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Avatar f tn i have developed a new problem at i wondered if anyone else has.... i have been getting ilight>itchyilight> ilight>bumpsilight> on my ilight>feetilight>. they are similar to blisters but some seem to come to the surface of the skin while some remain below the surface. they iTCH LiKE CRAZY! Sometimes i can't sleep due to the itching. Sometimes my palms also itch but they do not blister they just turn bright red. Does anyone have this problem? Maybe it is not connected with MS. Just wondering if i am the only one with this problem.
Avatar n tn What are usually causing ilight>redilight> ilight>itchyilight> swollen ilight>bumpsilight> usually at the ilight>feetilight>. The insects/anything else attack around 7-10.
Avatar n tn ive had ilight>itchyilight> ilight>redilight> ilight>bumpsilight> like mosquito bites on my arms and ilight>feetilight>. its been 2 weeks and they wont go away. i just found 2 more on my other arm. The 2 on my feet almost looked like little blisters. Please Help!
Avatar m tn were you hiking in the woods? poison ivy does spread, it is ilight>itchyilight> and there are small ilight>redilight> ilight>bumpsilight>.
Avatar m tn i woke up this morning with ilight>itchyilight> ilight>redilight> ilight>bumpsilight> on my shoulders arms legs but a lot are on my thighs they're not that red it itches badly. i don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn For months and months,i have had tiny ilight>redilight> ilight>itchyilight> ilight>bumpsilight> on the bottom of both my feet.The red bumps are also starting to appear on my ankles....i have had the exterminator come in and check for bedbugs,which there was no sign of.i got rid of the mattress i was sleeping on when they started,still no relief in sight. i got rid of my fuzzy house shoes,thinking something may be living in them,no help there either. .Can someone shed some light on this for me please? These things are driving me nuts.
Avatar n tn Let me start with telling you that i went on vacation and came back with ringworm on my leg about the size of a half dollar, i treated it with otc creams. A few days later i started having ilight>redilight> ilight>itchyilight> ilight>bumpsilight> on my elbow arms and around the site of my ringworm on the leg. i went and got calamine lotion and oatmeal baths.
Avatar n tn my girlfriend and i have ilight>itchyilight> ilight>redilight> ilight>bumpsilight> ALL OVER. hers aren't as bad as mine, but they appeared shortly after we moved in with a friend of ours. they started out on the legs and fore arms and spread from there. mine are much worse and the only place i don't have them is on my feet, neck, and head. i have them on my knuckles and the are more clear colored than red there and they scale and peel.
6600863 tn?1382865376 i have been getting ilight>redilight> ilight>itchyilight> ilight>bumpsilight> mainly on my legs, ankles, tops of my ilight>feetilight>, and occasionally around my waist. they itch terribly and eventually turn into scabs that take forever to heal? What could it be????
613536 tn?1294242047 Lately i've been getting some small ilight>redilight> ilight>bumpsilight> all over and they are ilight>itchyilight>!! i am currently 18 weeks pregnant... Has anybody had this before?
1077961 tn?1279585349 Hi there. i have developed a number of ilight>itchyilight> ilight>redilight> ilight>bumpsilight> on various places on my body. Every once in awhile i develop hard bumpy red skin on my right index finger that is sore to the touch, but usually just goes away after awhile. i thought it might be herpetic whitlow but there have never been any blisters or sores, just small red bumps that disappear after awhile. i think it's associated with dry skin, but i'm not sure. The new bumps kinda feel the same though, it's similar pain when touched.
Avatar n tn i have AN UNCLE THAT HAS SOME SORT OF RASH iT iS ALL OVER HiS WHOLE BODY,iT iS ilight>redilight> ilight>bumpsilight> and they ARE ilight>iTCHYilight> and SPREADiNG FAST.HE WENT to SOME DUMBO DOCtoR THAT DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE iS TALKiNG ABOUT and HE SAiD iT WAS SOMETHiNG CALLED FOLLiCiLiTiS. ANYonE have SUGGESTionS???
Avatar f tn my daughter and i seem to have ilight>redilight> ilight>itchyilight> ilight>bumpsilight> on our body mainly stays on me near my wrists arms and stomach. my daughters bumps are her hands feet and all over her body. she also has skin colored bumps all over her back and stomach. they itch and especially at night time. we did the permethrin cream for scabies, and got tested for scabies. i thought it could be flea bites, but i have not once seen a flea.
Avatar m tn Approximately 3 months ago i developed small ilight>redilight> ilight>itchyilight> ilight>bumpsilight> on my lower legs. i initially took OTC products and was not getting any relief. i went to my GP and was told chicken pox. it was not chicken pox. A month into it i went to a dermatologist who said it was bug bites. i had my home sprayed, had it checked for bed bugs and took all necessary measures. i have not changed any products. in the 3 month time it has now spread to arms, wrists, hands, sides of feet and soles.
Avatar f tn During school i noticed that my calf was itchy so when i came home from school one day and took off my socks cause my ilight>feetilight> felt ilight>itchyilight> too and noticed some small ilight>redilight> ilight>bumpsilight> not mosquito bites.
Avatar f tn i have these very ilight>itchyilight> ilight>redilight> ilight>bumpsilight> that began on my ilight>feetilight> (after i took my shoes off) and now it is just from my ankles up to my knees, but when i scratch them they seem to pop and a clear liquid comes out and then it becomes raw when before i thought they were bug bites, my boyfriend is perfectly fine and has nothing of the sort (maybe cause they are hairy?
Avatar f tn i have ilight>redilight> raised ilight>bumpsilight> on different areas of my body. i first notice it on my hands then on my feet. Then finally on my thigh. they started about dime size. i thought it was hives, possibly an allergic reaction to laudry detergent because that has happened before. i just notice another bump and i haven't had contact with the other detergent for a week. The bumps look like bites with a center but its a large center looks like a blister.