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Avatar f tn I have what looks like a red lumy rash on the souls of my feet. I'm 32 weeks pregnant, is this just a side effect of weight gain and working in retail?
Avatar n tn A very itchy, red rash has been on my feet for quite a while now. I have been to a few doctors, and one believed it was a disease called "Lichen Simplex Chronicus". I've tried a lot of methods such as steriod creams, sprays, and even the one my dermatologist gave me didn't work. The rash-type thing is unbelievably scratchy, and is (literally) impossible not to itch. I have no idea of how to treat it, because it just continues to itch. It sometimes bleeds ( not a lot ).
Avatar n tn she rubs both her feet together so much n then it turned into a rash with red spots and dry flaky skin. been to c the gp several times but the creams i been given r not helping, really concerned what it could it eczema?
Avatar n tn i have itcy red rash/peeling skin on my left foot....theres about a rash the size of a 20cent piece and it is also down the side of my foot....
Avatar m tn hi, i was wondering if eating garlic gives a red itchy rash on feet and some times Accompanied with diarrhea, is that and allergic of garlic or something else ? it can cause this symptoms ? and how to treat it ?
Avatar m tn My husband and I looked over my entire rash and can't find any burrow marks and I don't have the rash is any of the common places for a scabies rash, like the bottom of the feet and inbetween toes or fingers or the palm of my hand, armpits, wrist, butt, nipples and waistline. I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn ok so i never get any type of rash then 2 days ago i noticed a few little pimple like red bumps on my arm then about 4 hours later it was all over both arms so its now been 3 days and its very itchy and red but the bumps are so close to eachother that they look like clutters of red itchy bumps all over both arms and the top of both looks like heat rash but isnt ...
Avatar n tn Its been two days and it still is itchy, but now its swollen and red and there's a sort of dark spot on that area. The itching comes and goes but when it does itch it REALLY itches. I walked through the woods at the park so could it be poison ivy or something like that, or is it just a rash?
Avatar f tn I've had an itchy red, pinpoint rash on my feet that peels off, but it keeps coming back. I've tried everything. cannot get my feet hot or it itches worse and the dot come back.
Avatar n tn Since I came back from my vacation to Cuba, about a month ago, I developed some how tiny circular itchy things both in the inside and outside of my palms and feet. I also had an itchy spot on my scrotum for just 5 or 6 days, but got rid of it by applying a kind of whitish cream the doctor gave me for free. Now, the most disturbing ones are these itchy little stuffs, some of them perfectly round with a kind of a dark dot at its center and rigid. They are itchy mostly at night.
3435038 tn?1347357872 My hands and feet are itchy. I just started using this site. Dont know how to post stuff. So im asking this way. My feet and hands are very itchy. My skin is not dry. No rashes. Havent started anything new. I have been taking Benadryl,with no relief. If any one has any suggestions please help.I'm going crazy. I have a Drs. Appt. today so will see what they say. I will write back so if anyone else gets this problem they will have a answer. Thank you.
Avatar n tn A week after flu symptoms abated got a skin-coloured sandpapery rash on ribs, back and forearms. Spread all over body, except face and soles of feet. Didn't blister. Only gets red when scratched. Very itchy, worse at night. 5 weeks now and still itching! Heat doesn't make it worse, but cold helps. Any ideas? Going crazy!
Avatar n tn I have an itchy red rash over most of my body including arms, legs, genital area, buttocks, and even my head (can't see it, just feel it). None on my hands or feet, underarms or breasts. Started on my right forearm in a small patch around a surgical site a few weeks ago, but just recently started to itch and now appears to be spreading. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn but today when i got off work i noticed on the top of my foot that i had a little red rash with raised bumps thats really really itchy and uncomfortable. so i m wondering if that could possibly be related because i noticed one of the symptoms of herpes was a rash. so if anyone has any idea if this could be related to each other please let me know. or am i just being parinoid?????
Avatar f tn Trying to make a long story short, my family, my husband, son and myself, (2 of my sons friends) have had an itchy red rash for going on 2 months, we have been to several doctors have been treated for scabies, poison oak, ivy. We are down to treating just the itch, it is driving us crazy, It appears worse on my ankles and a small spot on my abdomen, it is all over my husband, and mostly on the legs and feet of my son.
Avatar n tn I have watched my diet to be sure I am not eating anything unusual or different. This rash is extremely itchy and will go away without a trace. However it is a daily occurance. I am at a loss about what to do. I called a dermatoligist fri. and have to wait a month to get an appt.. These breakouts are not small ones. What could it be?
Avatar n tn A couple days later I noticed this itchy rash on my inside forearm. IT looks like a scratch and under it looks like a circular raised red area. no nlisters or anything, just like hives or something. Then I noticed that a smaller one appeared on my side up near my breast. I thought that it was poison ivy or somthing so I started to put some ointment that my sons dr gave him a month ago on it.
Avatar f tn At first I thought it was athlete's foot because the top of my feet by my toes have been itchy. But the bottom of my feet are not itchy. When I press down on the red area the color becomes white to yellowish. I have also been feeling itchy in strange areas like by my nose, and my nose has white patches. My eyebrows itch, and I have also noticed a rash on my body that looks like pink dots surrounded by white spots (almost look like hives).
Avatar n tn My 3yr old daughter developed a itchy blotchy red rash on her hands along with a few little raised red bumps. Then where her arms bends she developed a bumpy red rash. Then 2 days ago she seems to have the blotchy red rash on her feet. I have taken her to the doctor and they said it is not hand foot and mouth. They think it's eczema. However, the entire family seems to have this sore hand symptom with some bumps but not the redness or blotchy areas.
Avatar f tn Hi there. I went to the doctors complaining of itchy, red hands and occassionally on the top of my feet behind the toes and inbetween my toes. He gave me a cream to use saying that it sounds like scabies. I used this cream for a week from my neck down and showered every moring to remove it. This has not helped at all. He also gave me a hydroquortizone cream for my hands. It has been 2 weeks now and I am still the same.
Avatar m tn they were a little red and it may have been a rash or might have just been red because i was scratching them a lot. it spread to my ankles, but was localized to the top of my feet and ankles. i had no idea what could be causing this allergic reaction, but i had gotten a pair of new shoes about a month before this incident, so i stopped wearing those because i thought that was a possible cause. i also took an oral antihistamine.
Avatar n tn Hi. My feet has been itchy for a few months now. And most of the times it itches overnight so I always wake up in the middle of the night scratching it. My doctor gave me antifungal cream but it didn't work. I used different anti-itch cream and ointment to relieve the itch but still won't work. My toes looks a bit swollen. My feet looks red to darken and it's getting sensitive sometimes. Hope you can help me.