Macrobid shelf life

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Avatar n tn Pesticides on our foods, radiation to kill bacterias, GMO, hydrogenated oils to extend shelf life, preservatives... blah, blah, blah... Our bodies were never meant for such things to be incorporated into our cells. It is very taxing on our bodies to rid themselves from those wastes, I am only imagining that these may be why the medical community does not have a real diagnosis for this "Syndrome.
Avatar n tn If you go and start treating yourself without a diagnosis, this could really lead to a life of pain and discomfort. Those treatments are harsh and cause destruction of sensitive tissues. Constant irritation can and does lead to painful vulvar symptoms.
162948 tn?1205256292 I had mine for two years and took it out only because my BF and I are trying to have a baby. The Mirena was the best birth control I ever had in my life! This is also true of several of my friends. You can technically conceive immediately after the removal, but it may take a little longer than that. Much less time than w/the pill, though. Hang in there.