Is marinol legal in ohio

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His facility will not recommend the use, but he supports the use if a doctor outside his facility recommends it. In Colorado, it is legal (Amendment 20 to the Colorado Constitution) and the recommendation costs about $60 a year. I guess to address twopack, the idea is not to get "wasted" like highschool, but to get enough to function or sleep and reduce the prescription drugs. No one has ever died from a Marijuana "overdose," but Tylenol kills several people a year.
Many, Many studies have shown that the THC in Marijuana is very effective in treating many things...Even recently been rx'ed for ADHD and Depression. I too am very interested in how the Sativex is going to errupt here in the US. And don't forget that the NMSS is backing this 100% for MS patients becasue it is proven time and time again that it does provide relief w/ so many of us that suffer from MS sx.
just about anything your mind can cook up, with it! Sure wish it was legal in ALL US States though!!! But hey...JUST found out tonight that it is up for vote again here in OK! I also heard that all the 'pre-survey polls" are saying that it's gonna pass this time! Having my fingers crossed & saying my prayers!! May not be for everyone...but boy does it ever help me!!!
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