How to get rid of stomach virus quick

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Avatar f tn t pregnancy related but if you ladies could please pray for me to get over this stomach virus as quick as possible. Went to the ER tonight and had to have an IV put in to get my fluids back up. Im 31 weeks and not being able to keep foods down is horrible.
Avatar f tn Hi, Boomer07 here, just wondering how to get rid of my spare tire. I had 7 kids and they all seemed to add a little something to my waist. I know there must to some excercises to target it, but what. Please help. Oh ya, just joined and so far I like what I see.
Avatar m tn regardless of what medication they give the inflammation of the stomach lining will always be there! then what will get rid of gastritis if all it really is inflammation of the stomach lining if the medication by gastroenterologists only relieves the discomfort but make the inflammation go away then???? if doctors can only give medication to relieve pain and discomfort but not the inflammation itself, then what can make the inflammation go away for good so the stomach can return to normal???
Avatar f tn I'm at a loss for words with some of these mothers, my son had it in the summer and it took forever to get rid of, I never "neglected" him, hope u can get rid of it quick it's a pain in the bum!!
Avatar f tn Thanks, eva25, I'm sure many people will find your post helpful, especially those who are new to this and find themselves in a tough place. Definitely agree the first year or so is the most difficult. It gets much easier with time, not to mention you grow stronger as a person (if you allow for such). The "famous PATM thread" contains a ton of knowledge, but if you're in a dark place you probably don't have the time or patience to sift through all of it.
Avatar f tn Hi, my name is Kathy and I have been recently been diagnosed with Positive with H.PYLORI. I have never known of this bacteria and I am very concerned on how to treat it and get ride of it for all. I am recently unemployeed with no medical insurance, and have been visiting my doctor and paying out of pocket for my treatment. She prescribed me the triple therapy for two weeks and then took my off antibiotics, I still feel horrible and now going to visit a GI dr.
Avatar f tn Also, does anyone else get a lot of gas with indigestion?
Avatar m tn To get rid of acne problem you have to apply Aloe Vera juice, cucumber juice, lemon juice and neem juice over the affected area. It helps to make look your skin acne free.
Avatar n tn For one thing you can't scratch at all. An antibiotic will not work on an fungu.Try Lamisil antifungal cream every day and follow what the tube instructions say. If that doesn't work then you may need to go into the doctor. Wear clean underwear and pants everyday as it will just recontaminated the area if you don't. Try to keep it dry after showering. Clean the towels after as well. Hope this works.