How do contractions start

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Why do you need to start your contractions?
how do i know when i got a contraction or is other kind of pain because since i got preg its been normal for me having pain since the start
The contractions went away with a help of medicine....... but why do they start? I was taking good rest at home . How far can I make it now?
The contractions went away with a help of medicine....... but why do they start? I was taking good rest at home . How far can I make it now?
How do you calculate them or pay attention to how far along they are . Ftm,, 39+5 && i get Braxton Hicks occasionally but i want to be prepared for the real deal especially at this point.
What do contractions feel like when they are just starting? How long do they usually last when they first start? Are they extremely painful when they first start?
How Do You Know Your Having contraction Where is the Pain At ??
Contractions are contractions its when they start to form patterns and are consistent u know its true labor. I agree with the first comment. Personally I can do without the prep of braxton hicks I want the labor to start and I be done with it all.
What do your first real contractions feel like? Do they start before or after your water breaks?
I'm 38 Weeks And 5 Day , My Due Date Is Dec.22 . Need 9 More Days To Goo ... & Is My 1st Baby (It's A Girl <3 ) . I Have Noo Clue How Would Contractions Feel !!!!!! How Do Contractions Feel ???
What do contractions feel like? How can you tell the false ones from the real ones?
I think i might be having contractions 2 months early, but i'm not sure, what do i do to figure out?
How exactly do you time contractions? Ive been having contractions since last night. i Left my bfs house and had two really really painful contractions but they stopped. Today we went to target, which practically killed me, and i had a couple of contractions there. that was earlier today and they stopped. then i woke up from my nap and had 1 long painful contraction. i dont kno wheter its real or not. im 38 weeks. i heard your whole uterus balls up...and it has.
Im 37 weeks i dnt no how to tell when to go into the hospital wit my 1st it was easy because my water broke..but today i was feeling a like a sharp pain on my left side the pain would only last like a long does the pain suppose to last. Because i no it suppose to be 5 min apart does the pain last 5min to.
I feel so stupid asking this...but what do contractions feel like? Im 27 weeks preganant today and just entered my 3rd trimester and realized I dont know what im doing or what tp expect and my son will be here before I know it.
Sounds like they may be the start of contractions/labor for you. What instructions did your doctor give you for checking in? Usually contractions lasting for so long, so far apart, regular, etc... Have they stopped now? If your doc didn't give you instructions, I would call (tonight if they come back) first thing in the morning to find out what you need to do. I'll be asking my doc when I see him next since it's been so long since I had my last little one. Good luck!!!
Okay this may have an obvious answer but what do contractions feel like? Last night I was in labor& delivery for four hours hooked up to the monitors and was having contractions but all I was feeling was a dull back pain I wasn't feeling any of the contractions so I'm not sure how I am supposed to know when I am having them or not my stomach its pretty tight already.
def keep moving then as the movement will help with the pain, you can try squats when your have one, get down and bounce, just try different positions until you find one that works, try on all fours rocking as well, how far apart are the, how long are they and can you talk through them or do you have to stop what your doing and concentrate, you do need to try and relax then your body will work for you, if you tense up it will make the contraction feel worse, just let it roll over you
Even though I'm only 22 weeks pregnant. How do you know that you are having contractions or your labor has even started?? Are the contractions heavy menstrual cramps? I know my questions my sound crazy, but I like to be prepared for things like this. I don't like to be cut off guard with things like this....
I know some women experience braxton hicks contractions but how do those differ from real contractions? I'm pretty sure I haven't had any but just wondering for the future.
These are practice contractions. Your bump will go tight and then will go back to how it was. These can come and go at anytime with no regular pattern.
Then I got induced, so not too sure how the normal contractions go on from there, but here's how mine went. After the pitocin was started, the contractions pretty much stayed the same except a little bit more crampy. I stayed pretty crampy for a few hours, was also dilating slowly. Once I was 5cm dilated that's when I really knew that they were contractions lol.
Yep thats how mine felt too. Start timing those! Good luck!
Can contractions feel like period cramps? I lost my plug over the last few days and have s lot of pressure in my pubic bones. Today I have period like cramping, is that a contraction? First time mom, 37 weeks.
For the past couple of days Ive been having cramps like im about to get my period but they werent very painful and they werent regular. Today I am having pains in my bikini area and in my "V" area. They are like sharp pains. Do you think this is contractions or is it the start of contractions? I am 38w1d. Thanks ladies!!
I've been having contractions all day, they started out really far apart and dull but now they are starting to get closer together and a lot more intense. How far apart should they be before I head to the hospital? And is it possible to feel most of your contractions in your back?
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