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Nothing showed up, perhaps because I never had a UTI, perhaps because it had been knocked out by the Macrobid and come back. This was a week and a half ago, and I'm still dealing with insane urge and frequency to pee. I'm making myself hold it for two hours between each time I go because I don't want my bladder to get used to voiding so easily. I just went to a urologist, who wouldn't do anything more than perform another culture. What is wrong with me? Help!
I have suffered with IC, for as long as i can remember, I'm 44 so lets just say half my lief. I also get cystitis on my ovaries during the 2 weeks before I have my period that "Flush" (how it was put to me years ago). when my period starts. I go threw so much pain that I go into fetal position. I used to have this happen every other period but now every month I have to go threw this pain for a week.
Well Im currently a little over ten weeks pregnant and needless to say this pregnancy has been the hardest thing ive ever been through in my life. I want this baby so bad but still just cant let my self get excited about it after two previous miscarriages and so many complications with this one already im feeling at my whits end.
If he is not responsive, the median survival (this means that half of patients reviewed reach this mark), would be about 16-18 months. If he is still responding to hormones, then he will likely do better than the estimated year and a half. Of course, if anyone is to give a best estimate, it would have to be his doctor – as there are details with the other cancers that you have not shared. And while you say that the cancer is level 4 – you made no mention on how strong your grandfather is.
I will probably have to keep getting these shots for the rest of my life. But I'm still not convinced that the Macrobid had nothing to do with it. I think it may have been a combination of things.
Very much want to get to bottom of this as it has severe negative impact on my daily life right now. If this helps, in addition to synthroid, also Tenoretic , half of 50/25 each morning. Ativan 1 mg, 2-3 times day as needed. Would like to not need that. All other meds spaced far from synthroid. Also having GYN issues right now, to give "big picture". Just over 3 infections ( UTI, yeast, bacterial) had to change antbiotics for UTI from bactrim to macrobid.
is this normal or should i go o the doctors again??? i feel like i am going to be on macrobid for the rest of my pregnancy!!!!!
However, the problem has been most noticeable and frequent in the last two and a half years; I have experienced occasional discomfort and burning from the time I was a child. My mom would never take me to the doctor for it, and would have me drink lots of cranberry juice. The UTI problem has been seriously wearing on me, as well as my husband, physically and mentally.
Then did a home IZO test and found Ihad a UTI and was ut on Macrobid whichhelped but the problem persisted. Finally, after weeks, Mayo sent me to a urologist who determined that I had spasms in the pelvic floor and rectum. They have recommended PT for that region but havaen't had the first treatment yet but hope it willhelp. They did put me on a vaginal hormone which has helped some.
It will be Macrobid 100 mg. everyday. With Aubagio I hope it does n't interfere with all the stuff that I have to take. I'm getting quite depressed about it, and feel like I'm going back into that darn black hole. I'm doing my darndest to try and not be, but stuff keeps comin' up, and I don't know if it is just me, or if it is the Aubagio, as it has been 2 1/2 weeks since I started. Hoping someone may have some insight into this please??
All through my childhood until my late teens I got very bad nosebleeds, sometimes 3 or 4 a week, lasting for at least half an hour each time. I was taken to the doctor but was told it was a phase and never had any tests/investigation. I still get them now but only once every couple of months if that. Though if I have a cold or a bad cough I might get 5 in a week. 3. I started my periods at 13 and from the get go they were heavy.
Over the next few months, not much changed although my bladder felt kind of sensitive during sex but nothing major. I have an active, monogamous sex life. Then in August, I had a horrific episode of terrible, terrible, unspeakable pain. I woke up at 4 am morning and went pee. My bladder spasmed from all that I can tell. It felt like there were knitting needles going inside and so I got into the bathtub and that didn't really help beyond a little.
YES i have plenty i can feel and see but the ones i CANNOT EVEN MOVE THE DUVET.
or even if just dealing with something a tiny bit anxiety ridden in life I get anxious whereas it never affected me like that before. So I'm on Levaquin 500mgs (hey Dart Frog .. we twins??) for the UTI and his only other concern is maybe the small stone isn't passed yet and, thus, causing some of the pain vs. "just" an infection but I get so many all the time my Uro says no need to strain the urine as I'll be straining my whole life .. and Prim Doc agreed save it for the bigger ones.
these were treated with antibiotics and averaged four to five times a year.My drainage was switched to indwelling superpupic two and a half yrs. ago. This was to reduce high pressure and hopefully bring improvement in life quality. The past year has been a downward spiral chronically symptomatic UTIs (spasms, sweating, mounting abdominal pain and diminishing appetite) and no sustained relief. I have gone from Cipro to Macrobid to Geocillin to Cipro...
Hopefully you will continue coming here. I came here for similar reasons. This forum will help you to"keep it real." Yes reality. You'll learn a great deal about drug abuse. There are so many educated, experienced, loving, caring, people on this forum. Tom and Cindi were the very first to answer my post, then I met Brighty, Jb, Dee Dee, Pixie, Pelle, Hope, so many people, and Yes theres Spook too. I have never been pegged an addict, but may be one, soon....
Antibiotics have ruined the last year and a half of my life!! Somehow, they have screwed up my body so bad and given me the worst anxiety/depression/brain fog ever!! Impending doom is the PERFECT way to describe it. The DR won't do anything!!! Everyone thinks it's in my head, the doctors and my famiily. I had to go to the ER the last time I took antibiotics because of a complete panic attack.
I told my doctor that I am in pain every day and what can I do now and he just says I have to live with it until they figure out what it is. I am scheduled for tests for the next month and a half. How long do I have to wait until I get some answers and releif.
You'll find that this place is great place to land if the diagnosis of MS has brushed your life. We are large, but very intimate and supportive, group of people that span the entire spectrum from people who have had MS for a while, to the newly diagnosed, to people who are approaching a probable diagnosis, to those with symptoms who are concerned that they might have MS. We also have people who started out thinking they might have MS but were diagnosed with an one of the MS "Mimics.
In January of this year I was put on Macrobid and Metrogel for a 5 day course for a UTI infection. Within days I developed tinitus, shooting eye pain, severe pain on left chest,shoulder, arm down to wrist, soreness under left breast/rib cage area, and a feeling of not being able to catch a deep breath (left sided strain). I started to get these SCARY feelings in my throat and upper chest. They last only 1-5 seconds and then they're gone, with no lingering effect other than they terrify me.
sent to pulmonolgist for PFT after mentioning taking Macrobid 100mgs 5 days (stopped due to tingling & tinnitus) and subsequent course (1 400mg tablet)of Tequin for UTI. April:24hr holter NSR 25 Ventricular ectopics(21 single 2pair)66 supraventricular ectopics(66 total,12 single,2 pair,run 5,beats in run 50).Total 0.01% VE beats and 0.05 SV beats.Told normal results. Asked if it matched my log; he said no need to check cause no significant findings. Told might be esophageal.
It is now 2 weeks after my surgerty and I'm still having the burning so obviously vulvar dysplasia wasn't the problem..So if anyone has found relief from this painful condition please share it.
as soon as i go to the bathroom i get relief for about 2 or 3 minutes then it starts to build up again i haven't been sleeping it wakes me up every half hour to an hour.they said i had no fever but yet i have the chills i get sick to my is making me crazy it is real but they can't find anything wrong...any suggestions?
Hello, Do not believe the comment that erectile dysfunction & impotence can not occur thru a ureteral stent.! I was a 38 year old pretty healthy male with a satisfactory sex life,no ED nor impotence. I had kidney stones in Nov.06 & a ureteral stent implanted for less than a week by a urologist in the hospital. I was under severe pain in the hospital & under heavy medication.
I'm not used to taking all these drugs and know that i may have to be on plavix for the rest of my life because of the risk of stenosis with the drug eluding stent. This is weighing heavily on my mind. I went from being an active fun-loving person who now looks at the world feeling on the fringe of all the fun.
For example, it happened today and began with concentrated burst of pain half way up my inner left thigh. This pain would intensify which would cause me to wince in pain and then release and then repeat all over again every 5-10 seconds for about a minute. This pain did not radiate anywhere but only within a specific point. Then this same stabbing sensation occurred half way up to the first knuckle of my right middle finger about 30 minutes later.
If you count from when I first knew I had a problem (4/01), then six and a half years. If you count from what I now think was the first noticeable thing in Jan. or Feb. of 1998, then close to ten years.
asp Dealing with these recurrent infections for so long have been so incredibly draining on me emotionally and physically...not to mention my sex life. I've had recurrent UTI's my entire life and have to take profilactic antibiotics with intercourse everytime. I'm sure that's not helping matters either. I plan on showing all of this to my doc when I talk to him on Monday.
I ended up in the ER again a week or so later because the infection had grown and eaten into my tissue so much i was bleeding. After showing off my vagina to half a dozen people (while a nurse held gauze on my vulva) one doctor finally decided i had a skin infection, and prescribed lidocane and an antobiotic for skin infections. Over the course of a those weeks my purple dots grew to large ***** infected "ulcers" which merged and took over about half of my vulva.
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