Clonidine and methadone withdrawal

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10047460 tn?1407442006 I'm going on a trip and I won't have my methadone for 3 days. My doc gave me Clonidine to stop the nausea. Will that work?
Avatar f tn I am already starting to get withdrawal symptoms which surprises me as this is not really a small dose. I am going hot and cold and getting hot flashes and really nauseous. My methadone doctor told me that clonidine will help these symptoms, I know some of you have tried it. I was wondering if I should start taking it, I am so uncomfortable. I know this is a slow and low taper, is it worth getting it?
589824 tn?1238800413 they still use this medication for high blood pressure, the most recent change in its use is that it is being prescrubed to children who have aspergers and other autistic traits mara i can see why you are very tired, methadone and clonidine will do that and i want you to remember that you cannot catch a buzz while you are trying to get clean you either want to get clean or catch a buzz
214255 tn?1205639236 The result is a lowered heart rate and blood pressure, with side effects of dry mouth and fatigue. If clonidine is suddenly withdrawn the sympathetic nervous system will revert to producing high levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine, higher even than before treatment, causing rebound hypertension. Rebound hypertension can be avoided by slowly withdrawing treatment.
Avatar f tn That night I was put on nuerontin and a clonidine pill and saw my doc the next day. She called in a clonidine patch which I couldn't get until Tuesday and told me to take the neurontin. I was in major pain with the leg problems and so on so she upped the dose of neurontin but darned if I can remember when. I am pretty loopy. Of course she is off this next week. I have been dizzy and so tired but don't know if it is the clonidine or neurontin or both!
135222 tn?1210436088 With the depressive qualities of methadone combined with clonidine is it possible that your respiration and blood pressure could get dangerously low? I am starting to taper down but dont want to use the patch until I am feeling withdrawal symptoms. I am on 50mg a day and going down by 2.5mgs every two weeks. I am on day 3 and feel fine, so I dont feel it is necessary especially since I am still getting a pretty good buzz even at 47.5 mgs.
374251 tn?1246239257 i then went to my primary doctor, who wrote me a script for methadone 40mgs a day (having my sister give me my daily dose), and clonidine .1mg (1 in morning, 1 in the evening). here's the question: i'm two days in and i feel like dog doodoo. the doctor didn't really know how to handle this, she was more worried about losing her license for prescribing the methadone in the first place. should i be taking these drugs together, having the clonidine be for the withdrawals from methadone?
Avatar m tn Go lower if possible with your methadone before stopping. People say the lower the less withdrawal. The doc will give you clonidine and valium no problem, if you tell him what it's for, but I would only take 2.5mg valium with 50mg clonidine, I took them every 4 hours for 3 days, then once a night, I only needed the meds for 8 days. Double check with your doc this will work for you. He may want you to do something different. Best of luck to you.
Avatar f tn A dr increased my Clonidine which helped a little and I have an appointment with someone in chemical dependency on Thursday. I hope this time they will help me get off this stuff. My regular dr admitted he did not know how or what to do to help but would not get out of the way for the detox dr to help. He was concerned with pain and wants to get be hooked on oxicodone then taper off that. I think that is just crazy .
Avatar f tn For four months I was on Oxycontin, methadone and percocet 50 mgs a day for the methadone. I took my last pill lasy Sunday morning because I just couldn't take the sweats it gave me.I was put on a newdrug that was a morphine type but the 3 days I thought I was going to die. My husband took me to the emergency room, to be told I was withdrawling. I was given 2 weeks worth of Clonidine patches and sent home. I haven't not slept going on 75 hours. PLEASE how long before I will fall asleep????
Avatar f tn i really have only heard of this with people who take methadone because methadone has such a long and strong half life - meaning it attatches to your pain receptors in your brain like super glue, but mine was short lived and i swear it was because of the clonidine helping the withdrawal symptoms, it was severe and intense for about 5-6 hours, by that time i had already taken my full 32 mgs of suboxone and she called in a prescription for the clonidine that i took 3 times a day.
Avatar n tn you probably need 3-4 days off it all depends on your body i am addicted to every pain pill possible and i am on day 7 of being clean i started my addiction 5 yrs ago and the physical withdrawal lasted a full 4 days so i suggest taking a few days off good luck and when you are ready you are on the right site there is a lot of help and encouragement here
Avatar n tn Help, I quit methadone cold turkey at 80mg 10 days ago and im still in hell. I tried suboxone after 2 days and that took me to the 7th level of hell for 24 hrs. I didn't think humans could endure that kind of pain. Does anyone know how much longer this should last. Im going out of my mind but trying to stay strong. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Day 11 still not feeling anything too bad just lower energy, brain fog, and a bit of chills here and there. No stomach issues, RLS and achy legs stopped about day 5 for me. Is the shoe going to drop or am I in the clear? It's the not knowing that I hate. Hope everyone is doing well!
417971 tn?1237146307 To the few wonderful people here that responded to me last week with my first post, i'm still here and tappering. I did not know anything about getting off of methadone and found it is harder than anything!! I thought i would just quit and flush my pills at 30mg but I chickend out and am tappering and am at 20mg right now and ready for another tapper. I just wanted some of you to know that your responses were very helpful and I did not go away and to anyone else going threw this hang in there.
Avatar f tn Hey I was wondering if anyone knew if while I was trying to withdrawal from methadone. I started to use my DOC again and I am going to try a withdrawal using small amounts of suboxone for 3-4 days and then nothing. A friend is locking me in his house (he is a nurse) and going to try and help me.
Avatar f tn You need to do this now before your withdrawals set in because methadone withdrawal is as bad as heroin if not worse and 2 times as long. I think your Dr is a clueless bit#h and it pisses me what she is about to put you through. I've been in your shoes I know how it feels. I wish I could help you. I wouldn't wish withdrawals on my worst enemy. It's a terrible feeling. I will keep you in my prayers. If it gets real bad before you can get a solution go to the emergency room.
Avatar n tn e clonidine...) If I had info i have now, methadone wld NOT be my choice to get off oc's and/or take for pain. For me it was the easiest and most economical to not have to deal wth oc w/d. I want to thank every1 as i've learned much tdy frm this and othr sites tht i've passed onto sm1 else in need of help.
Avatar f tn 5 years because I got off heroin and on the clinic but now I feel like a string out junkie trying to get clean again cause of how the methadone withdrawal has me feeling. And now I'm also feeling like methadone was a HUGE mistake. I didn't have many options when I got on it...I got pregnant in suboxone in 2007 and the made me switch. However when I relapsed in 2012 I wish I had quit the clinic and my job and gone to treatment for 30 days instead. This *****.
Avatar n tn in a long inpatient detox for meth. once with cloindine and a benzo and it worked. I've been on and off methadone many times the longest was 7 years on and the last time was 5 years ago and now I'm clean. The fact that are down to 3 mg. speaks volumes. I always detoxed 5 mg. per day or faster and got through it but it does drag on with the done. I've met a few others who have kicked done on a similar amount of years and I know it's possible with persistence and faith.
Avatar m tn It was really bad and I am a very small person I am just under 5 feet and 120 lbs. I started a methadone maintenance program last July and it really helped for a while, but I began to miss getting high, it didn't help that my boyfriend continued to use the entire time although he's not as bad as I was. I tried taking pills while on methadone and I felt absolutely nothing because of the methadone blocking the opiates. But it didn't stop me form trying anyway.
Avatar f tn I tried twice to drop the Oxy's and the Methadone cold turkey. It lasted about 2 weeks and ended with me in full blown seizures and nearly dying twice. Anyone considering using Methadone to come off Oxy's, Roxy's, Lori's, Perc's, Vike's, Tab's or Hydrocodone.....Trust me, I've had em all...Been prescribed em all and I would never again do what I did thinkin it would be easier or better for me.
Avatar n tn tonight is my 6th night off methadone. i was at 70 mgs in beginning of october and took my last dose of 9 mgs tuesday morning (today Sun). i also tried to do this a week ago and failed miserably, but i think it's because of some tramadol i had. i had no idea it was anything more than glorified asprin. it ruined my ******* life. anyway, i'm going ok now. i have about 5 klonopin left. i take them once a day, and .5 mgs of clonidine left.
Avatar f tn I have never herd of them doing it like this but I also know in the physician desk reference guide it says not to induse sub untill a person drops down below 30 mg of methadone and if they induse and there is methadone left in his system it will send him into persipatated withdrawals or the 7 level of hell thats why the doctor wants to wait 14 days bettter to error on the side of safety im just really surprised the doctor cares how he feels till then this is a compassionate doctor or a "&qu
Avatar n tn I have a LOT of sympathy for your situation. I have gone through methadone withdrawal and it was absolutely the worst kick I have ever had in my life. I also was addicted to heroin at one point and methadone withdrawal makes heroin withdrawal look like a walk in the park.
Avatar f tn How long and how intense is methadone withdrawal from 5 to 0? How about 10 to 0? And is there anything natural I can take that would ease and or speed up the process? Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn clonidine, zanax, trazadone&seraquil is what i uswed to deal with all the agony that comes with the w/d's. i ct after over 4 years of an opiate addition! i snorted percs 20 plus a day habit. boy that was absolutly the hardest d**m ordeal i ever had to cope with and lasted approx. 2 wks. the clonidine was what helped me after about into the 3rd day!
Avatar f tn I applaud you resolve to stay clean, but want to caution you that methadone is a long acting narcotic and your withdrawal symptoms will stick around for quite a while. You will feel rotten for as long as four to six weeks. You can try asking a physician to prescribe you some Requip for restless legs, Clonidine for blood pressure and general anxiety control and maybe get some over the counter Valerian for sleep and sedation.
Avatar m tn The person stays in my office for at least a few hours, to get more clonidine and to get through the worst of the withdrawal. Then the patient's driver takes the person home and puts him/her to bed, and checks on him from time to time for the next day or two-- until the person is back on his feet again. This technique is similar to 'rapid opiate detox', but the buprenorphine is a bit less 'violent' than the naloxone or naltrexone used for the rapid detox people.