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Avatar m tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Neurology/Can-Doxycycline-cause-kidney-stones/show/2020656">Can Doxycycline cause kidney stones?</a> was started.
Avatar f tn I asked my LLMD today during my SKYPE appointment today about the effects and she said that in all her years she has never had anyone have problems with long term abx. I have a childhood friend in med school that posted something about how long term abx will have all of these horrible effects. She is also very against any homeopathic medicine. It's a shame how up coming doctors are so brainwashed in med school...
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced long-term issue with elevated EBV numbers going up and down, but aways elevated numbers? Which, I think, is termed "chronic/active infection." If so, how long did it last? Or, is lasting...
Avatar f tn Is there a time frame that it should be stopped and then perhaps restarted? Are there side effects long term because it is an antibiotic? Thanks!
Avatar f tn In my opinion and to my knowledge, there should not be any long-term effects in regards to pregnancy as long as your Lyme is treated appropriately and you no longer have it when treatment is discontinued.
Avatar m tn What sort of studies have been done regarding alcohol and the effects on sperm, short term and long term. also can I transfer a fungal to my wife if the doxy caused a slight fungal infection.
Avatar m tn He's also extremely hungry and thirsty. I've read that all of these are possible phenobarbital side effects. How long do these usually last before the dog gets used to the medication? I'm hoping that these are not signs that something else is wrong, though I am aware of the possibilities.
Avatar n tn Once you stop the clarithromycin, you may go back to doxycycline as it is safer on a long term basis for acne. I should add that there are no serious side effects of taking both drugs together, but I would advise against it because it is unnecessary. Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon. Thank you for using MedHelp's "Ask an Expert" Service, where we feature some of world's renowned medical experts in their fields.
Avatar m tn I'd like to start off by saying... Thank you readers and doctors for your time. A little about me....I am a 28 year old male with mild to moderate acne since I was 11 years old. When I was younger I figured it was just part of growing up. 17 years later..... my acne has erupted in the last 6-7 months. I have several very tiny bumps on my face and cheeks which gives my skin texture a rough complexion and maybe 9-10 cysctic acnes that seem to pop up at once.
Avatar m tn That may be what is happening to you. Search for doxycycline side effects and see what you find. You might also ask your doc if you can take another antibiotic besides doxy -- remind the doc that you did NOT have these problems on Rocephin IV, so it points to the doxy as the problem.
Avatar m tn He ended up prescribing me 100mg of Doxycycline oral two times a day for two months and wants to see how I'm doing in a month. I've also had another doctor, kind of a Lyme literate doctor I guess, who I thought was really not ever going to treat me but it turns out he also wants me on 100mg of Doxycycline two times a day. So it seems that all the doctors I've seen who believe I have Lyme disease prefer to start off with Doxycycline. All my symptoms started in late September of 2012.
Avatar f tn OTC antacids can further aid in reducing acid levels. These measures need to be practiced long term for results. Take care. Regards.
Avatar m tn I am at odds end about what to do because I am afraid about having long term, permanent eye problems and other side effects from this drug. I have a few questions: Is it normal to still be breaking out at the beginning of month 5 on accutane? How heavily do you believe that in order to acheive permanent remission that you have to take a high enough cumulative dose based on your body weight because I am not going to come anywhere close to this based on my weight and dose?
Avatar f tn Reading this old thread amazed me at how many people use, and vets prescribe, prednisolone, for long term, or multiple use. The only time I've used it was with two of my dogs who where terminal with cancer. And then it was only in their last few weeks just to make them more comfortable and give them (and me) a little more time. Myself, if convinced it would help 'get to' a positive result after ONE prescription, then I would buy it, but only then. It is a STEROID folks.
480448 tn?1426952138 ONE important thing to remember that I learned, and have never forgotten is that these two effects CANNOT exist without anxiety.....but that anxiety can exist without these sensations. Derealization is basically a change, an alteration in the PERCEPTION or experience of the external other words...everything LOOKS very strange, very "unreal" (movie like, in my experiences). Depersonalization is a subjective experience of unreality of one's self. So the difference is...
Avatar m tn I got diagnosed with epididymitis a week ago and the pain has just now began to leave. Is this common and how long does it normally take for the pain to go completely away along with the swelling? My scrotum hasn't swollen and i've had a ultrasound, blood test, and urine sample and all came back negitive for cancer or a tumor. I'm really frightened about it and hope that this is just epididymitis.
Avatar m tn My question are.. 1) What are the long term side effects of doxycycline? 2) After my 7 day cycle of doxycycline, how long should I wait to be re-tested? 3) When can is the best time to notice the "white stuff"? 4) Can I exercise while taking doxycycline ? or should I refrain from any exercise(weight lifting)? Hope to hear from you soon.. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Cephalexin probably will not help. The steroid in Tobradex may help short term, but this is not a long-term solution. Oracea is a slow release form of Doxy type drug and has less side effects. However, many insurances will not cover it. Topical Azasite if very effective. Dr. O.
Avatar m tn Also I feel as if I get a pinch inside the penis. My question are.. 1) What are the long term side effects of doxycycline? 2) After my 7 day cycle of doxycycline, how long should I wait to be re-tested? 3) When can is the best time to notice the "white stuff"? 4) Can I exercise while taking doxycycline ? or should I refrain from any exercise(weight lifting)? 5) Is the pinch normal? How long does that last? 6) Is NGU cureable? Hope to hear from you soon.. Thank you.
Avatar n tn If you are thinking of suing over it, I do not think you will have a case , especially if there is no long-term damage. Doctors attempted to treat you for your problem with appropriate medications, and on top of it you medicated yourself. When side effects happen, you get treatment like you did.
Avatar m tn It is not much different then long term use of oral tetracyclines for acne. Read the package insert. It is a safe product with few side effects.
Avatar m tn Are there any Prescription medications you can take ORALLY which are effective for dry eyes and that can be taken in maintenance doses, long term for the condition? And any side effects generally with them?
Avatar m tn I've read that these sorts of symptoms are very rare and the longer term effects of chlamydia including testicular swelling and pain...these have not occured. I hope that this isn't a long term complication of my stupidity! Planning to see a urologist this Monday if symptoms have not resolved.
Avatar n tn For life unless treated? I know long term effects of infection can include stirility but I was wondering how long you can pass on Chlamydia to a partner? Does the body "knock it out" eventually?
Avatar n tn This is a powerful medicine with numerous potential side effects, but this must be balanced against the fact that it provides the best hope of long term remission from acne. Speak to your doctor about this. Eloise.