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Pneumonia is in some cases when left untreated a hospital stay waiting to happen. Hopefully it is just bronchitis or like you said a chest cold. Either way, I would see the doc. No reason to be more miserable than you have to be. :) Let me know how it goes.
What I want to know is this, do any of you get chest pain when it's cold? It hurts and my wrist hurts as well. I've gone to urgent because of this just to make sure it isn't my heart and they tell my it's fibro. I don't want to go outside when it's cold. I live in CA. Thank you for answering.
However, the last day my chest is very tight, if i cough it restricts my chest and hurts when i cough. I have no other symptoms other than my chest wall. I am drinking hot tea with honey and have put vicks vapor rub on my chest, but it hurts to talk and especially when i cough. please help.
I have started with congestion..now I have a slight cough,but hurts my chest when I do. Is there anything you ladies can recommend in the meantime?? Thank you!!!
hi umm im 16 and of lately for like the past 6 or 7 months i have experienced chest pain in the left side of my chest. now when i say pain it hurts and its so uncomfortable. recently i was in class and it kinda felt like my heart dropped or something dropped and it was so weird. i take a health class and they say your heart rate at rest should be between 60 and 80 and mine is always almost 100 bpm. and when exercising it should be in the range of 140 to 170 mine is between 220 and 245.
Jenny - never mess with breathing always go straight to your dr. Things can turn on a dime, I've had pneumonia and allergies and waiting is never a good idea. You need to take care of yourself. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong, at 28 breathing should never hurt. Please see your Dr. Hope to hear back that you have an appt.
When I cough it feels like im going to cry. I have a sharp pain in my hip its like im getting stabbed. Im seven weeks pregnant would that have anything to do with it?
as far as the pain is concerned, do you have a cold?
I have the same thing!!!!! I told my DR about it and he said its cuz of my thyroid, but i dont think it is. If u DO find sumthin out PLZ PLZ PLZ lemme kno! cuz its extremly scary, isnt it?
Yesterday night i had a fever with about 37.8 Celsius and right now my chest hurts and the inside feels like it itches. What should I do? Is it because the infection has traveled? or the chest pain is because of the spreading infection?
Also when I exhale (Kinda hard) I have this flemmy sound is that normal?
Sometimes when I am outside in cold weather from what i have noticed, I get this steady pain in my heart (hurts even more when I move certain positions)and it sort of numbs my inner left arm where the veins are. I am petty much healthy (except for now this) do not take any medicine what so ever except now when i get this pain I was told that Low Dose Aspirin helps, so I take two and the pain usually goes away sometimes.
I am 26 and in relatively decent health but I have pains pretty much constantly on my left side in my chest, sometimes in my arm and jaw, my stomach hurts, I get cold sweats and this weird feeling that I can only describe as a flutter across my chest. It doesn't hurt but it scares me a lot and makes me feel like something else is wrong. My heart rate is usually pretty normal in the 60-100 range.
now with my cough and runny/stuffy nose I developed chest pain, or a chest cold. Yesterday my chest hurt really bad in the evening and when I coughed It hurt even more. Today chest still hurts when I cough but that as bad as yesterday. What can all this be?
I am glad to hear I'm not crazy but would like to know if it really is just gas pains that have travelled to the upper chest. My pain is more like pressure in the middle of the chest, or a heavy weight. There have been no other symptoms like left arm tingle or anything else.
I am very prone to cold even for sudden change of weather or of I drink a cold glass of water it has a terrible effect on . I also have bad cough, at the time of cough it hurts my chest & starts headache. I already have taken too much of anti-biotic course, and too many cough syrups but still its became very regular for me to have bad cold. My chest X-Ray result shows Nothing(doct. advise).I used to swim regularly but I stoped that also.
Do cry or get scared it makes it worst. When I feel like my chest is getting tight I get in the cold shower or I eat sweets Lol. Oh if you plan on having a natural birth I would highly suggest you to take parent classes for breathing and try to control it now so when your in labor you have control on your heart rate. :-).
I woke up to a cold sweat this morning, I use to get them a lot when I was in my teens, when I would have my period. It came out of know where this morning. It starts with the feeling of I don't know weither I have to go to the "bathroom" or vomit. I go to the bathroom and I get soooo cold and sweat so bad in a matter of seconds. I always use to lay on the bathroom floor and it would go away. I get numb, tingly, weak as ever and dizzy. Lasts about a minute.
Have you tried some home remedies like soup, hot steamy shower, vicks on your chest, throat, feet covered with socks, and cough drops in hot tea with lemon? That may help you along with a cold medicine like nikel24 mentioned.
I currently have a cold as well. My nose throat ears...everything hurts...I called my doctor this morning and she told me REGULAR/PLAIN sudafed and Tylenol are okay. I've also been talking hot showers the steam really helps.
Hello so far for almost 2 wks ive had a cold and cough it first started off as your general common cold or possable sinus infection ? had runny nose ,pressure in forehead, itchy raw throat , sneezing, and a little bit of acheyness and a dry cough when i first started to cough i coughed up some greenesh brown phlem . as the days went by my cough started to sound like i was gargling, and nothing else was coming up, i would feel my chest rattle . then i noticed my right eye having pressure in it.
I feel like I have a weight on my chest or something. I haven't really seen anyone complain about that.
im just 23 and i suffer from cold knees im from india , and have been to an ayurvedic doctor i have been diagnosed with an imbalance in the Kapha Prakruti(excess cold in the body and low body heat) - other symptoms being easy suceptability to catching cough and colds, also i feel cold very easily, the remedy to the cold knee situation is for you to start doing yoga - Prayanam (breathing exercises) look it up online for few excercises do it for 30 mins everyday this should cure your overall
a throat hurts though. It actually hurt way down close to where my neck meets my chest. It was like this for a day or so with no other symptoms at all except that it "felt" like I couldn't breath as well. Then a couple days later the pain moved up to the "normal place" in the throat that usually hurts - i.e. behind the tonsils.
You see i run cross country and have been running with the cold and yesterday i started to have this really sharp pain in my chest. It moved to my ribs and i dismissed it as a side stitch, but it hasnt gone away and is starting to concern me. Its grown to my whole left side and hurts constantly. I dont think that its anything really severe, i mean i'm only a fourteen year old, it cant be that bad, can it? Does anyone have any idea what this may be?
I have this tightness in my chest i kno its mucus but i dont have a cough or cold it hurts when i try to take a deep breath ive never had chest congestion before im not coughing up blood or anything like that. ive been using my asthma pump because when i was younger i had trouble with asthma it helps clearing my airways so i can breath easier but it comes back after awhile. Help?
Many folks have a dry cough for weeks after a cold. I can't imaging how yogurt could worsen things, i think that's a coincidence. A surface pain sounds like a rib sprain from coughing. The concern is that it could infrequently be a blood clot in the lung, and you need to see a doctor to rule that out. The doctor can prescribe narcotic pain relievers strong enough to give you relief, and they also stop the cough.
but i think most of us have had that problem..hard to breath feels like someone is sitting on your chest..that kinda thing.
i have had these chest pains now coming eight weeks been to gp had lots bloods done all ok call 999 out five times each time ecg all clear been amitted twice all bloods clear tredmill fine chest x ray ok sent home still with pains been remitted again all bloods ok so sent home been told i have oesophageal spasam taking pep ment medchine now 2 weeks still getting pain see doc yesterday re back to hospital to have pipe down mouth .
I noticed that it hurts when I move around or press on it but I haven’t done anything that could have caused an injury. It also hurts when I take a deep breath, so at first I thought that the cold I had recently was coming back, but I don’t have a cough or any trouble breathing. I tried taking Advil and it helped temporarily, but then the aching came back. Should I be concerned?
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