Burning vaginal pain

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I have had a problem with vaginal and vulval burning and pain for over three weeks. My GP said there were white cells in a urine sample, and visible soreness during exam. He prescribed Citrofloxacin, but a week's regimine didn't help. My Gynechologist has not come to any conclusions as to why I have such intense pain. He prescribed a numbing jelly which helped somewhat on the external, vulva area but most of the pain is within the vagina, along the right wall.
You should definitely go to the doctors any itching or burning is not good especially if it's been there for a week
I would get to a doctor soon. It may well be nothing, but lower abdominal pain, vaginal burning and burning after you urinate are also signs of an infection. Yeast infections do not cause lower abdominal pain. Pelvic inflammatory disease does, though, so you should get it checked out stat! It could also be something as harmless as a UTI. But you should go soon.
Doctor: I was a virgin when I got married a year ago. But my husband & I have never had satisfying sex. At the begining I could not get aroused at all. Then we discovered that after he stimulates my clit. I get aroused & have plenty of lubrication (clear, sticky fluid comes out of the vagina). But when he enters my vagina, it starts burning & paining. I bear the pain/burning but after some time I have to ask him to stop. I noticed the burning sensation even when he fingers me.
you know the pulling sensation but today it is raw and even when my underwear touch it, it is burning pain. I felt like I was going to pass out when I pee.
Other than this low estrogen can cause vaginal burning and if there is a cyst in ovary there can be abdominal pain as well. To reduce the burning, give her plenty of fluids and some light pain medication after consulting with her doctor. Hope this helps you find some solutions for your daughter. Take care!
On a recent visit to my doctor, I had my first vaginal exam. I was supposed to get a pap smear and a culture, but when she began to do the culture, I experienced a burning sensation so intense that she could not continue to the pap smear. Is this burning normal or is it a sign of something wrong?
This is not a question but hopefully assistance to those who have reported issues with vaginal burning and small tearing on the outside of the vagina. I suffered from this for 2 years until after several gyn visits went to my regular doctor who gave me an oral anti-fungal pill to take for 14 days and it CLEARED it up completely!! I have been pain free for 2 months now- pls go see your gyn or your regular doctor and get an perscription.
hi evryone my gf has started having a burning feeling in the vagina during and after sex in the last 2 wks we have been having sex for months now with no pain b4 and she is on the pill and really worried as never had this pain b4 be are both first time partners can anyone help
What causes severe burning from sperm during intercourse. It doesn't burn any other time., This was a problem both before and after hyterectomy. My doctor thought at first it was because of dryness. I sometimes wondered if I was alergic to his sperm.
Is it normal to feel vaginal burning (and vaginal pressure) with IC?? Sometimes it feels like somethings falling out of my vagina (i have no uterus). I am on Elmiron, but have several flareups this week, and the only relief is the red AZO tablets.
Secondly, It can be due to STD’s like Chlamydia or thrush(red,sore,itchy vagina along with pain during sex and slight increase in the vaginal discharge may be present), Gonorrhea(Itchy, red, or swollen vagina and Pain during intercourse, urinating or abdominal pain may be present),Trichomoniasis(red, very itchy vagina along with greenish, frothy discharge is present) or yeast infection. Diagnosis can be confirmed by pelvic examination, swabs of the discharge and their culture sensitivity.
1. vaginal/vulval burning with vaginal discharge contact 2. It usually lasts all month but generally worsens right before my period. My period is the only time when I have few/no symptoms. 3. Normally, I had yellowish/whitish mucousy discharge with a slightly fishy smell. Now my discharge is practically nonexistent. It is very very thin with little tiny white clumps in it (not yeast-like clumps…very small). The clumps appear to be large congregates of shed epithelial cells.
For the past few day I have had a horrible itching and burning sensation in my vaginal area. It doesn't itch internally, just externally. It started itching towards the end of my period and I haven't been able to shake it. I was currently put on antibiotics for acne, could that have anything to do with it? I'v been using Vagisil to ease the pain. What should I do?
I've been experiencing extremely painful vaginal burning - it's at the point where I can't walk or close my legs without crying out in pain. I've tried everything and nothing is working! I've never had sex and I never masterbate... HELP!
When I urinate it gives a shooting, terrible, burning pain just in a circular area around where the urine comes out. The burn isn't the only thing, however. At first, I feel like I've beat it.. and it feels like a normal trip to the bathroom. But as soon as I almost finish, it begins to burn again. Not to mention I get strong pressure right below my waist line. I do smoke, Clove cigarettes if that makes a difference. I rarely drink. This problem has only been persistent for two days.
OK please does anyone know about a burning sensation in the vaginal .. I have had this for two months.. went to doc he said I had a natural bacterial infection.. which I had previously been treating as a yeast infection which had orginally started the burning feeling, took the meds then the gel and .. now it just wont go away.. I cant stand the burning... NO funky discharge or anything like that no really bad odor, just the darm burning. Has anyone ever had this and what can I do at home???