How to get rid of stomach virus quick

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Avatar f tn Also a small cup of grated carrot taken every morning is said to be offensive to all kinds of parasites. There are a million ways to get rid of the adult worms inside you, but avoiding reinfection is the hard part.
Avatar m tn I'm taking an antibiotic for it now for 7 days, so I will also let you know how that goes next weekend. If I can get rid of this white stuff on my tongue, that's one less symptom I need not worry about. By the way, I stopped smoking cold turkey today. It's gonna be hell, but I know that smoking weakens your immune system, especially in your mouth, and it's well worth quitting if it means getting rid of these symptoms. Hopefully, the yeast infection on the scrotum will go due to this also.
Avatar n tn But when I went in to Labor and Delivery, they told me that my body would get rid of it itself. Has anyone had a miscarriage that the body got rid of it itself and still got pregnant a few months later. I just want to make sure. I know that the doctors are probably right but I just want to hear from someone who has went through it.
Avatar n tn I think the trouble was she wasn't taking it and then wound up in the withdrawals and it took more to get out of them. The trick is to go slow but go down. It can be hard to impress upon kids the right way to go about things, and it's even harder when they're not at home. My daughters and I have different views on eating. I don't think they eat nearly enough. But getting her to eat healthy during her taper is important, though hydration, I think, is most important.
280700 tn?1210287416 i started clomid the first of october i go next monday to get my blood test done to see if i ovulated so hopefully i and my husband have been trying over a year and that is why i got on clomid. I hope it works im ready to be a mom to one or more children whatever God has in store for me. I hope everyone else luck too.
Avatar n tn I'm just thankful to be rid of these for the meantime. If any of you sufferers haven't tried this approach, it might be worthwhile. Give it a shot!
1024580 tn?1331577721 - Very large, very expensive, well controlled studies would be needed to define the question exactly. The results of a study due to appear shortly in AIDS seem to show that HIV negative gay males in sero-discordant ( a relationship where one of the partners is HIV positive and the other HIV negative) relationships have saliva which has an HIV neutralising capacity.
Avatar f tn thump your abdomen, probably discuss a biopsy and try to get some history to try to pinpoint length of infection, check hands-eyes-ankles. This first appointment will not be the last and you will probably not arrive at any treatment decisions. So, you might expect him to schedule a biopsy and maybe an endo scope and/or colon scope. That stuff is all OK because it will give the doc a full picture.
Avatar n tn Lucky for me, I'm allergic to one of the antibiotics, so I get to be nauseous for the course of the medication -- 2 weeks. Hope that this helps.
Avatar n tn If you were toxic and this is how your body reacts to get rid of it then I suppose there could be a possibility of that but then I would have to question whether its afib or just rapid heart rate which are different. All the things I brought up and the questions you had ie., stress, gas, inflamation, virus, parasites, bacteria, eating fast, eating wrong, food allergies etc.
Avatar n tn i do not get dizzy no matter how much i try, (thats another story) isnt it too early? how much of this may be legit? how much is in my head and how much is from the hormones? its now 28 months ttc and were really just ready for it!! please help me straighten myself out! one week to go and i dont want to start going nuts and do not want to get our hopes up.
555358 tn?1292535661 ) - like my /section to have my last baby - the nerves around the incision took at least 8 months to heal - I thought part of my stomach was going to be numb forever and then all of a sudden one day I thought oh how long has it been feeling normal for! So hopefully slowly but surely it will happen for you.
Avatar n tn nothing to look forward or to live for....the only advice i have to of- fer is get up and get moving. i know from expierence, nothing but using dope can be accoomplished sitting on your ass. sadgirl, nothing new happens in the world of drugs - except for getting off them. i've heard all of the tired old excuses for using come out of my own mouth!! 5 days is a real good toe-hold, so dig in and make a stand for yourself! get on the l-tyrosine, zink, magnesium, and manganese.
568322 tn?1370169040 Gradual weight loss if you're obese. (quick weight loss can cause insulin resistance) 3. Getting rid of the Hepatitis C virus. 4. Medications like Metformin, Avandia and Actos (Sometimes exercise and weight loss are not enough to get rid of the insulin resistance because the Hepatitis C virus keeps causing it) Medications like Metformin and Actos decrease insulin resistance. In other words, they help make the cells in your body more sensitive to insulin.
Avatar n tn My doctor at one point said it's because I'm focusing on it, and it's partially habit. Along with yawning to get a good, deep breath, I've also noticed a tend to burp a lot more as of late as well. Even when I drink, the way I swallow seems to be different from how it used to be. I hope we all get an answer soon.
16292 tn?1189759421 You are taking good care of your child and it is so hard to do living with the fear of dying. I bet if you can get rid of some of the anxiety, you will notice a huge decrease in the palps. When I first got them I had panic attacks really bad. I would wake up in the morning and already be shaking. I had no one to lean on or talk to about all this, so I just had to convince myself to stay calm and relax.
Avatar n tn I have been taking the tablets for a week now and am begining to feel better but like billie-ray i cant get rid of this bloated feeling, have you any ideas how long it will last for?
429155 tn?1205676864 Decide there and then to return the pills ( Oxy ) I am very very weepy and crying, I have lost 18 months of my life to those ******* tablets ( angry now, and more determined than ever to get my life back ). Saturday 14:30 Started writing this diary. Saturday 14:45 Tried to sleep again but arms and legs were going crazy, the pits. Saturday 16:00 Went for 3 mile walk, very emotional, crying lots to myself at memories past occasions, legs hurt, arms hurt.
Avatar n tn It certainly feels like my body is just completely rejecting something and doing whatever it takes to get rid of it. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has this happen to them!
4190741 tn?1370181432 I was actually unable to get out of bed and had to crawl down the hall to the bathroom when I woke up. After an emergency call to my Doctor, who did chide me for stopping the medication 2 years ago, his nurse made an appointment for me Christmas Eve Day at the end of his appointment schedule. He could not prescribe me any anti inflammatories until he sees me but my research really surprised me with the health warnings about inflammation and leaving it unchecked in your body...
Avatar n tn Im sorry, but you cant give up!!! Call the Univeristy of washington and they will tell you how to get the WB, i posted the # earlier. Stay strong!!
162948 tn?1205256292 I had the mirena in for about 13 months & had it removed end of august to try to get pregnant. I had thought it was more immediate. I found out it can take 3-6 months for your cycle to return. my husband and I are pretty bummed because we would have removed it earlier (or never had it put in). Anyway, I bled a few days after removal (probably due to the removal) & then nothing until a couple days of brown spotting at the beginning of this month.
Avatar m tn and they need to figure out a way to get people off of it safe. i quick read through everything 3 months turning point? is there secondary withdrawls and is it posible for me to start feeling better? not motivated but can do 30 push ups every other hr skiping work every day my family needs me to help some one please lay down some answers for me or some advice this is unbelievable stress.
Avatar n tn Doc told me to think about taking neurontin and let him know in 5 weeks when I go back for a recheck. Anyone have an idea about how to get rid of this electric feeling in my body? And I read that pfizer co. was getting sued for neurontin being prescribed for other uses other than seizers due to the terrible side effects such as wanting to commit suicide. Can someone help me make a decision?
237300 tn?1231458318 HI God I feel the same. Every twinge or the lack of one makes me so nervous. I just want to get to 12 weeks and really start enjoying this. I am enjoying it already but just nervous it might suddenly end. I try not to read any bad stories from people miscarrieng as I will emmidiately think the symptoms are the same as mine. I feel so bad for them as I can't imagine loosing it now.
Avatar f tn Your right about the diabeties insipides I spoke to a Nero doc he's said I have all the right symptoms for this and it's likley I have it I now have to see my own GP to get some nasal spray to hopfully keep control of this problem I was told this could just be temperory so fingers crossed on that.
Avatar m tn I was sure I was alone, I quit smoking and tried everything I could think of to get rid of it! People who have never experienced it have no idea how horrible it is, it effects everything, my friends would tell me to start exercising more, which I knew couldn't be my problem because it would happen first thing when I would wake up and be with me all day, regardless of how active or inactive I was!
Avatar f tn We need to get rid of this virus. We need to concentrate on getting rid of the virus. The main focus during treatment is to take all of the drugs on time, eat the required fat (if on Incivek), and complete treatment with hopefully no dose reductions. The other thing is to stay on top of the side effects because they can and will interfere with treatment and may even cause some people to quit treatment or reduce dosages.
Avatar m tn She did some a test with wires connected to my hand, arm, etc, then had me get an MRI of my brachial plexus. I never heard any info/results back and things felt better soon thereafter, so I let it go. About 2 years ago I experienced a pretty sudden loss of sensation in my right foot (along the right side/bottom). I noticed it because very suddenly it felt as if I had something in my shoe along the right side.
Avatar n tn I know that if for some reason I did throw up when we're out to eat or in public or anywhere in public that he would be more concerned that I was ok as opposed to thinking i'm crazy... but the fear still lingers in my mind constantly.... I dont know how to get rid of this phobia.... I'm also just feelin anxious all the time for no reason... like i'm going to lose control or something which is affecting my grades and normal day activities...