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Avatar f tn I have developed a new problem at I wondered if anyone else has.... I have been getting itchy bumps on my feet. They are similar to blisters but some seem to come to the surface of the skin while some remain below the surface. THEY ITCH LIKE CRAZY! Sometimes I can't sleep due to the itching. Sometimes my palms also itch but they do not blister they just turn bright red. Does anyone have this problem? Maybe it is not connected with MS. Just wondering if I am the only one with this problem.
Avatar n tn my feet itch really bad and its scabbing and i have little bumps in the inside of my skin please let me know what it is the itch is soooo horrible i cant sleep at night
Avatar f tn I have a friend who had these dry itchy bumps on her hands and little itchy bumps on her stomach. I didn't think much of it til I ended up having tons of little itchy bumps every where: feet, hands, arms, legs. And when I stay still for too long I feel like there is something crawling all over me. My mom thinks I got it from my friend which I did get this after we spent some time together so I don't know what this is or how to fix it please help...
Avatar f tn and then i got the same bumps on my feet and they itch too. i cant help but itching it. I have no idea what this thing might be and i dont know how i got it. Do you have any ideas?
Avatar n tn we broke up about a month after these itchy bumps showed up on her. we broke up about a month after these itchy bumps showed up on her. About a month or so after we broke up these bumps like hers started to appear on my legs(inner thigh).. then i got a bump on my penis head and shaft. then i got a few on my hands/fingers that were barely noticeable. *** this is when i went to the doctor *** he said it could be hsv2... so he prescribed me to valtrex.
1077961 tn?1279585349 Hi there. I have developed a number of itchy red bumps on various places on my body. Every once in awhile I develop hard bumpy red skin on my right index finger that is sore to the touch, but usually just goes away after awhile. I thought it might be herpetic whitlow but there have never been any blisters or sores, just small red bumps that disappear after awhile. I think it's associated with dry skin, but I'm not sure. The new bumps kinda feel the same though, it's similar pain when touched.
Avatar n tn The tops of my feet have teeny raised bumps that are very itchy. It started about 5 days ago when I felt a slight itch but didn't notice any rash. Tho I've done my best not to scratch (and generally succeeded) it's gotten worse each day, and now the bumps, which first appeared on top of my toes, have spread a bit towards the middle of my foot.
Avatar n tn My ex started to get itchy bumps on the lower half of her body around the beginning of december. she itched them and they spread to her back, arms, etc... i would rub anti itch on places she couldnt reach. we still had sex this whole time also. when she itched them too hard( ones on legs) they would break and blood spots would show up and more bumps would appear. we broke up about a month after these itchy bumps showed up on her.
Avatar n tn I have recently developed little itchy bumps only on the palms of both hands and the bottom of both feet in the arch area. I can see them under the skin and when I scratch them they pop open and have water inside. If I scratch an area more will surface. I've never had this before. Can it be an allergy to something? Stress? My Dr. gave me a steroid cream to use at night with gloves and it's not working.
Avatar m tn It comes and goes, and gets worse after bathing or when my feet get warm like when I wear my uggs or whatever. It's incredibly itchy, I've looked up all of my symptoms online and can not find ANYTHING about it. It goes away and comes back, sometimes as a couple bumps or sometimes as a whole bunch. It's so uncomfortable. I attached a picture, can anyone PLEASE help me?
Avatar m tn got put in predinsone about finished it and feeling a little bit better i also had itchy bumps on my legs and itchy on top of my feet help
Avatar m tn My daughter & i are experiencing small itchy bumps some times filled with pus.. i have been to the doctor three times & they have not solved any thing. what can it be? i am so tired of itching...they are all over our bodies. my daughter has it on her feet the worst. pls help!
676912 tn?1332816151 Yes! You totally describe me as well. Although I'm only itchy on my stomach and extremely itchy on my boobs, it drives me nuts when the itches attack me in public..ugh so stressful! What helps me is the Cocoa Butter cream I got at wal-mart, you should try it! It relieves the itches a little bit and it helps with preventing stretch marks caused by them. Although I'm already full of the stretch marks I still use it and it helps me most of the time!
Avatar f tn They say you can develop PUPPS in third trimester which is itchy skin with red bumps (rash) and if it gets to out of hand they will have to induce labor because it's not good for mother nor baby, my friend just went threw this last week ;
Avatar f tn Now no matter how much lotion I put on I'm extremely itchy. My face is really dry too, but not itchy. I itch every where else though. I had the same itchness with my first pregnancy, but not this bad.
Avatar n tn What are usually causing red itchy swollen bumps usually at the feet. The insects/anything else attack around 7-10.
749148 tn?1302864559 Na - Seriously, I get it on and off, but in addition to the feeling of something crawled through my hair, I get a serious pinching, burning and itching on the inside of my arms on and off. I could rip my skin off it drives me so crazy. There is nothing there, no spots, no bumps, nothing. Can last days, or hours - it varies so much. I would say since there is nothing there you can see either, it's more than likely parethesias caused by the damage from your MS.
Avatar m tn I have recently been getting bumps in random places around my body. They are small bumps that have been occuring when one goes away a few come back randomly or so it seems. They are itchy and don't pop they are not pimps. They turn red they look like bug bites but its winter and bugs don't come around this time.