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Avatar_n_tn From last year on Christmas day i had started my ilight>periodilight> and has not ended ilight>forilight> ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight>. the Feb Comes along and did the same thing! and i still have my period and it has been 2 weeks! what is wrong with me?! ive been frustrated and depress! its really irritating!
Avatar_n_tn i have taken it now for 3 years and have stopped about a month ago. Since then i have had my ilight>periodilight> every ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> again. i was shocked that after 3 years i am still having the same problem. i have had some huge life changes in the past 2 months including moving half way across the world which could be the cause of it but i have my suspicions since this was a pattern a few years ago.
Avatar_n_tn i have had my period come about 2 days early before and ive had it come late but this is the first time that it has ever been this early. it is ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> early and started out as spotting ilight>forilight> the day and then early in the night it started getting heavier. i went to bed with a pad on and woke up with it completely overflowed. i went to the washroom and had a very heavy flow of blood in the toilet and noticed some clots as well.. The blood itself is bright red but the clots are very dark red.
Avatar_n_tn Also after this long being off the depo and with my irregular periods is it still pssible to get preg, as me and my partner now are trying to have a little munchkin of our own, and im not sure when the best time to try would be with my ilight>periodilight> every ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight>..we try to work it between my ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> but only get time with each other on weekends as our work scheduals....please help me, with answers for both my questions...thank you...
Avatar_m_tn i'm always stressed out. But ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> seems a little much ilight>forilight> me. Especially when i've never been late and take pills.
Avatar_n_tn havent had a ilight>periodilight> this month 6/2011 its ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> late and all the pregnancy test are -. Dont want to go to the dr. to be told the same. What should i do????
Avatar_n_tn after saying that.......i have my ilight>periodilight> ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> early, it is so light that i can get away with wiping when i pee only(no pad or tampon use) i heard about implantation bleeding buut i want to know what else it could be i am a little worried this has never happened and i have been having periods since i was 10......and a lil tmi for you my nipples hurt but not the whole boob like before with my son i dont feel sick but i am tired and if it is pregnancy then it is 100% different that the first.
Avatar_f_tn i dont know why i have my ilight>periodilight> ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> early?? i am not on birth control so that is not what it messing up my cycle. Could i be pregnant??
Avatar_f_tn The brown blood may be old blood from your last ilight>periodilight>. As ilight>forilight> it starting ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> early? Don't worry. Our bodies change, i remember my period changed when i was younger also. i would know when it was comeing, then it changed from the beginning of the month to the end. it was not always a 27 or 28 cycle. Don't stess. be preparied when you go out, keep an eye on it.
Avatar_n_tn So my ilight>periodilight> is actually ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> early. is this normal? i shouldnt start till May 27th. my pap and pelvic exams were normal last month. Could it be because i went off the pill like i did?
Avatar_f_tn if you were heavy both times then maybe you should go see your doctor b/c you shouldnt have two periods in two weeks. Take a pregnancy test just to be sure.
535202_tn?1216409060 i spotted ilight>forilight> ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> then i had a ilight>periodilight>, ive been REALLY really tired, and i feel sick alot... ive been on BC for 4 1/2 months, i thought it was possible that i was pregnant but i took 3 tests within those 3 weeks... is it still possible that i could be pregnant or am i just paranoid???????? im starting to get nervous because if im not, then there has to be something wrong...
Avatar_m_tn i take it continuously so i never have a ilight>periodilight>. i havent had any spotting or bleeding in over ilight>2ilight> years but ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> ago all of a sudden i started to bleed and i havent stopped. my first thought was miscarriage so i took a pregnacy test and it sad negative. i dont have a doctors appt for another 2 weeks. Can anyone help?
Avatar_f_tn Hi i've had my ilight>periodilight> ilight>forilight> ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> now and i have never had this happen. it went from being spotty to flow then spotty, and finally heaviness. i don't know if i should be concerned. Can you tell me what you think.
Avatar_f_tn i'm ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> late ilight>forilight> my ilight>periodilight>, i have no symptoms. i've take 7 pg test and they're all neg. i even went to the dr yesterday and still neg. i plan on going back next week to do the blood test. i've been off the pill for about a month, i know tht can cause my cycle to irregulate. is it possible tht im preggers? i feel like im going to start my p even have a little cramping. im never late or miss a p. whts going on? How long should i wait to test again? would i have any symptoms this early on.
Avatar_f_tn im 15yrs old, ive been on my ilight>periodilight> ilight>forilight> ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> straight everytime i put a tampon in it bleeds less then when i take it out? im on the birthcontrol nauvaring, and i feel sick and i have cramps (but they dont hurt alot alot just a little they come and go), and always grumpy? my period is usually on time and for 1 week its never really changed that much and certainly not like this and i started later than usual and my stomach hurts bad well it comes and goes.
Avatar_n_tn have the doctor chec k you for fibroids i did the same for months at a time and had a hysterectomy last year ilight>forilight> a ilight>2ilight> pound ilight>2ilight> ounce fibroid
Avatar_f_tn Lat month i had ilight>forilight> ilight>periodilight> ilight>forilight> ilight>2ilight> ilight>weeksilight> and 6 days. Very very Light the first week, than heavy ilight>forilight> the rest of the time. This month for the first week my period was extremely light i figured because the month before i had it for so long however its been exactly 3 weeks now and it pretty heavy. im not in any sort of pain though. i'm going to see a dr, but i was just wondering what the cause of this could be and what could be wrong with me?