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Avatar f tn Thank you, I actually do have 5mg and I cut those in half already! So i am on the lowest dose right now. My dr knew about my habit last year and told me that ambien during pregnancy was ok as long as i was not taking a lot. But i have a new dr this year and I am going to have to tell them.
491910 tn?1209369793 5 FOR A WEEK, AND ONE NIGHT TRIED TO TAKE NOTHING, since its hard to cut the 2.5 in half, and thought that I was doing ok on that small amount. I was up all night, thinkin, :wouldn't I just be soooo tired and just fall asleep? I don't know what to do, bcuz I cant go without at least 2.5 mg, and am wanting to be off this all together. If I didn't have to go to work, as a nanny and had time at home to be TIRED then I think I could try that. Any thing else I could try.
Avatar n tn Had my moments but made it through that week. Second week cut the Ambien (10mg) in half for a (5mg) dose and did this for the second week and again had my moments. The third week I cut the (5mg) pieces in half as best I could and took these for four days and then decided to see if I would be able to sleep and did. Seems though I am still feeling the anixety/panic. Has been one week now without any Ambien and I am so happy to have found the post on your website that helped me.
222369 tn?1274478235 But every body is different and although most professionals will tell you there are no physical withdrawls when stopping ambien, since it can be cut in half there's no harm in taking extra causion to make sure your safe. But i would think that the seizure warning is either new, or maybe for ambien CR because when I was taking them in the past there was no such warning. So perhaps someone had a seizure while going off.
Avatar n tn Most of the day things are gone - I actually feel pretty good - almost to my normal. I have cut my over the counter sleep aid in half and will go on something more natural in the next few days. It seems the only lasting effect is a side pain by my lower right rib. I touch it and it is sore. I think it is myalgia. Anyone have any of these symptons and how long will it take to really clear from my system?
Avatar n tn Golden One, the main difference b/tw Ambien and Sonata is the half life of the drugs. Ambien has a 2.5 hr half life and Sonata has a 1 hr half life. This leads to the difference in their clinical indications. Ambien is indicated to treat all 3 symptoms of insomnia: trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking too early. Sonata is only indicated for trouble falling asleep b/c the drug runs through your body too quickly.
18070169 tn?1463179514 Most of the day things are gone - I actually feel pretty good - almost to my normal. I have cut my over the counter sleep aid in half and will go on something more natural in the next few days. It seems the only lasting effect is a side pain by my lower right rib. I touch it and it is sore. I think it is myalgia. Anyone have any of these symptons and how long will it take to really clear from my system?
Avatar f tn I'm just laying in bed watching TV hoping to fall asleep shortly. Should I cut it in half just to be safe? I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
1568041 tn?1311618812 The crazy stuff happens!! She might cut the Ambien in half,take it with the Benadryl for awhile and see what that does. She probably doesn't want to take it either! There are several ways she can use the OTC's to her advantage...
Avatar m tn What you need to do when this happens is call your doctor (or your pharmacist) and ask if it is safe to cut the pills in half. If they are tablets, they are not extended release/time release/delayed release/etc., and they do not have "enteric coating" to protect your stomach lining, it is USUALLY safe to cut, chew, or crush pills but it's always better to be cautious and ask first.
Avatar f tn I think the melatonin kept me awake. Going to just cut my 5mg ambien in half and then stop. I'll probably take some Tylenol pm too. That seems to work better than melatonin, at least for me.
Avatar n tn I was on Sub too and they gave me ambien to take with it. they just said no matter what dont drink alcohol with the Ambien.
Avatar n tn Do you think that is too much? Can i cut the pills in half. I am a tiny person and my doc knows that. I dont know why she would give me the highest dose? I have a phobia of taking pills.
Avatar n tn I told my doctor who prescribed this and after having a good laugh, he told me to cut the ambien in half on a bad night. So far so good as I haven't woken up to anything weird in my bed.
Avatar f tn got up at 8. don't know how long i'll stay up. No I haven't abused any of the meds. just 1 ambien a night and cut the 10 mg dose of hydrocodone. in half the last week. I've been reading on here for a few days to see what to expect but till you go through it, it's just words.
Avatar n tn I take half of a 10mg of Ambien when traveling - it really helps and then when I get home just don't take it. After a long trip last year found I couldn't sleep but I knew it was the Ambien and just went without it. It's worth it to be able to sleep when traveling.
783281 tn?1259695031 I would give the trazodone some more time to see if your body starts to deal with the hangover effects a little better before you go back to ambien cr. In the past one thing that did work for me was remeron(mirtazapine 15-30mgs), along with melatonin. The remeron is an anti-depressant that alot of doctors prescribe to help with sleep, it doesnt really do much as far as alleviating any depression issues.
222369 tn?1274478235 I had a really screwy schedule w/ my job, Anywhoo, I figured getting off all pills was the best route for me, so I went off the Ambien too. I did taper. Cut my doses in half, then every other day and then substituted w/ melatonin. It worked for me. I have run out and CT can cause nasty rebound insomnia. My sleeping issues are fairly in check now. Good luck!
486647 tn?1208789291 I am *trying* to cut down on my ambien, last night I cut half a tablet off my dose. But I also take the klonopin to sleep too. I've been on the ambien so long it's taken over my life, since I was a teenager and I'm 24 now they've been a daily thing so giving them up is going to be so hard. I also have valium but I'm not allowed to take it because the doc said in the blood tests valium can show as temazepam and oxazepam and it will look like I've obtained drugs elsewhere.
Avatar n tn A taper could be calculated by picking a quit day and the amount of pills u want to do it with...u can do it slowly or fairly quickly with can cut down 1/4 pill each week, or 1/4 pill each day... or a half a pill each day or each week...just stick to ur goal quit day...
Avatar f tn The two are too closely related chemically to be of much use to me when I take a benzo in addition to the ambien. Ambien only put me to sleep for 2.5 hours max.
Avatar m tn I've had to do this many times, and they say that you can initally cut the dosage in half for about a week and a half, then cut it in tiny amounts (maybe 1/4 the amount, for about a week, and so on and so on). At the end, when you are down to a small amount, just enough so your system knows the meds are still in there, you can go to every other night. But, I wouldn't do this until I was down to .5 or less milligrams. After that, you should just be able to stop.
480448 tn?1426952138 * The FDA is requiring that manufacturers cut the dosage in half for women and some men, citing the possibility that the drug's lingering effects may still make people drowsy or impaired in the morning when they are getting ready to drive to work. * The Associated Press noted in a report of its own on Thursday that the FDA has different requirements for men and women because women absorb zolpidem more slowly, meaning that the effects of the drug can last longer at higher dosages.
Avatar n tn I have taken all the above medication you mentioned except for Ambien. Xanax is an Anti-Anxiety medication in the family of Benzodiazipines. I would find it almost impossible for Xanax to produce a Psychotic reaction. In fact it actually works to inhibit Psychosis. If one takes too much in one dose (for example 2Mgs or more) it can produce a high. Truth be told it's actually a very comforting, relaxing and mello kind of high. Which is why I don't take it anymore.
Avatar m tn I have been taking Ambien for sleep for about a month. I take 17.5mg (one whole tablet, and 3/4 of another) because I had to increase my dosage several times, and I upped it by 1/4 tablet each time. I didn't quite make it to two tablets before I got to the point where I don't need it, but am basically addicted to it. The condition requiring this is slowly fading, and I would like to eliminate my dependence on Ambien completely. How do I go about doing this?
Avatar m tn and it made me very sleepy but at least I slept and I was on it for 7 mths and I had no problem at all getting off it I just cut my dose in half for about a week and then I was done I had no withdrawals at all...its seems very safe and is not addicting if it was my Dr would not of put me on it...we are all different but you should have no problems with this..I wish you the best..
Avatar f tn I am planning on not taking my ambien this evening and just seeing how I feel in the morning first. If I am no better, I will just have to go....I am really worried about this and I fear there is some other, deeper issues going on that is cuasing this and my pain meds are covering it I am going to take the rest of the day pill free and just see how I feel in the morning.....but have anyone here had or is currntly having these kinds of issues while talking Ambien?
Avatar f tn on my worst night, i think i took 9. i always cut them in half to bypass the slow-release. at one point i was snorting it, but it gave me a sore throat so i stopped. i need to sleep. i don't know how to do this. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i don't smoke pot, and i don't know if that would improve this at all. i don't know. i don't know. i just need to SLEEP.
Avatar n tn Remembering back, that started around the time I cut the prescription in half. More recently, since dropping to every other day, I have had a pain in my kidney area, around where a boxer would take a kidney punch, that is driving me nuts. I have done all the home remedies that one might try for a kidney infection or stones. No changes at all. My stomach hurts all the time and I have had problems there and none of the meds for that helps.
Avatar n tn I beleive it is hard to stop this drug will taper off but the company of the drug says not to cut it in half that scares me right now im withdraw from narco my 5th day and need ambin to sleep throught the night hope all this needs soon