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Avatar n tn i don't know that its medically insomnia so i try not to use that term, but i have gone through periods of this now and then over the years for as long as i can remember. anyways, i haven't gone to sleep at a reasonable hour (read: earlier than 2 a.m.) in about 3 weeks and am looking to get some over the counter sleeping pills. my fear is that i don't want the sleep pills to interfere or interact with the doxycycline.
Avatar f tn I asked my LLMD today during my SKYPE appointment today about the effects and she said that in all her years she has never had anyone have problems with long term abx. I have a childhood friend in med school that posted something about how long term abx will have all of these horrible effects. She is also very against any homeopathic medicine. It's a shame how up coming doctors are so brainwashed in med school...
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced long-term issue with elevated EBV numbers going up and down, but aways elevated numbers? Which, I think, is termed "chronic/active infection." If so, how long did it last? Or, is lasting...
Avatar f tn it really works but I was wondering if its safe to take long term? Is there a time frame that it should be stopped and then perhaps restarted? Are there side effects long term because it is an antibiotic? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Long term use of any antibiotic causes development of antibiotic resistant bacteria. .Plus antibiotics interfere with normal cell replication. This causes problems if you become pregnant. They also can cause hearing loss. It is often difficult to evaluate the risks.
Avatar m tn The swelling had gone down in the lymph nodes with the use of doxycycline, but never completely. Nothing else helped. Anyway, I started exercising about three months ago with weights and riding a skateboard. This dramatically decreased the nausea and pressure in my lymph system. But last week I came down with symptoms of chlamydia, which included a whitish grey discharge, epiditimitis, prosititis, pains in my kidneys after having an unprotected sexual relationship with a female.
Avatar m tn I'd like to start off by saying... Thank you readers and doctors for your time. A little about me....I am a 28 year old male with mild to moderate acne since I was 11 years old. When I was younger I figured it was just part of growing up. 17 years later..... my acne has erupted in the last 6-7 months. I have several very tiny bumps on my face and cheeks which gives my skin texture a rough complexion and maybe 9-10 cysctic acnes that seem to pop up at once.
Avatar m tn In chronic conditions only a combination of abx will work in the long term. Bb has the incredible ability to change form (Polymorphic-3 different forms) in order to evade detection or bactericidal attacks. Plus the fact that it has the luxury of terrain choice, tissue or fluid, means that each has to be targeted by different antibiotics. Another choice: it has intra or extra-cellular options, so again each has to be targeted by different antibiotics.
Avatar n tn My physician prescribed this and he sent me to a derm in about another month, but can these cause permanent or long term reactions in skin tone? is there anything I could do to help my blotchy tone?
Avatar m tn It is not much different then long term use of oral tetracyclines for acne. Read the package insert. It is a safe product with few side effects.
Avatar f tn The problem is with long-term use of any antibiotic is that the patient invariably develops a resistant strain of antibiotics. Antibiotics are useful to eliminate an infection. They should not be used prophalactically. Atr one time tetracycline was prescribed on a daily basis to treat acne. The result was to cause the development of bacterial strains that will not be destroyed by tetracycline. The number of antibiotics available are not unlimited.
Avatar m tn He's also extremely hungry and thirsty. I've read that all of these are possible phenobarbital side effects. How long do these usually last before the dog gets used to the medication? I'm hoping that these are not signs that something else is wrong, though I am aware of the possibilities.
Avatar m tn I got diagnosed with epididymitis a week ago and the pain has just now began to leave. Is this common and how long does it normally take for the pain to go completely away along with the swelling? My scrotum hasn't swollen and i've had a ultrasound, blood test, and urine sample and all came back negitive for cancer or a tumor. I'm really frightened about it and hope that this is just epididymitis.
5034249 tn?1367104716 While the normal LP opening pressure lies between 1-20 in adults, values upto 25 are generally not considered to be high and though ‘long-term’ tetracycline use may be associated with PTC, doxycycline among the group is rarely associated with the condition. Headaches can be caused by a variety of reasons often categorized into primary headaches, secondary headaches, and cranial neuralgias.
Avatar m tn Have you also tried oral antibiotics (doxycycline/minocycline etc?) If long term oral antibiotics and topical retinoids have resulted in failure or relapse, you may be a candidate for oral Isotretinoin (formerly Accutane). This is the strongest acne medication available. It virtually always results in total or excellent skin clearance after just one course lasting 16-24 weeks.
Avatar n tn For life unless treated? I know long term effects of infection can include stirility but I was wondering how long you can pass on Chlamydia to a partner? Does the body "knock it out" eventually?
5034249 tn?1367104716 While the normal LP opening pressure lies between 1-20 in adults, values upto 25 are generally not considered to be high and though ‘long-term’ tetracycline use may be associated with PTC, doxycycline among the group is rarely associated with the condition. Headaches can be caused by a variety of reasons often categorized into primary headaches, secondary headaches, and cranial neuralgias.
Avatar n tn I've been using a mixture of Lac-Hydrin with 1% Hydrocortisone for three years once daily to control my rosacea. it has worked relatively well. My derm says this mixture is too weak to produce skin thinning or other side effects. Lately, my forehead skin has been all dried out and seems to be thinned out (very shiny & crinlky). I am very concerned that the long term use of this mixture has caused this condition.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Taking antibiotics so long back should not be having any affect on your memory after so long. To treat memory loss, you have to find he cause first.
Avatar n tn I decided to stop using the Dakracort cream 13th October as I thought it was a short term problem I had. Anyway to cut a long story my face basically exploded into a bright red rash with the white heads and it seemed to increase to around my left eye area as well as all around my mouth.
4939681 tn?1361302899 Other than the horrible aftertaste with this medicine I haven't read anything about long-lasting side effects, but the ONLY thing that changed and could've sparked these long-term spasms in me was the addition of Biaxin
Avatar n tn -_- I was just prescribed Doxycycline from my doctor in order to see if there would be a difference from Minocycline. How long should I stop taking minocycline before I start Doxycycline? How should I cycle off minocycline?
Avatar n tn Typical course of that medication would be 10 days to treat an acute infection. Long tern use of an antibiotic can cause all sorts of GI issues. If you don't have a reason to be on a prophylactic antobiotic long term, you should be asking your doctor why you have been on it so long.
Avatar m tn If you have a Mycoplasma or other chronic infection, then you might respond to anti-infective drugs like oral doxycycline given long-term (These infections are difficult to suppress in the usual short-term courses of treatment that most physicians favor). In cases like this it is usually better to add the additional antibiotic, rather than substituting for the Plaquenil. Prof.
Avatar f tn is this something i could do short term or should/could i consider going back on long term? any reservations about taking doxycycline long term for a second round, or in general? here's everything i'm using for reference (i don't know if this is relevant or important, but maybe something here is...? or maybe there's something that making me break out again?) Cleanser....................Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream (2x daily) Scrub....................