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I have never taken more than prescribed but I cannot fall asleep without one pill. I am now pregnant, and i am cutting the pill in half. It is still working for me and I can get a few hours of sleep but IM still concerned that I am addicted to this.
It was probably close to a year before I got back to a full night's sleep (most nights). So, I see his point about using the Ambien briefly to break the cycle. I toughed it out, but I also am semi-retired, work from home and don't have to get up and go off to work every day. It took a long time. All my life, before being hyper, I'd slept like a baby...took a bomb to get me up. Because of that, I didn't have much in the way of "going back to sleep" skills.
I am allergic to Ultram (Tramadol) and I had the same symptoms as you when I tried taking it. I ended up in the ER. I now view that as a blessing in disguise, as it's a nasty addictive drug. Other sleep meds I've heard of are Lunesta, and Rozerem (sp?). I don't have personal experience with these, but perhaps others here have. They are supposed to be non-addictive. Get to the Dr's and get yourself checked.
I personally have never experienced it..
just a bit of info i have gathered through the last few years in the er where i work about ambien. most sleep experts prefer ambien for pt's that have sleeping problems, because it alows a deeper sleep than most other drugs (which are either hypnotics or barbiturates) does less damage to the liver (if any not real sure on this one but have been told by the sleep guys that is the least toxic of sleeping agents) does not cause hang overs in almost all cases.
I take half of a 10mg ambien and it usually does the trick...if not I take the other half. The script lasts longer...and why not take 5 mg if it works. Did not like CR at all....slow to get to sleep and hard to wake up.
needless to say it took me a while to figure out what the hell happened and after speaking with my dr. we both agreed that if i do take ambien again, which i have, i should only do so while in bed right before sleep.
It worked good at putting me to sleep but the last few days I have been waking up with terrible anxiety and shaking. I want to stop taking it tonight. Can I just stop or do I need to slowly reduce it? I would like to just stop taking it if I could. I don't know if the ambien is what is causing my morning anxity and shakes but I don't want to feel like that again in the morning. It's so terrible.
I'm currently trying to stop using it by tapering the dose. I break the oblong pill in half, and take only half the dose, and not every night. As mremeet says, there are better ways to get back into good sleeping habits after treatment ends. But on treatment, sleep (for me, anyway) was very tough without an aid such as Ambien.
Around 4 years ago I was taking LESS Ambien than prescribed at first. I was cutting them in half and taking 3/4 doses. After 9 months I was up to the full 10mg and I decided to quit. I simply couldn't. I tried going CT and got bad withdrawal. No Ambien no sleep.Then I googled around and found out how screw-d I really was. To make a long story short, it took me 4 months of careful tapering to finally get off of it.
I have been clean from ambien for 487 days and it has been the best thing I have ever done in my life. I began taking the Ambien because I was sitting up with at night with my father while he was in the hospital. After sitting up all night, I found if virtually impossible to sleep during the day without it.
i am still doing fine with the pain meds still havent taken any but for the shoulder pain not so hot its getting worse by the day it seems and i am getting less and less sleep every night when this first started i could lay down for 3 or 4 hours at a time and it then it would start to bother me and now it is only about 5 minutes and the pain is starting and within ten minutes the pain is horrible and this pain increase is in like a little less than three week timeframe and i am worrying myself t
I am *trying* to cut down on my ambien, last night I cut half a tablet off my dose. But I also take the klonopin to sleep too. I've been on the ambien so long it's taken over my life, since I was a teenager and I'm 24 now they've been a daily thing so giving them up is going to be so hard. I also have valium but I'm not allowed to take it because the doc said in the blood tests valium can show as temazepam and oxazepam and it will look like I've obtained drugs elsewhere.
I knew in my heart that it didn't matter. The day I decited I was done with ambien I was. My heart would'nt allow me to hurt myself and my family anymore. I hit rock bottom. I did something stupid. Something to stupid to mention on here. I didn't hurt anyone, mainly just myself. Now I feel I took something that could have been a very negitive moment in my life and turned it into a positive. I am off the drug and moving on to more positive things in my life.
I've had to do this many times, and they say that you can initally cut the dosage in half for about a week and a half, then cut it in tiny amounts (maybe 1/4 the amount, for about a week, and so on and so on). At the end, when you are down to a small amount, just enough so your system knows the meds are still in there, you can go to every other night. But, I wouldn't do this until I was down to .5 or less milligrams. After that, you should just be able to stop.
I know my doctor said I can drop to 7.5 but I cant deal with this ambien Drug anymore I going to drop to 5.0 . I feel even 7.5 is to much now and 5.0 will lessen the depression some . Then I will drop to 2.5 for a few days then stop this nasty Drug .
I am planning on not taking my ambien this evening and just seeing how I feel in the morning first. If I am no better, I will just have to go....I am really worried about this and I fear there is some other, deeper issues going on that is cuasing this and my pain meds are covering it I am going to take the rest of the day pill free and just see how I feel in the morning.....but have anyone here had or is currntly having these kinds of issues while talking Ambien?
I also have scrips for soma, xanax, and ambien. I take the soma in the evening to take the edge off the pain, but I am worried about mixing it with the oxy. I take the xanax rarely so I'm not too concerned about that. I take the ambien before bed to sleep, but I am afraid of mixing this with the oxy. I called my Dr. this morning but they didn't call me back today. Does anyone know about mixing these?
i usually take it around 9p. i don't like the next day drowsyness. my dr told me to break it in half instead for getting a lower dose, you figure. well i've been taking it for a month while i' was detoxing off tramdol which helped here it is 230a in fla and i'm wide awake. i believe it loses it's effectiveness. so what l do is take melatonin and 50 mgs bentadryl 3 times a week then an amnien the the take an anbiem. 2-3 days off good sleep is good enough for me i have a serios slep problem.
Made me wish I had gotten a pack instead of using my logic =[ I can hear family guy in the other room. I watched Benny and Joon, it was really good. Better than I thought it would be, especially for a 16 year old movie. We got a lot of manuels and **** at driver's ed, and filled out a lot of forms. My first driving hour is monday. I'm really scared, what if they kick me out if I crash? What if I DO crash? Plus it's two and a half hours long, makes my bottom hurt.
Maybe it would be better if I just went out into the Lunging Arena and let the horses hold the long halter rope around my head an make me run in circles, and I bet I still wouldnt fall asleep. I definitely dont want this to be my Demise. Havent had Sex in a year because of the frigging pills, and I know if I did now, it would propably be like the Fast and Furious and then Maybe I could fall asleep,I would just say, No cuddling, I am out.
I do agree this is a big load for me to bear. I applied for social security benefits over six months ago. In late February I was informed that I was denied benefits. I have chosen to have a lawyer represent me for the appeal, but I just mailed his papers to him last Friday and haven't heard anything from him yet.
Should I ask the doctor for something to take at that point to help ween me off further? I appreciate any help I can get. I don't really have a support system.
when they gave me the little tiny round ones...i gave them back as i can not break those into 4 much does he take each night?
But I was amused at the lengths I went to insuring that I wouldn't face running out. If I was half as motivated to make money, I'd be filthy rich in a year. ANGELICA - I just saw your 6.28 post. Yep, it's an S.I.
It really dawned on me what addiction was today, when I realized I was needing to up my ambien. How I know I will be up for days straight if say, my prescription ever ran out or I was taken off of it suddenly. I really would. I mean, I could stay up two days running without ever thinking about sleep, well, now I could prolly do four days without even being run down. No, I am serious. These pills, make me human. They make me need sleep.
I have also other symptoms like when i wake up in the morning, i can taste something sour in my mouth. I think its the stomach acid. I really need help but no docs seem to be able to help me. I have seen more than 3 doctors in the past two weeks.
Have you tried Ambien? I've found that I can break the 10 mg. in half and 5 mg. helps just as much as 10. I still have some trouble sleeping because of pain and my bladder, but the ambien helps. Enjoy your day! I hope you have many more wonderful feel-good days!
I closed all the blinds. I have 2 dogs that will lick them to death if they break in. I have a gun too. So, I know i'm definately not out of the woods. I can hear them outside. You guys really helped me out last night. Thanks for the support. I'm going to be o.k. as long as I don't smash someone's face in. I'm shocked I can actually type and communicate, i think. This has never been the case before. I told him I was not eating still. He's calling my surgeon to see whats up.
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