How do contractions start

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Why do you need to start your contractions?
The contractions went away with a help of medicine....... but why do they start? I was taking good rest at home . How far can I make it now?
The contractions went away with a help of medicine....... but why do they start? I was taking good rest at home . How far can I make it now?
I just was wondering, when you finally when into labour, how did your contractions first start out? Small pressure that gradually increase? Lower back pain that slowly got worse? How long did it take for them to hurt?
how do i know when i got a contraction or is other kind of pain because since i got preg its been normal for me having pain since the start
Ladies, I'm a first time mommy to be and as I get into my 3rd trimester I'm really wanting and needing to know how you know when to start measuring you're contractions? And how do you measure them?
How do you calculate them or pay attention to how far along they are . Ftm,, 39+5 && i get Braxton Hicks occasionally but i want to be prepared for the real deal especially at this point.
What do contractions feel like when they are just starting? How long do they usually last when they first start? Are they extremely painful when they first start?
I am super nervous about contractions.. :/ How do they feel like? I'm 32 weeks.. almost there.
When you first start having contractions how long they usually last for? I know they start off a while apart and get closer but how long do they usually last and does the length of them get longer as you progress into Labour?
How do u time them does your whole stomach get hard when u have them even though I keep having cramps do I not need to time them if my whole stomach gets hard today I eat spicy food and had sex cause I heard It could make u go into labor
I'm 39 weeks pregnant and contractions are something I'm thinking about quite often....I'm just wondering when they start how long are they normally apart to begin with and do contractions just start in the belly or do you feel tightening in the belly and down stairs area both at the same time.
How Do You Know Your Having contraction Where is the Pain At ??
Yahh that sounds like them! Just keep an eye on them though just in case they do start turning into the real deal :) how far along are you?
I don't know when I'm having contractions either! I just have cramping like I'm about to start, plus back pain. They say that you will know when you're in labor, but I'm so afraid I won't. Some women in my family didn't even know when they were in labor until it was too late to get the epidural.
Contractions are contractions its when they start to form patterns and are consistent u know its true labor. I agree with the first comment. Personally I can do without the prep of braxton hicks I want the labor to start and I be done with it all.
What do your first real contractions feel like? Do they start before or after your water breaks?
I'm 38 Weeks And 5 Day , My Due Date Is Dec.22 . Need 9 More Days To Goo ... & Is My 1st Baby (It's A Girl <3 ) . I Have Noo Clue How Would Contractions Feel !!!!!! How Do Contractions Feel ???
What do contractions feel like? How can you tell the false ones from the real ones?
Usually your back will start to hurt and your stomach will feel really hard. I can't feel my contractions and went into preterm labor and they kept asking me if I felt them because I was being monitored but I couldn't feel them. But if you feel off and really uncomfortable, make sure you go in, safest thing to do. They had to stop my labor.
when you have contractions do you have them in your back and abdomen sorry ftm
Now I'm not sure if they are contractions cause I've heard contractions hurt. Theses pains do not hurt to me.They dnt make me wanna scream&wakeup my house lol. Btw I'm 40weeks&5days.
I think i might be having contractions 2 months early, but i'm not sure, what do i do to figure out?
He says to time them to make sure they don't go any lower then 15 mins apart. How do I go about timing them??? Help!?
How exactly do you time contractions? Ive been having contractions since last night. i Left my bfs house and had two really really painful contractions but they stopped. Today we went to target, which practically killed me, and i had a couple of contractions there. that was earlier today and they stopped. then i woke up from my nap and had 1 long painful contraction. i dont kno wheter its real or not. im 38 weeks. i heard your whole uterus balls up...and it has.
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