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Avatar m tn Also it was very painful to walk (could not walk with a straight back). Day three – Stomach pain still present, but not as bad. Swelling still present and has not reduced. Stomach still hard. Still feel bloated. Can walk now without pain. Day four - Pain reduced again, but still painful when bending over etc…Swelling still present and not reduced, now my stomach is only hard on the lower left abs. Don’t feel bloated any more. I can also suck my stomach in now, however still swollen.
Avatar n tn I am 36 years old and having a lot of swelling to stomach region. The pain triggerson lower left side the to back up to rib cage. Doctor sd possible IBS From time to time I feel pressure in viginal area.
Avatar n tn I have had lower right abdominal pain for 3 months now. I had done urinalysis and blood work, came back with normal results. Also had pregnancy tests, and gynological exam done all of it was normal. Dr suspected ovarian cysts so I had abdominal and pelvic ultrasound - results again normal. They put me on a birth control pill - that did not help still constant dull abdominal pain in Lower right quadrant. Dr suggested Laparoscopy, where he removed adhesion and a little endometriosis.
Avatar f tn For about 5 weeks now I've had severe pain in my right lower abdominal area. When the pain started it was more bothersome like a period cramp then it won't hurt anymore for a day or 2 then I'm doubled over again for a series of days. I'm on Day #2 of shear misery. I'm slightly nauseous, little to no vomiting, hurts when I move, only relief comes from lying down with my legs extended, no major change in bowel habits, no fever........
Avatar m tn i have had lower back pain for a month. when i went to the doctors they said nothings wrong. It hurts on the lower left side and the middle. It used to hurt on the right side also. now when i bend down or lean it is a stabbing pain. i went to acupuncture and nothing helped. I play football a lot so i lift heavy weights.
Avatar n tn I just had surgery on Friday for abdominal swelling and pain. My doctor removed my left ovary becuase it had a solid cyst on it that could not be drained or removed in itself. I hope you have seen a doctor about your condition.
Avatar m tn It is normal for lower back pain,the testicles pain is due to soft tissue injures in your lower back,which is conductible pain.Too much stretching would hurt your back,depending on new research.
Avatar n tn I had all of these same problems you are all reporting, left abdominal pain, left testicle pain like it was getting yanked on, back pain leg pain, it would come it would go, got checked for hernias went and got 4 different std tests, blood work, ct scan, ultra sound alll sorts of stuff, and not a single QUACK could give me an answer.
Avatar f tn now they are trying to put it down to IBS but I am unsure as I go to the toilet regularly expect when on pain killers for the pain, which is more than often these days, and my swelling is never relieved as it normally describes it at night?? Please help as I am due to see a general surgeon shortly and I don't know what I should be asking him what to do and what possibilities the problems could be?
Avatar f tn Since then I have has swelling down the back of my left leg the back of my knee the veins are popping out with the swelling as well as left buttock swelling the front of my groin in hanging over an the front of my thigh hurts. I had an mri pelvis which was normal I am not sure how. But I did have it after spending the weekend laying down. Overnight it goes down by evening the pain and swelling is v bad.
Avatar m tn My family doctor has prescribed Cipro 500 mg bid for 10 days. He does not think the pain is related to the right side lower abdominal pain and tingling, but I think he is wrong. I had this sensation of swelling in the groin area and pain, approx. since my abdominal pain has started. But I do not think at this point there is a bacterial reason. If this is epididymitis, it is probably chronic.
Avatar f tn I tested multiple times for all stds and they have all come back negative, last testing was 6 weeks from possible exposure. Its 9 weeks now amd im beginning to have lower abdominal pain just randomly on the right side and left side too. Sometimes i have sharp pains where it bothers me theres no swelling and no redness just the pain, also it seems to hurt more when i bent over or reach down. I heard this could maybe be a symptom of shypillis or hpv is this true?
Avatar m tn My family doctor has prescribed Cipro 500 mg bid for 10 days. He does not think the pain is related to the right side lower abdominal pain and tingling, but I think he is wrong. I had this sensation of swelling in the groin area and pain, approx. since my abdominal pain has started. But I do not think at this point there is a bacterial reason. If this is epididymitis, it is probably chronic.
Avatar n tn i am 29 weeks pregnant ant since a month now i am having sharp pain in my lower left side abdomen which last for a while but then its gone sometimes 2 days pass without any pain but then comes back..
Avatar n tn Ihave had persistent lower abdominal bloating, that seemed to come on suddenly about 2 weeks after xmas.New pants I had bought didn't fit 2 weeks after I bought them. I have been working out and firmed up everywhere but there. My abdomen is no bigger but no smaller,Even after taking laxatives, anti gas etc.Plenty of gas, but no gas pains. I now get constipated easily but am eating tons of fibre and drinking water.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, the symptoms persist and they get worse during my menstrual periods. Now I'm experiencing abdominal pain and lower back pain along with the bloating. I have an appointment with my OB/GYN in three weeks and I'm hopeing that he can give me the proper diagnosis. There are days that I wake up with a flat stomache and start getting bloated as the day progresses. The bloating gets so bad, I even look pregnant.
Avatar n tn I have had a burning feeling on in my lower back and flank. I also have pain in my abdomen. My pain comes and goes as well. In June my bowels started up as well. I had diarreah and after that calmed abnormal bowel movements. I have had indegestion and heartburn as well. I had a colonscopy after the bowel problems and they did find ulcers in my colon, but they didn't find conclusive evidence of inflammatory bowel disease.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from severe morning low back pain that is accompanied by abdominal swelling, relieved by bowel movements but no bowel problems, on a daily basis, some days worse than others I would rate this pain as 6-8 on a scale of 1-10.
Avatar n tn I have been having horrible lower back pain. Seems to be after i got the Mirena IUD. Have had every test imaginable. Gone to the Chiropractor, and Physical Therapy on my back. I think it is the IUD. THe Doc keeps sayin it is not. I have had x-rays, CT scans, colonoscopy. anyone determine it is the IUD yet?
Avatar m tn There is also a lower pain bruise like when I press below the lower abdomen on the pubic mound(mons pubis)
Avatar n tn Oh, and yes it does hurt in the lower back just like getting kicked in the balls can feel like the pain is in your abdomen and lower back. You can also get lower back pain from constipation but if that's the cause then the stool softeners will help there too.
Avatar n tn He seems to get short of breath very easily and his heart will race. He also has lower back pain so bad,that sometimes he can't stand up.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing severe abdominal pain accompanied by testicular pain and swelling kidney and lower back pain I am 55yrs old This has been going on for over 3 mos.
Avatar m tn 1) Dull lower back pain in the kidney region, slight lower abdominal pain and side pain, which seems to get a little worse if I flex my stomach. I have no discharge, pain when urinating, etc. My legs and knees were sore as well, but this has recently subsided. 2) Whenever I ejaculate (or just prior to it) I notice that what I assume to be part of my epididymis at the bottom of both testicles tense up and feel firm. This lasts for 30 secs - 2 mins or so and then goes away.