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Avatar f tn I am a 49 year old woman and have had a hysterectomies, I still have my ovaries. I have been examined by my gyn and have no stds. Immediately following sex with my husband I experience excruciating pain in my vagina. Coughing, sneezing and laughing makes me feel like my insides are going to fall out of my vagina. I am also swollen and it is painful to walk. I get some relief by taking a hot bath, but i am in major pain for about 24 hours.
Avatar f tn I had a vaginal birth 4 1/2 months ago and a couple days ago my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time after the birth of our daughter and I noticed that on the left side of my vaginal that their was pain during sex it felt like the muscle or something was bulging a bit more.
Avatar n tn Ok so I lost my virginity in the middle of June and I am 16. I have had sex 4 times maybe. A few days ago was the fourth and he asked to try a new condom. They were the Trojan fire and ice ones. Since then I have been tender and it hurts to urinate. The other condoms by trojan haven't given me any problems. The pain and such has gone down but it still kind of hurts. Does anyone know what may have caused it? Should I just wait it out a bit longer or go to the doctor?
Avatar n tn Burning, redness, and swelling of the vagina and the vulva. Pain when urinating. Pain during sex. So I think you can make an appointment with your doctor, maybe there is nothing wrong with your vaginal, you know, our bodies have a natural way of cleansing by itself. good luck to you...
Avatar f tn I just need some clairifacation on weather not I should tell a doctor ? . I've never had vaginal sex or any of the sort ... answer quick?
Avatar f tn I have severe vaginal burning from dryness why don't I hear to much about this it's always about painful sex I am not having sex dr put me on Premarin cream and it's is not helping and the burning is still there and lots of anxiety can anyone help?
Avatar f tn Hi! No, it is not normal to have vaginal pain after sex. If you have this pain then it could be due to rough sex, dry vaginal walls, vaginal infection or tight vagina. There are many problems that cause vaginal dryness such as hypothyroidism, Sjogren’s syndrome, vaginitis or inflammation of vagina, dermatitis of skin around vagina, condom allergy, or allergy to soaps and lotions. You could probably discuss with your partner and increase the foreplay and see if it helps.
Avatar f tn I haven't had sex for the last 5 months, so it didn't come from sex. I have seen my GP and she told me that is normal for diabetic patients and women at my age, due to hormone change. Thus she prescribed me antibiotic which didn't help. Can you help please?
Avatar f tn Today i had done sex after sex i felt havy pain in my vagina and swalled then i used lubricant gel but no releif now what shoud i do ?
Avatar n tn com/julies-story and see if anything I've gone thru or am going thru relates to how your pain feels !!! Pee before and after sex, and use lube, and make sure you are relaxed and really in the mood before penetration....,and even examine yourself with a mirror before and after sex to see if there are red spots, and touch your vulva to see what specific spots hurt, and notice them in the mirror. If you are both comfortable with it, have your partner help!
Avatar n tn The pain sounds like a rash from constant thrusting. Do you get wet enough? If not you should consider using water based lubricants. But as for the bump.... that doesn't sound good... you should make an app at a clinic.
Avatar n tn Hello, so my boyfriend and i have been having great sex for almost 6 months now and we do practice pretty regularly but within the past month i have been experiencing pain during sex. and the pain doesnt go away until about 3 days after we had sex. i looked down there and it seems to just be like a rash, its red around the opening of my vagina and it hurts to put a tampon in.
Avatar n tn I dont feel that pain anymore just this vaginal pain. It hurts reallllly bad. I dont have any health insurance and I do plan on getting some. I cant even go to the bathroom right now it hurts so bad. When I cough I get a shrap shooting pain up through my vagina. Please anybody help.
Avatar m tn Hi, My wife experience deep vaginal pain during sex for 6 month now. The pain is locate deep and its not each time we have sex but often. She describe the pain like a muscle pain deep in is vagina during penetration, not an irriation. We use lube, so its not a case of irritation. She dont have abdominal pain or pain while urinating... only the pain from penetration. She gave birth last year (november 2010).
Avatar f tn It happened a few months ago and I had a pap and everything turned out fine, but I am still having a lot of pain whenever I have sex. I get UTI's quite often, but the doctor always says to take the anti biotics and I will start feeling better. I wanted to know if I could have a rip or tear inside my vagina and thats what is causing such pain whenever I have sex.
Avatar f tn I have a sharp pain about two inches up from the vaginal opening on the left side of the vaginal wall. The pain isn't consistent. I first noticed it during sex when my boyfriend's penis rubbed against the left side. It was excruciating. We have had sex without pain since then, but if he touches this area, it is painful. I also noticed that when my muscles contract during orgasm this area hurts. I haven't experienced this before and I am just wondering if it is serious or an innocuous issue.
Avatar n tn Recently when I have sex with my boyfriend I have been in a lot of pain, particularly when he is going in and after my vagina burns. I am wondering if the problem is serious and what I can do about it. Is it possible that this may be and std?
Avatar m tn For the past two years or so, sex has been very painful. It started with discomfort, and slowly grew to basically feels like my husband is trying to make love to me with a knife. The pain is right at the entrance as soon as he penetrates....afterward the area is very sore and irritated and when I use the bathroom the urine burns the area (it only hurts when I pee right after sex, no other time).