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Anyone hear of getting a Charlie horse in you're foot?
I get them in my calves as well. I usually get them in the middle of the night and they wake me up. Just started this week. They are very sore today...felt like I ran a marathon. But I have been drinking more water lately....some days over 100oz. because of the BH, so I have no clue why I am getting them all of a sudden.
2 days ago i woke up in the morning stretched and had what felt like the worse charlie horse ever in my calf!!! you could actually see my muscle convulse .. well 2 days later it still sore to walk on and hurts if i stretch.. Should i worry??? anyone else have this problem?
I woke up screaming! Charlie horse in my right calf. Scared the you know what out of my hubby! I had no idea what to do- I probably looked crazy! I was shaking my leg in the air and massaging it all while screaming! It only lasted probably a minute or less but felt like 5 minutes!! Its 3am and Im wide awake now... guess ill make a trip to the kitchen!!
I have been having charlie horse pain in my calves at night as well. They come on when I plantarflex my ankles while sleeping, and are relieved almost instantly when I dorsiflex. I have residual soreness for a few days. I have to be so careful with my leg posture in the bed to keep them at bay. Do you think this is related to my MS, or is it just a temporary abnormal / normal thing?
i decided to try the omega 3 prior to having the injections (in my neck) and found that after taking it 2 days, my nerve related symptoms were greatly diminished, and i have not had the charlie horse in the foot ever since except for a couple of days i forgot to take the omega 3 - then i was back in debilitating pain again until i restarted the omega. i have no idea why this stuff would help. i did end up having the epidural injection in the neck anyway and it wasn't as bad as i thought.
Ive been getting lots of foot cramps lately. The ones that feel like a charlie horse in the center of your foot. Anyways, how do I relieve them faster? Rolling on the floor and massaging my foot for 5 minutes doesn't seem to be working. Also, how can I prevent them from happening in the first place? Thank you!
Okay, don't holler that you tried this already, maybe you have but my grandma swears that one banana a day which I guess is the potassium you spoke of will cure charlie horses/muscle cramps. You have to stay at it, not just 3 banana's didn't work, do it everyday for a month and then see if your cramps have slowed to eventually none at all. As with alot of medicines you have to let it get into your system and keep it there. Try it, and hopefully you will be back to your old self in no time.
My rt calf constantly feels like it's going to Charlie horse cramp. Nothing helps it. I also have weird, random twitches and jerks in legs, feet, hands, arms, even torso and neck. Once in the ER, a few months ago, and twice by different pcps, I was noted to have rt side weakness. Oh, but I only have migraines or stress headaches per neurologist. Idiot!
So All Day Today In My Left Foot I Fell Like Little Charlie Horse Cramps In My Foot Is That Normal ?
Ladies ... Does anyone know how to relieve leg crampss I had the WORST Charlie horse yesterday and my calf is so sore still but my legs are cramping and they just hurt so much :( what can I dooo .??
I woke up this morning screaming and shaking cause I had a charlie horse soooooooooooooo bad. Well I know those can be common for lots of reasons, but being pregnant does so many things to you that I dunno if I should call the doctor or what.... What's weird is the pharmacy gave me new prenatals and I just started taking them last night. Maybe these new ones don't have as much of something in them. Should I be worried? Any of you other women have these? They suck.
Recently I've been jumping out of bed with leg cramping & Charlie Horses is this normal & is there a cure? Any help would do...
I wake up everyday in serious pain from a Charlie horse. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening?
I am 37 weeks. For the last 3 days I have been experiencing Charlie horse like cramps on both legs, upper thighs/inner thighs. I thought maybe dehydration but it's consistent every night at the same time. What's going on?
I woke up to the most extreme cramp in my leg!! And somehow got a charlie horse in my foot!
Dear Dr. Lupo, I've been suffering from foot spasms that last about 4 hours/night and extreme hair loss. These symptoms started following a Hypothryoid misdiagnosis and taking Levothyroxine 1 year ago; my TSH is now stable and within the normal range with negative antibodies. What could be causing the foot spasms (and hair loss) and what tests would you recommend?
Keep stretching the muscles affected, and try ice on them - I hear it works well for spasticity, if that's what it is. If it felt like a charlie horse, then it probably was a spasm. I get those in my big toe, and in both calf muscles.
I have been getting a lot of leg cramps . Not Charlie horse status but feel like it might be heading that way . Side effect? TX with peg RIBA and sovaldi. Any suggestions would be helpful .
The various causes of foot cramps or tightening or painful contraction in the middle of foot are an over exerted foot poor foot circulation, lack of potassium, dehydration, pinched nerves due to electrical impulse from brain not reaching the muscles, alcohol or tobacco use, nutritional deficiency, etc. sciatica has been the previous culprit causing pain in back and thigh and leg cramps. This could be pinched nerve in the leg or foot.
I am having reverse cramps in my right foot. I have been really suseptible to charlie horse type cramps in 2 different areas of my feet for years. Since last night, my foot cramp under the two littlest toes has been going off like crazy and when I try to pull my toes up to release the cramp, the other cramp under my big toes goes off. WTF am I supposed to do with that one???
Two years ago, the problem started as what I thought was a severe charlie horse. That problem persisted and the muscles tightened to the point that my calf muscles both ripped. My legs were bruised from the knee down and I couldn't walk for several weeks. Once that problem healed, I didn't have any issues until this past month. The muscles started again with the charlie horse feeling and have been continually tightening ever since.
I have had my share of leg and foot cramps but nothing compares to the pain caused by the inner thigh cramps. For several months I was having them twice a week. I was to the point that I feared going to bed. I tried everything but nothing worked. THEN someone told me about soaking in Epsom Salt. IT WORKS!!! I soak in a hot tub, half full of water,with 4 cups of Epsom salt, usually once a week. It has stopped the foot, calf, back of thigh,and inner thigh cramps.
During the night as Im resting, one leg usually my left goes into a charlie horse cramp with tingles. Walking it off takes some time but Ihave a strange sensation in it too. Its around the outside part of my ankle and a but up the leg. Im not potassium deficient and I eat plenty of calcium a day. Eat lots of bananas. Any other suggestions. My foot starts to tilt up ... thats how the cramp starts. Thank you.
but nope still get those foot cramps and charlie horses. I finally had to break down and go to a specialist. Well he told me to take a glass of Tonic Water every night. It contains "quinine" and it should help and then go to physical therapy. Iv'e been too busy for the PT but I started drinking that tonic water. You know what - not ONE toe cramp or charlie horse since I did it! I just keep the bottle by my bed and chug it down before I go to sleep and it WORKS.
Has anyone expereicned this before? Oh yeah - I know for sure this is not charlie horse pain as I would trade those painful leg cramps for this anyday. PLease help me.
Also on vit D, B-complex, B-12, multivitamins, morphine (had two level spinal fusion 2007), but these cramps remind me of what runners sometimes get--like a charlie horse, but often they last for hours, that's why I'm up. As soon as I lie down in bed they return. This goes on all night, but not every night. I can sometimes go a week or more without a single spasm, and then boom! they start up again.
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