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Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I've been having mild to severe lower abdominal pain accompanied by lower back pain. No bleeding. It's been on and off and its even woken me up in the middle of the night. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I don't remember feeling this with my first child. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn I've been having lower back pain randomly, but no cramping. I would call your doctor, just for piece of mind.
Avatar n tn My 14 year old son started complaining of lower abdominal pain 6 days ago. The pain comes and goes but is worse after eating. He describes the pain as stabbing. It is across the whole lower abdomen but the lower right is tender when pushed on. He also has tenderness on his right lower back. He has no fever, no vomitting, no constipation and a normal appetite. His bowel movements are normal and regular.
Avatar f tn Been having severe lower abdominal pain for a few days. Saw my OB, baby is happy. GI doc ordered some tests (I have IBS), gonna get those on Tuesday. Wondering if it's bowel related, bladder infection (except nothing came up from urine test), or just my uterus growing. Is it supposed to hurt THAT BAD? Don't think it's round ligament pain, as it is constant. It's been debilitating for a few days, and making me not want to eat. Anyone else suffer like this?
Avatar f tn ve had cramping all week off and on. Today light Brown spotting lower abdominal discomfort and my lower back hurts. Trying to keep positive. Don't know if I should call Dr office but don't have an OB yet.
Avatar n tn What can cause lower abdominal cramping (in the middle, just above the pelvic bone)? I don't have ovaries or fallopian tubes.
966846 tn?1279608306 Hi all; I am 13 weeks pregnant now and have been experiencing lower abdominal pain constantly for about 2 days. we saw the doc on monday and he says that all is well with baby and all blood work came back clear. I was just wondering if anybody else is having a constant stretching discomfort in the lower abdominal area? this is our 4 pregnancy, we had 1 successful pregnancy 4 years ago and 2 miscarriages, not sure if this has anything to do with it.
Avatar f tn I am 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant, is it normal to have lower abdominal pain of any kind. I have been cramping for two days.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering with IBS for a number of years with having abdominal pain in my left side around lower back and left rib cage mainly. I have tried many herbal remedies and been to the doctors so many times I just forget how many it is now! I was loosing hope and thought there was no cure for IBS sufferers. I came across some form of Activated carbon. This carbon is found in underwear! I was so shocked when I saw what they did and how they worked on my local East Midlands news!
Avatar n tn eversince i have started trying to concieve, i ve been having some wierd lower abdominal cramps, which is similar to menstrual cramps.my periods are very regular(28days cycle). the cramping appears around a week after ovulation and continues every now and then till almost few days before the period appears.no much pain during actual period. last month my periods came 5 days later than the expected date and that was quite unusual. this month the cramping has started again.
459969 tn?1398170254 Has anyone else had like cramping in the lower abdominal that goes to your lower back area. I took some Tylenol this morning, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Is this normal? It's not really bad but I know its there.
Avatar f tn It is very painful, and feels like someone is pulling and twisting in your lower abdomen and the pain goes through to your back. I would suggest calling your obgyn and have them take a look at you. Please let us know how it turns out.
Avatar f tn Ftm I'M 35 weeks 3 days and I've had lower abdominal pain alllll day like it's cramping bad does anyone know what this is is it common?
Avatar f tn I dont want to give you the wrong info, but i was experiencing lower abdominal pain with cramping and it would move towards my back.. i told my midwife but she said it didnt sound like contractions even though she did tell me that some girls experience comtractions on their lower abdominal, on the legs or between their thighs.. if it keeps hurting you and your worried about it i would go to the er instead of waiting til monday.. :) i hope you feel better..
Avatar f tn I am on my first cycle of clomid (day 22) and I have been having some intense lower abdominal pain, bloating, and cramping. It seems to get worse as the day progresses (in the morning's it doesn't hurt as bad). It was really bad yesterday (day 21) and my husband and I couldn't even have sex because I could feel a pressure/pain during it. Is this normal?? I read somewhere that taking clomid can cause cysts on your ovaries...should I go to the doctor.
Avatar f tn A few factors cause you to have lower back pain, including skeletal malformation, core strength and footwear. The back pain sometimes signifies a serious problem, and you should see your doctor if it's severe. You place incredible amounts of strain on your lower back by the constant jarring of your feet against the ground. Also if you have flat feet or any other skeletal malformation can be the cause.
Avatar f tn Hi All, This is my first pregnancy, I am 8 weeks along. I've experienced mild cramping (felt like I was going to start my period) off and on since I found out I was expecting. However, tonight I started feeling moderate abdominal pain - it was what I would expect a contraction to feel like. It would start, kind of radiate across my belly for maybe 5 seconds, ease up for 5 seconds then start again. I also had some lower back pain - so of course I worried about m/c.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I was having a little ache on my lower left abdominal side like next to my hip inwards. Is this normal ? Like I've read that it it the uterus stretching ? It comes and goes . Pls help !
Avatar f tn I'm having severe lower abdominal cramping it feels like stabbing I went to the ER today they took a pregnancy test it came back negative and they also did a pap test to check for STD's the doc said it takes time for the test to come back he did say I didn't have Trichomoniasis which is GOOD!!!!he also stated that he will treat me just in case the tests are positive so he gave me 2 pills and a shot in my buttocks.They gave me nothing for pain I'm still in pain..
Avatar n tn (kinda disappointed lol) I woke up this morning with pretty painful lower back pain, and ive had it all day. The only time it feels better is when im laying down, and its definitely at its worse when im standing or walking. I havent felt back pain this bad yet and havent done anything to pull a muscle. Hes been in the birthing position a few weeks now, i havent dropped yet either. Does this sound like labor could be approaching soon????
Avatar f tn I m 7weeks pregnant and having lower back pain and some time little abdominal pain too...does anybody ever felt the same..plz help.
287479 tn?1272730364 t taken either of those medicines, but I do know lower back pain is very common in early pregnancy. I am 5 week and 5 days along. I have had lower back pain as well.