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Avatar f tn yes it does help but it will knock you on your ***, dry mouth, go to the vitamin store and get L-tyrosine, and get SAM-e, also get melatonin for sleep, either get a potassium supplement for the leg stuff or eat alot of bananas, hope this helps
243614 tn?1266201137 So I guess I am doing some sort of a mixture of c/t and taper where my goal is to take nothing, but when the restless legs get too much for me to handle I take a half of a pill and then beat myself up about it. I have 5 kids and just can't lay around all day especially when they are on summer break! Also, I am curious if anyone has thoughts about it being easier to stop taking oxy's or norcos?
Avatar f tn Hi, Not sure about everyone else but I know that for me the restless legs is one of the worst symptoms. I told my doctor that I was struggling and he prescribed me Ropinirole tablets, one to take before bedtime. I took one last night and, fingers crossed, it seemed to work. Most of you are probably aware of this but for those who aren't, it might be worth a try.
Avatar n tn I've been reading about what you guys have referred to as RLS but I wanna tell ya - WOW ! This goes so far beyond "restless" that I would consider that a joke! My legs feel like some one has taken a baseball bat to them! Is this normal? You guys seem to be a really well informed group and a wealth of knowledge when it come to experience. Thanks! I'm trying to build up the courage but I remember the last time and that leg thing just was incredible!
Avatar m tn I get tired of listening to doctors and some people. Well, this works! This is my third time getting off pain meds due to hving a broken neck and just tired of taking these pills. I have been on them for 6 years....Hydrocodone 6-7 per day 10/325 Hi, find my article on page 2 or 3 called "sleeping with Clonidine" it will help you sleep. You need a doc for them but they worked for me throughout this whole process.
142722 tn?1281537216 I have been using clonidine a little but dr just called in for me. Will this work?
7091144 tn?1387993543 I was finally given a prescription drug to try called clonidine which is actually a blood pressure drug that has been around for a long time. NOTE it is CLONIDINE NOT klonipine. I later found out that this same drug is helpful when going through withdrawal. It is a prescription med but your GP or family doc might be willing to help you out by prescribing this. The dosage I take for my restless leg is .1 mg but my doc writes the prescription for .2 mg and I break them in half.
Avatar n tn The scariest part of withdrawal for me is the restless legs. I won't tolerate it and I know it will just make me go get ANYTHING I need to make it go away, so I will research further regarding the clonidine. Thanks so much! BTW, if you don't mind me asking, (even though I know it varies from person to oerson) what do you feel about starting on antidepressants while detoxing so that they will work once fully detoxed, or is that just too much to deal with?
Avatar m tn Clonidine is a must for opiate WD's. At least it was for me. I'm 18 days sober today becauase of it.
Avatar f tn I couldn't sleep at all and struggled with restless legs really badly. Any ideas how to relieve that? Also have lots of nasal congestion and diarrhea today. These are new symptoms. How long do these last?
Avatar m tn If you get too restless and the clonidine isn't enough, you might want to ask for some ativan to take with it rather than takeing more clonidine. Please keep us posted.
1542096 tn?1293166524 Getting better sleep and exercise can help some persons affected by restless legs. Drugs include carbidopa-levodopa, opioids , tramadol for intermittent symptoms, carbamazepine, clonazepam, diazepam, triazolam, and clonidine. Also, recently, gabapentin (Neurontin) has been found helpful. I suggest you to consult physician. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn However, the doctor examining the patient with restless legs syndrome must be certain to rule out certain medical causes for the symptoms: 1. Iron Deficiency 2. Vitamin B12 Deficiency 3. Diabetes 4. Uremia / Kidney disorders 5. Polyneuropathy 6. Peripheral Vascular Disease (blood vessel disease) Diagnosis The doctor examining the patient with restless legs syndrome will pay particular attention to the nerves and blood supply to the affected limb.
Avatar f tn The sweats and chills and skin crawlies were always the worst for me. Oh, and don't forget the restless arms and legs. I always had the arm thing! There are safe meds that CAN help, but steer clear of things like tramadol, ambien, valium (or any benzo). Those will only prolong and make worse your addiction!
Avatar f tn Hi Cleo. I'm in similar situation as you. I stopped hydros 5 days ago & began taking either, prescribed, clonidine .1mg, Ativan 1mg prn, or Mirapex for rls. I'm on day 5 of wd & still have some anxiety, restless legs, & insomnia, so I'm continuing to take something. It makes me nervous because I have no idea how I will ever fall asleep without taking something. I've had sleep issues long time, pain meds just helped w that some. Ughh...
Avatar n tn My pain management specialist prescribed Clonidine for me. The bottle says it's .1 g. And yes, it does make you sleepy. Very sleepy. Nighty Night..............
Avatar n tn My wife has stopped use of percocet and soma for neck & back pain. Now she's jonesin' some and her calfs and back of her knees hurt. Rubbing then doesn't help much, although she says rubbing behind the knees does help some. Poor girl can't sleep cause she has to frequently contract her calf muscles then relax to only get a very temporary relief. I have given her water and Fiber One in hopes of getting her hydrated and some potassium.
1397254 tn?1298677530 Every day seems sooooo long. What I'm wondering for any taper'ers out there is what period of tapering was the most challenging for you? I am getting mild wd's currently. I'm worried about getting past 3 a day. Three I can handle, after that I start continuously obsessing over the pills. The wd's set in pretty hardcore, I would say the worst part of it is, insomnia,restlessness,the restless limbs that quite literally get a mind of their own!!
Avatar f tn I'm going CT on Wednesday and am going to see my doc Monday and ask for some Clonidine. I heard it helps with the restless legs and crawling out of your skin. Has it helped for you? in anyway? How?
Avatar n tn I was ruled out for Tetrabenzene and Namenda but those have shown to be of help. Atenolol was helpful for me and can be for some but I was changed to Clonidine and they interact but that is helpful on controlling akathesia for me. Zofran was helpful in experimental usage. Again it would depend on the cause but those options were helpful for me so you could discuss them with your neurologist.
723959 tn?1314747825 but the last time i quit for 26 days, the doc gave me clonidine and muscle relaxers and my legs kept getting worse.
Avatar n tn Drugs such as Sinemet, bromocryptine (Parlodel), clonazepam, opioids, baclofen and clonidine are some of the other drugs that are potentially effective in treating restless legs, besides gabapentin. These should be tried individually or in combination to determine the best treatment that suits your mother. She could visit the movement disorder section of the nearest academic neurology department near where she lives for the best care, and to possibly get involved with ongoing research trials.
Avatar n tn Drugs such as Sinemet, bromocryptine (Parlodel), clonazepam, opioids, baclofen and clonidine are some of the other drugs that are potentially effective in treating restless legs, besides gabapentin. These should be tried individually or in combination to determine the best treatment that suits your mother. She could visit the movement disorder section of the nearest academic neurology department near where she lives for the best care, and to possibly get involved with ongoing research trials.
Avatar f tn Has this worked for anxiety for anyone?if so what was the dosage used?like how frequent i guess do you have to use to feel less stress.
Avatar n tn Clonidine is a blood pressure medication that somehow helped me with my first detox. It helped with the anxiety, sweats and restless legs. An antianxiety med (xanax, valium, klonopin) will also help with sleep. Be careful as those are also addictive so only get like 10. Something for nausea may also help (phenergan is great). Stock up on drinks that will replenish your electrolytes (gatorade, powerade), and don't forget the immodium!!
Avatar m tn You can try asking a physician to prescribe you some Requip for restless legs, Neurontin for over all distress, Clonidine for blood pressure and general anxiety control and maybe get some over the counter Valerian for sleep and sedation. But, seriously, you must be completely committed to the goal of quitting. I have written a blog that has rather detailed information about options for detox. If you click on my name and then click on blogs you will see one under that heading.
Avatar f tn Went to PCP today and she totally validated everything I was feeling. She did give me clonidine and Xanax for bedtime (for my husband to hold, although Ive never taken any sort of benzo before). I have a follow up on Saturday with her.
6365544 tn?1381175189 Honestly, the cold\sweats, stomach problems and anxiety are not that big a deal for me. The worst part is the sleep and the Restless legs. The past 2 days, my legs have been throbbing like crazy. I have a high pain threshold, but they are really starting to annoy me. Why do your legs hurt so badly during opiate withdrawal anyways? So that all being said, let me tell you what I have been doing.
Avatar f tn I have a question, it seems there are several Hylands leg rememdies, there is some for different things, i need the Restless Legs dont i, not the cramp one. Seems like that is the worst, trying to get some sleep. Which one do i need to buy, got all the other stuff, oh, need some more immodium for sure. Here we go again, for the last time i hope. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I used Neurontin during my Suboxone withdrawal which helped tremendously with the restless legs. It also made me sleepy which should help you sleep through your withdrawal symptoms. Another great medication you should ask your doctor about is clonidine. This can help with the anxiety associated with the withdrawal. These two medications helped me greatly when I was going through withdrawal myself. I don't know if I could have done it without them.