something else wrong that the doctors cant find even though i have had bloodwork, mri, ekg, and they were all normal. I started taking .25mg of xanax once a day. still dont feel any better yet. So if anybody has any help please give it to me.
1103980 tn?1257909276 About 17 Months ago Due to a freinds excessive pressure I took Hashis smoke for the first time. Immidiately My heart begin a rapid palpitation followed by heavvy sweating and fear. After 1 month of the incident I began taking Clonazepam 0.5mg and Sertraline HCl (zosert 50mg) during bedtime. It was quite okay before six months but now I'm Suffering from Miagrane and Depression since last 6 months. Can U tell Me an effective alternative for my disease? Please Help me.....
Avatar f tn The friend has reassured me time and time again that he is negative and plus we used protection. But everynow and then my ocd flares up and nothing that anyone says can convince me otherwise. The friend thinks that I am a complete lunatic and we hardly speak to each other anymore as a result of all this. This isn't the first time I have thought I have had HIV, in the past I have worried about this and despite negative tests I still remained convinced that I have HIV.
Avatar n tn I live very differently than my parents, grand parents, and brothers in that I avoid milk, cheese, fatty meats, fried foods, don't do drugs, got a high school and college education, served in the military, get regular physical exercise 6 days a week, and look very good. Me and my brother are like night and day. I hope I avert the heart disease disaster by being contrarian to my relatives, but I know I take on a hell of a lot of pollution.
480448 tn?1426952138 or was watching the world through a movie projector, instead of through my own eyes and mind. Therefore, I am going to share with you all what *I* know about these phenomena, and hopefully reassure some of you that this is par for the anxiety while irritating, maybe even is totally harmless. Derealization and depersonalization are two terms that are sometimes used interchangably. Truth is, they DO vary a little bit in their presentation....
Avatar n tn For the last 6 months I have been getting tearing (look like paper cuts) in my vaginal area (1/4 to 1/2 inch long). I get the tears at least once or twice a week and they last from 2-4 days, go away for a few days and then come back. They continue to occur in the same locations; 1. Inside the vaginal lips on the sides almost always in the crease (between the labia minora and majora?) 2. Between the anus and vaginal opening (perineum) 3. Above the clitoris in the "hood" area.
541465 tn?1219431486 If it was digitalis for your heart, would you not want to be 'addicted' to it? This is NO different! You have a life altering disease as serious as any of those... Take the meds that let you do what you need to be doing, raising your kids. Made me feel a little better. But I knew, I was still an addict, no matter what he said.At about the 6 month mark, i tried kicking again, against medical advice. I lasted about three weeks. It was living hell.
1580318 tn?1452015597 Many popular prescription drugs, it turns out, come with the potential for serious side effects, including everything from short-term nausea and headaches to chronic inflammatory myopathy and heart disease β€” or worse. But this important information is often shrouded from public view, which intentionally perpetuates the myth that the benefits of FDA-approved drugs far outweigh any risks.
Avatar f tn I know it's hard but u should tell ur parents it really helps to tell someone. I am 30 and been suffering for a year now and only recently told my parents and family. But they have been a great support. I have been taking sertraline for about 5 weeks now and just starting to feel an improvement. I think u need to tell ur parents and get and see ur doctor. Good luck.
Avatar m tn A few cherry picked sections on CoQ10 from the book: The great cholesterol myth - why lowering your cholesterol won't prevent heart disease and a statin-free plan that will... "Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin like substance found throughout the body and made in every cell. Among the very important things it does, CoQ10 helps create energy from fuel (food) in the human body, just as a spark plug creates energy from fuel (gasoline) in a car.
Avatar f tn Echo gram complete blood count. Heart disease test. Gettin pain by my stomach an did a pelvis an adominal ultrasound everything was normal. Now I am getting chestpain which feels like tightness in my chest pressure in my left chest neck stiffness shoulder an back tension. My hands feel like there is no life in it. Im getting shallow breathing. Can it be anxiety. Do muscle strain cuz all this.
1236893 tn?1408490528 Unlike Alzheimer disease, ARCD is not considered a disease and is a more gradual and, perhaps, normal consequence of aging. Study participants were given 900 mg per day of DHA from algal oil or placebo for 24 weeks. Those taking DHA showed significant improvements in verbal recognition memory, but no improvement in working memory or on executive function tests. Plasma DHA levels doubled in the group receiving the supplementation.
Avatar n tn It is scary and disconcerting, my heart can beat fast and loud, my eyes unfocus, I see things that aren't there, my eyes feel strange and of curse my brain. As if someone is switching me off for a second. Part of me thinks that one time it will switch off for good but I just want it to stop! I hope to hear some more diagnoses and think I should go to a doctor about this if going back on my meds doesn't help.
Avatar n tn Beta-blockers are used to treat high blood pressure, angina (chest pain), heart attacks, heart rhythm problems such as atrial fibrillation and more recently heart failure.
Avatar m tn Well according to my doctor I have anxiety and she said the Sertraline will help me sleep better and will help the chemical imbalance in my brain. The symptoms I've had so far are Palpitations which scared the hell out of me so I phoned 111 with the guy on the phone telling me to get to A&E within the hour where I had an ECG, they checked my blood pressure and both were fine.