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I still have irregular periods, and are prone to ovarian cysts, but I haven't had any yet that were as bad as that one. Long story short, as we all know, when a person know something's wrong, don't stop til you get help.
Hi There, one simple way to know if cysts are functional - that is- related to the ovarian - menstrual cycle is to wait a cycle or two and rescan. Cysts that are related to ovulation will be gone and be replaced by new cysts with the new cycle. A persistent or growing cyst may be a tumor benign or malignant. Ca 125 is not a screen for cancer. The result just tells us that this cyst or tumor does not produce the CA 125 protein. I am assuming that tha 4.5 cm, 2.8 cm, 3.3 cm and 4.
maybe you should try the pill (birth control) it is used alot to regulate a menstrual cycle. i wish you the best of luck!
-- My last menstrual period was 07/10 -- I was finally diagnosed with two cysts in my left ovary (simple cyst) - with one measuring 1.4 & the other is measuring 1.9 in addition my left ovary is slightly enlarged. However, I have now been to 3 doctors - (Primary Care, ER, OB/GYN) and the OB/GYN is sending me to a GI doc for a consult. I feel like I'm in the middle of the doctor shuffle. The GYN doc also prescribed Progesterone to "force" my menstrual cycle.
I hear that ovarian cysts have the same symptoms as pregnancy. Anyone have experience with them and can tell the difference?
I have now given up on even going to the gynae because I know all he'll tell me is that I have another cyst, but it does worry me that I have now had no menstrual cycle for the last four months. I don't know what to make of it. I have also started ignoring the pain/discomfort in my lower abdomen because I'm frankly fed up with going through the same thing over and over again.
I do not menstruate due to an IUD (that has not given me problems in 4 years) - so it's impossible to tell if the cysts are causing menstrual cycle irregularity. I have intermittent abdominal and pelvic pain - and recently added low back pain to the list. It' interfering with work (I am a fitness director) and play (ha!) and my energy is low. I feel like I am perpetually 3 months pregnant. Slightly bloated belly, sore breasts, tired... Any ideas?
I have never been a regular cycle type person but I have been getting ovarian cysts a lot lately and that really screws things up form me. I have horrible headaches and pms for weeks waiting for it to start. I was lucky enough to finally start today after waiting for an eternity with the symptoms and now I feel like I'm in labor and my head is killing me. I would talk to your gyn about it. I wish you the best!
Hi There, No sadly, an ultrasound will not detect ovarian cancer. We have no screening test for ovarian cancer. It sounds like you should talk to your doctor about a diagnostic laparoscopy. You may have a condition called endometriosis. That condition is associated with pain usually during periods. Another possibility is that you have developed some narrowing of your cervical canal due to scar tissue from the LEEP procedure.
You should get it evaluated from a gynaecologist and get any cervical or ovarian causes like cervical dysplasia or ovarian cysts ruled out. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
are they simple, complex, are there solid areas within the cyst, are the cysts persistent over time Most ovarian cysts go away because they are just related top the menstrual cycle.
i haven't gotten my period since last year is it possible for me to become pregnant when im not on any medication? or is there anything i can take without seeing a doctor to help regulate my menstrual cycle or something with high estrogen?
No way to predict when they will happen but since menopause is knocking at my door I have noticed a relationship to the spell to the cycle. Had a cycle in Dec after 2months. then not again until july, aug, and 2 days in sept. The Sept one is the worst spell of all. I have had much gastro workups which has left no diagnosis. The surgeon suggests removing the ovaries with the laproscopic deal. I would like to think..no ovaries no more spells. Is it dangerous to leave the ovaries in at my age.
History: March '05 started w/ a very light period and then heavy prolonged bleeding. Went to the gyn, he didn't feel anything on exam, prescribed meds to get the bleeding to stop, they worked for about 2 weeks, bleeding then continued. When I mentioned constant cramping was sent for a pelvic ultrasound (ab & transvaginal). Results came back showing bilateral ovarian cysts.
Hi Does small ovarian cysts cause prolonged menstrual beeding, heavy as well? They have been trying to find out why I have these reoccuring episodes of prolonged menstrual cycles over a couple of years. I had one that lasted 6 weeks, then it would revert back to a normal cycle. I would go a year and then again same thing. I just had a endo biopsy last week and waiting for results. Yesterday they did a us and found a small simple cyst on my right ovary. They couldn't find the left one.
Ultrasound is showing clear cysts, no mass, 2 cysts on each ovary, this is the the first time I have missed my mentrual cycle. Some pain on my lower right side, back. I am advised now to see a dr. for my bowels... my symtons do not include fever, vomiting, diarrhea. I have constant tenderness in my ovary and naval area, a dull pinching sensation, constant dull ache, and feel full quickly when I eat...
Unfortunately, cysts are a common occurance with the menstrual cycle. Most come and go without any signs or symptoms. Some people have cysts and never even know they have them. They may be found inadvertantly during a routine pelvic exam. Others however have terrible pain and suffering from them. Most cysts resolve themselves and that is what probably happened to your girlfriend. If one was on the left, then gone and now there is one on the right.
Women who are postmenopausal and develop ovarian cysts have a higher risk of ovarian cancer. Symptoms Many women with ovarian cysts do not display any symptoms. However, a cyst will sometimes cause the following: pressure, fullness, or pain in the abdomen; dull ache in the lower back and thighs; problems passing urine completely; pain during sexual intercourse; weight gain; painful menstrual periods and abnormal bleeding; nausea or vomiting; and breast tenderness.
My breasts and especially my nipples are very sore and hurt,like I am nursing a baby, but no discharge from them. They appear red and sore. So with that I ask you, does ovarian cancer give early symptoms of hair loss and breast nipple tenderness? Everyone seems to be stumped as me and would love to find an answer - I always in the back of my mind worry about ovarian cancer.
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hi there - i too found out about 10 days ago i have a complex ovarian cyst, 7.2 cms, no symptoms - its was acidentally then they did a vag. ultrasound. I am 52, last menstrual cycle was June, other words premenopausal. Aaw gn. yes (got 2 opinions) She thinks it is NOT cancer, and is **** a repat ultra sound in 6 weeks to see if it is shrinking, growing, or staying the same. If it is the same because of my age, (nomore babies) she wants to take both ovaries and uterus out.........
Oh wow! I have had ovarian cysts since my menstrual cycle began, I am 35. At age 30 I was diagnosed with Hashimotos. Now 35 full blown hypo and a lot of hormone probe growing up! This has wow'd me.
Assuming the remaining right ovary is still functional, yes you can still have children. Menstrual cycle could still be every month or every other month (not sure which you will have). You may be fertile every month or every other month. Much depends on whether the right ovary will function on a monthly basis or "rest" every other month. A good doctor that understands fertility should be able to test whether you still ovulate and how frequently.
does anyone know if the ovarian cysts make infertility? I had a cyst in my ovarian and I used pills to make it go away.
My FSH levels at this time were indicating that I was early menopausal. Since the end of the IVF my menstrual cycle was returning to a regular cycle. Unfortunately 6 months ago I started to become unwell. No energy/ motivation/ dry skin/ free floating anxiety...
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