Can ambien cr be cut in half

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783281 tn?1259695031 the ambien CR can also cause the groggy feeling in the most because of its two part release... if you dont like this i would ask the doctor for regular ambien either 5mg or 10mg. its the only sleep aid that works well for me. helps me sleep and aside from the fact that im always fatigued because of other problems, i never have that hang over feeling from it. im not a doctor,but it is just a suggestion because i have had experience with both the traz and the CR.
491910 tn?1209369793 Withdrawing too quickly from Zolpidem can be dangerous, as there can be a risk of seizures, psychosis and hallucinations. The withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced are similar to those seen in benzodiazepine withdrawal. Visit the following link for a full list of possible WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS. Often Zolpidem users find that their medication over time turns against them with frequent awakenings during the night. This is often caused by rebound or withdrawal effects of the zolpidem.
222369 tn?1274478235 I had a really screwy schedule w/ my job, Anywhoo, I figured getting off all pills was the best route for me, so I went off the Ambien too. I did taper. Cut my doses in half, then every other day and then substituted w/ melatonin. It worked for me. I have run out and CT can cause nasty rebound insomnia. My sleeping issues are fairly in check now. Good luck!
Avatar f tn on my worst night, i think i took 9. i always cut them in half to bypass the slow-release. at one point i was snorting it, but it gave me a sore throat so i stopped. i need to sleep. i don't know how to do this. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i don't smoke pot, and i don't know if that would improve this at all. i don't know. i don't know. i just need to SLEEP.
Avatar n tn Remembering back, that started around the time I cut the prescription in half. More recently, since dropping to every other day, I have had a pain in my kidney area, around where a boxer would take a kidney punch, that is driving me nuts. I have done all the home remedies that one might try for a kidney infection or stones. No changes at all. My stomach hurts all the time and I have had problems there and none of the meds for that helps.
222369 tn?1274478235 But every body is different and although most professionals will tell you there are no physical withdrawls when stopping ambien, since it can be cut in half there's no harm in taking extra causion to make sure your safe. But i would think that the seizure warning is either new, or maybe for ambien CR because when I was taking them in the past there was no such warning. So perhaps someone had a seizure while going off.
Avatar n tn It has been about 250 days since I have taken Ambien and I get GREAT sleep and am in the best health of my life. It can be done. Although I DO NOT recommend cold turkey if you have taken Ambien for a long time or at high doses. Good luck!
Avatar n tn however if you are buying contolled substances through the mail then you might either get caught and get in trouble - where you might detox from jail - or at the very least your source would be cut off and you might be forced to detox cold turkey. i'm not sure what high-dose ambien detox is like but i don't think i'd want that just the same. all of us on this board sympathize with your problem of addiction, but you'll only get clean when you are forced or when you decide you have had enough.
18070169 tn?1463179514 anyway i would get in to see a doctor if you can, just to rule stuff out. but be patient. benzo / ambien withdrawal can take months. it's a great sign that you are feeling better so quickly but don't be alarmed if the symptoms go away and then come back ... each time they come back they will be a little less intense. thats how 'benzo' detox goes ... be good be well and keep posting for support.
Avatar n tn I told my doctor who prescribed this and after having a good laugh, he told me to cut the ambien in half on a bad night. So far so good as I haven't woken up to anything weird in my bed.
480448 tn?1426952138 * While the FDA is requiring that the prescribed dosage be cut in half for women, it is merely recommending that men be given the lower dosage. * The Associated Press also noted that the change in the FDA's approach to zolpidem came after years of allegations and reports of car accidents in which the person involved had taken zolpidem the night before. The FDA could not link the drug specifically to the incidents up until now.
Avatar n tn Stopping ambien ct will result in a string of consecutive nights where sleep will be greatly disrupted. Some people can get off of it easier than others. In some cases it takes a stay in rehab to taper off after such a long period of time.
Avatar f tn the same dose works now as did then,,,,when taking this drug u can not drink and u need to be on ur way to bed as it kicks in very fast/and gone very fast/hence not a good drug for sleep probs due to stress as it does not have the anti-anxiety properties that benzos do altho the chemical make up is clse...but ambien and lunesta are not as habit forming as benzos... anything we use for sleep can be psycholically needed..even benadryl can become a habit...
Avatar f tn God help us all if Ambien turns out to be the dementing poltergeist we fear it might be. All I can do is stop taking it, deal with insomnia by optimizing sleep hygeine and hope for the best.
Avatar n tn every night for a week, and then I cut it in half and took those for a week and then I cut those in half (I know the pieces are very small) and took them for a week. (I'm sure that you could modify the dosage and also take it every other day.) I'm not a doctor, but, as I'm sure you know, you really can't stop anything cold turkey...especially if you've been taking it for some time. Good luck to you!
356518 tn?1322267242 I know how difficult it is to take care of small children and be in pain and sometime wonder how you can care for them when you feel like you cant even take care of yourself because the pain takes over. I have two girls that are now 7 and 8 years old and they keep me running. There are days I cant do the things I want to with them and they do understand to a point but I always feel guilty and feel like I am letting them down.
Avatar f tn Then, 30 minutes before actually going to bed I give him Ambien CR. The regular Ambien was not working at all. Ambien CR on the other hand seems to calm him down and there has been less action. I also placed a body pillow between us and that seems to curtail some of the aggressiveness. It gives him less space to move around and I feel safer. Yes, he speaks while he is asleep, (more of gurgutal sound than words) but it has come down a bit.
Avatar m tn Then, you take something to make you sleep and it makes you sleepy, but you can't get that good quality or quantity of sleep, in order to feel rested and refreshed. You start to envy those people who can fall asleep while sitting there (practically talking to you and in mid-sentence they will be snoring away!) Urgggghh I'm like feeling, if you are coming over to my house in the middle of the day and you go to sleep in front of me, "LEAVE!" I don't want to watch you sleep!
Avatar f tn Pea sized yellow object in loose stool! I too take Welbutrin and Ambien CR... It has to be the welbutrin because my Ambien is blue... I've seen it in my stool about 4 times but thought I ate something with corn in it but was sure I hadn't so I fished it out for the first time today and squeezed it and it popped and powder inside as well! It is surely not a parasite and is the ER capsules... I take a 300 mg and a 150 mg and it looks like the 150 mg tablet except its yellow instead of white!
Avatar n tn I don't have allergies of any kind and I'm in excellent health and I can learn to live with the smell of fresh baked bread in my nostrils.. I mean it could be owrse.. still I think I should get someone to check this out especially as I read about Phantom smells being a possible side efect of brain tumors...
314532 tn?1206418709 also stick with the lowest dose possible, and don't cut anything up that is controlled release (CR) like the ambien. be sure to stay hydrated and away from pop with phosphoric acid in it, or caffine in any form, which will both rob you of calcium as well as water, both needed for muscles to stay at rest. hope that helps.
544292 tn?1268886268 Morning Lovelies, Welcome to part 34! Please come on in and make yourself at home. It can be done!
544292 tn?1268886268 You're in the right place if you want off the Tramadol! You can do it! I believe in you!
Avatar n tn to ease withdrawal if needed, then again I don't know the whole picture in your case here. Ambien CR and Sonata can also be addicting, but again these are not nearly as bad as medicines like Halcion or other types of sedatives. Ambien CR or controlled release is released into your body slowly and can be taken for 7-10 days, one a day at bedtime. Talk to your doctor about this. He/she has to have some sympathy to your cause without cutting you off cold turkey.
544292 tn?1268886268 Good Morning Tramadol Warriors! Welcome. We're so glad you found us! You can do it. Please make yourself at home and snuggle down. It will be a bit bumpy, but worth it!
619930 tn?1260377854 I finished 48 weeks of SOC 2 weeks ago. I have been on Celexa and Ambien CR for the better part of tx and have been thinking about when to stop, but have had a hard time sleeping through the night for about 4 or 5 days. Has anyone had any sleep problems after EOT? I realize my body is going through a turn-around to try and get back to normal, whatever that is...I forget =) Any thoughts?
222369 tn?1274478235 Day 1- Bad diarrhea, Moderate anxiety, No energy, terrible dry mouth, sweats No sleep Day 2-Same as Day one except sweats went away, no sleep Day 3-Moderate diarrhea, low energy, no anxiety, Ambien CR-Slept 4 hours Day 4-Mild-moderate anxiety, low energy Thank God I haven't had the aches and pains some people had. Just a very light tension headache at times. Any advice, suggestions would be appreciated...
271872 tn?1238593991 2days off Darvocet (which I cut in half to help with the Fentanyl WD's. Anyway, the insomnia is brutal. I knew it would be, but I gave in and called my Doc for something to help me sleep. I asked for Clonidine, but got Seroquel! How dangerous is this drug to use for a few days? It 50mg tabs. Has ANYONE used this to get through opiate insomnia before??? How well does it work & how long did you need it? Was it habit forming for you? I appreciate your answers. I'm a little worried. Thanks!