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feeling has been getting less noticable but is still there (one week now). Do you know how long this can take before it disappears? I understand that you might not be able to answer these questions from a distance. Grateful for a response anyway. (sorry for the language, english is not my native language).
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Bacteria might still be in your system. It is recommended to wait 30 days to retest.
Hi How is your boxer doing now? Did you ever find out te cause? I have an 8 year old Boxer that had three seizures and has beenon Phenobar for a little over three weeks and was seizure free until this morning. She had one. The only thing I did different was I delayed last night's dose by three hours.
azithromycin to kill the bacteria and flagyl to break open the cyst-like structures the bacteria create to shield them from the immune system. Your docs may take the view that your infection is 'new' enough to respond to doxy, but you might do some reading on it (see the ILADS website, in Burrascano's treatment guidelines, tho don't get bogged down in it.) Then have a conversation with the doc about the treatment approach, why this and not that.
about magnesium as it is one of my greatest battles at the moment... Ricobord is absolutely correct that only about 1% of your overall magnesium is located in your serum (blood) so when you have a routine blood test and your doctor tells you that your magnesium level is normal you are not necessarily out of the woods. The typical range of a serum magnesium is (1.5-3.0) for most labs. The rest of your magnesium is located in your red blood cells, tissue and bones.
to my understanding, the point of the abx challenge is to get your immune system to step up and react, so that the tests will show positive indicators of infection, if you are infected. The test results are the object of the exercise, not so much how you feel, tho you may Herx.
I also had a sore throat, in fact my Dr said every gland in my body was swollen and still is most of the time. When the LLMD pushes on my stomach, it hurts, my massage therapist pointed out a gland in my arm was really swollen last week. You might be how I was 20 years ago. Looking back now and realizing it was all Lyme, maybe they were periods of remission ? I am not sure.
There is a lot of confusion in the medical community about Lyme, and it's a field that is changing quickly as to how widespread Lyme is, how to best test for it, and how to treat it effectively. People with strong immune systems (and it sounds like yours is) can often carry on for years not feeling awful, but knowing that something is wrong ... and it sounds like you've experienced that.
Can cystisis occur due to any STD ? How long it takes to treat Chlamydia and Gonorrhea with antibiotics.
If no discharge or if the discharge is white or mucus with white streaks, gonorrhea is less likely. In any case, there is a lot of overlap in symptoms of gonorrhea, chlamydia, and nongonococcal urethritis (NGU). However, the rest of this assume your self-diagnosis is correct. 1) Most women with gonorrhea have no symptoms, unless they get complications. 2) Symptoms usually start to improve in a day or two and are entirely gone in a week.
If instead the doc hears more detail about how long, how bad, such as 'my abdomen is swollen so much that I can't wear my usual clothes' or something to give context to how bad the symptoms are, like 'I've never had this before', then you'll likely get more reaction from the docs.
Welcome to the forum. In response to some of the opening information. Without knowing anything else, the initial symptoms were not particularly suspicious for STD. (I'm referring only to the discomfort at the penile tip. Scrotal itching is definitely not a symptom of any STD.) They were sufficient to warrant evaluation, and it's good you got checked out. But they are sufficiently atypical that the negative tests should be viewed as confirming the expected findings.
Well, the claim question is an interesting one...because I quit work two and a half years ago to move in with my 90 year old fstep-ather and 80 year old mother, which means I did not pay into the SS system for two (2008 will be three actually), I do not heave enough credits! Which means, no disability. Also, my small retirements pension is just above the amount you can bring in for SSI. So everything is a no go. Bummer. One foot in front of the other...
Do you think that the chlamydia is out of my system or will be by the time this set of doxyclyclines finishes? Is the nurse's relaxed attitude regarding HIV justified? 5) What would you do in my situation? 6) Which HIV tests should I get done now? Going to London will be expensive and I prefer something here with the results on the same day. Doctor, please respond to me. I need your help and guidance. Please, thank you very much.
Visit your doctor who will take a blood sample and fill out the required paperwork 3.Return your sample to CFR, pay for your test (see pricing) and receive your results in as little at 48 hours. I am ordering my free test kit Monday morning..mind you the test kit is free but the actual test cost $250. I know this may sound crazy but I am sooo excited to find a lab that is focused only lymes. P.S. I had a really good 9 hrs of the day today!
clinic told me to go back in 4 weeks if i still had symptoms, anyway i was still getting symptoms enough to make me feel uncomfortable, went back and did a urine sample, they checked urine there and then,nothing found, sent it off to test for UTIs and chlamydia and both came back NEGATIVE and he examined me and took swabs to check for urethritis and said it was CLEAR, was then told he feels this is something now that will go in its own time and urethritis can take time to go....
You can hear the mucous rattling around when she coughs, but she says she cannot get it up -- it just moves around in her upper chest. The cough is a full, phleghmy bark, and it tends to come in fits. She'll be fine for a while and then hacking. Her doctor has called it sinusitis and tracheitis, but she's been on three courses of antibiotics -- Zithromax, Doxycycline, and now she's finishing 7 days of Biaxin -- and nothing seems to make it better. She doesn't have a fever (running around 99.
The difference between ceftriaxone and benzathine penicillin is that the benzathine penicillin stays in your system for weeks (and is the most effective medicine for treating syphilis). Ceftriaxone disappears much more rapidly, and prolonged treatment is necessary for syphilis because the bacteria are slow in dividing. The appropriate dosage of benzathine penicillin is: 2.4 million U IM in a single dose, check this website to be sure:
I am curious how these repeated infections affect my organs in the long term. It seems only women which have diseases will sleep with me.
, but there are quietly brave docs who will try to help as long as they don't end up on the front page of the local paper labelled as a quack. So shhhhhhhh.... Stay in touch and let us know how you're doing and how your search for answers and a doc are going, okay? We shall call thee 'Ephedra the Intrepid.
Lyme will not go away by itself, although sometimes your immune system can keep it in check at a low level. Lyme bacteria are in the same family as those that cause syphilis, which is also a disease that persists over time and requires treatment to cure. You say: "I was thinking about MS or Lyme." That is a common differential, because the symptoms can be similar, at least in the eyes of MDs who are not familiar with Lyme. You say: "I know Lyme is super hard to diagnose.
I'm still going to retest and I still haven't had sex with my gf. I told her it was an UTI. This is the biggest mistake of my life in the 22 years on being in this planet. To answer you question it is highly likely that your partner was unfaithful and lied to you people don't have untreated chlamydia for 2 years with-out health complications. Sorry for the long response I just hope my story gave you some insight.
Your comment about your legs hurting sent up a flag for me. That's a Bartonella symptom. I recommend that you do get tested for Bartonella. Doxy does have some anti-Bart properties and it can be effective early in an infection. Doxy doesn't resolve a long standing infection, but there are not studies to say exactly how long "long standing" is. Rifampin is a much better med for Bart. Doxy doesn't always resolve an established Lyme infection either.
Just wondering if those of you diagnosed with lyme disease and on treatment or have been treated in the past are feeling better... if so, please tell how long the treatment lasted and how much better you feel. IF you have not seen any positive results or feel even worse please state that. I have been sick for 3.5 years, then was on doxy for 4 months and felt good for a month and a half, then symptoms sarted again, feel horrible at the moment and restarted doxy 4 days ago.
It is my understanding that the arthritis associated with Lyme is often inflammatory but rarely destructive. That is, while Lyme may cause swelling in the joints, it does not erode the joints nor does it cause mechanical joint problems. However if you have underlying arthritis of any kind then Lyme can surely aggregate it. In terms of how long it can take for Lyme to cause certain symptoms I think that varies person to person and is impossible to predict.
That has happened to a bunch of people who have posted here, and it puts them in much worse shape from which it takes a long time to recover. Your immune system needs to be up and fighting, not suppressed, in a bacterial infection like Lyme. -- Beware reliance on the Western blot and ELISA tests (and these are NOT tests of auto-immunity, tho your post implies that they are).
blot looks for your immune system's reaction to an infection, and after a while, your immune system (which is set up to attack bacteria with very short life cycles) will simply give up and assume that it's killed all the bacteria in question ... so your immune system is no longer producing the antibodies against Lyme that the Western blot test would measure, and so the W.blot results are zero -- even if you are still infected with Lyme.
Sometimes getting a lazy person at a doc's office to copy EVERYthing in your file is hard to come by ... and because you don't see the original file yourself, you don't know if they really, really, really copied everything, tho I think by law you are entitled to everything.
You might want to try some Mg to see if it helps, but be sure to tell your doc when you see him/her that you are taking it (as well as anything else) and in what dose. You know how babies are all floppy after a bottle of milk? Partly it is from the Mg in the milk -- who knew!? It's that soothing and relaxing and calming. I had one doc (not my Lyme doc) sneer at me and say taking Mg was unnecessary and would give me diarrhea ...
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