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Avatar f tn I stopped taking on Monday, today is Wednesday and I am going crazy, but I will try my hardest to break this habit. Hope it does not torment me too long. Hope you were able to get off it, and if so, how long did it take you before you were free? I believe since I have been on it for so long, the torture will be longer.
Avatar n tn It doesn't stop me from swelling and breaking out, but it does keep me from scratching my face long enough so that it gives it time to heal so it doesn't get worse. Xyzal does help me with my other allergy symptoms, though... such as itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. That's my experience with xyzal.
Avatar m tn Work with good doctors and they will eventually get you back to good health. It may take a long time (3+ years for me), but it is possible. Also, pulmonary function tests can be a little miss leading. The numbers are based on 'norms'. You may not be close to the norms even healthy. I have the opposite problem. My normal is far above the norm so doctors think I am ok when I am 30% below what is healthy for me. Basically, an FEV 1 of 70 for you may be perfectly healthy.
Avatar n tn I've suggested that he try doing a split does twice a day, but I don't think it's going tobe effective enough for him since the 10mg are working great for the 12hrs they work. Does anyone know what the Max recommened dosage is for Zyrtec. Everywhere I find info it says that 5 or 10 are the recommended starting dosages, and in reading the overdose info with mice and rats they suggest that max recommended is something like 150mg/day for a 210# (95kg) person, but that's awefully high.
Avatar n tn Every now and then my face would start to itch, but although it was itchy, it was also painful to scratch. I don't really know what to do now. My next dose is suppose to be in January, but now I'm even more afraid of what will happen and I will not be receiving the drug again. Can we really trust what our doctors say???
1388214 tn?1301334816 i can't concentrate for long periods of time, my jerks make it difficult to write and i'm starting to struggle with my language which really puts me at a disadvantage during tests and the dean refuses to give me extra time because i don't have a diagnosis which, according to her, means that i'm not sick.
717272 tn?1277594380 instead of Cindy Crawford. How long does it last? Disappear immediately after finishing TX or do I get to enjoy it a little while?
531835 tn?1215618637 com/ Try asking at the pet stores around you (the one I work at does carry it but it sits on a bottom shelf below the shampoo so not very many people know about it). I would also make sure you ask someone that has been there for a while. They do have research from third party that the solution actually denatures the protein of the cat dander.
Avatar n tn If you rub your hand over it, does it fade, or does it stay bright red reguardless? Please if you have any questions let me know. Look up the e-medicine articles off google on Churg-Strauss and see if you think the symptoms fit your son?
Avatar f tn Oh I should also mention that it also takes about 1-2 months for some long term asthma medication to take full effect so don't take it for 2 weeks and say it isn't working, give it a chance! So I take Singulair for asthma and then claritin (as needed) and a daily steroidal nasal spray for my allergies. I would highly recommend seeing a specialist though.
Avatar m tn It felt like I had a knot in my chest that wouldnt let me take a full breath . Sometimes I had to bend down to take a full breath it was hoorrible I spent 2 years gointo different doctors . Taking all kind of meds from like Nexium ,Zyrtec medicataion for astma . Finnaly one doctor gave me samples of Prilosec and all these symptoms disappered in 3 hours I keept taking prilosec for 2 weeks and I dont have the symptoms to these days (its been 8 Years ) - See more at: http://www.*************.
874521 tn?1424120397 I think the meds have something to do with Abby's appetite. How great is that to wake up to him purring in your ear!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Delayed reactions usually are not as life threatening as immediate ones and the onset is greater than 6 hrs from ingestion and can take up to days to occur so figuring out what the trigger is can be very hard to pinpoint. Is it true you can have a false negative RAST test but never a false positive ? If you are + RAST IgE then your allergies are most likely more serious than if they are skin tested + w/o + blood. In other words severe intolrance vs. true allergy.
Avatar f tn That helps and speaking to others who children have Graves helps. It helps me to know that there are other people out there going thru the same thing with their child. I worry about the long term also. Especailly her being a female and later in life, I assume, wanting to have children. Could she pass this onto her child? She will go thru many hormonal changes in life how will this affet her? Is she considered to have Graves for the rest of her life? I could think about this all day.
Avatar n tn But I also have PVCs and my heart pounds a lot (can feel it in my head, back, etc). I'm wondering whether Nasonex is safe to take long term if I have these heart issues. Doctor just shrugged his shoulders when I asked. Anyone know?
1001981 tn?1293982081 I recommend that you really try the pred. I know it can upset your stomach, but it really does work to reduce inflamation of the eustacian tubes. Do you take it with food? Talke to your doctor about taking part of a day's dosage and different times of the day, not all in the morning. Don't take any at bedtime. Can he give you a shot of it instead of oral or a shot and reduce the oral dosage? Afrin in three day cycles can be beneficial.
Avatar n tn Are they going to do immunotherapy for all of these things, and if so--how many shots does that mean I will get? I seriously am fine with 32 shots twice a week if that's what it takes. I'll do anything. But it's really about the money. And will this work?
Avatar n tn It doesn't matter what temperature the water is, or how long I am exposed to it for, for the hives to occur. The thing I find strange is that it only affects my torso, and never my legs, face, or lower arms. I was only 2 or 3 years ago when i researched "water allergy" on the internet that I came to know what the condition was called. Everything I read about Aquagenic Urticaria that described the symptons, exactly matched what I have experienced for the last 23 years...
Avatar n tn Boy this sounds familiar. I had developed several favorite itching places during tx and after tx they continued to itch even more, and additional spots. (and I know EXACTLY what you mean by the southern areas and they have driven me nuts too post tx)These new areas, just like you said, Deb were under the skin - not on them like the others. One of the worst areas was on both hips. Nothing helped these itches - no salves or cremes or lotions or suppositories.
Avatar m tn I developed high blood pressure the last 3 months of tx and now im currently taking the same drug you were plus diuretic to keep it down.. did tx cause your blood pressure to go up? im glad that you dont have to take meds for it now....I also seem to be having more allergies, like right now I live in texas and the pollen is making me sick were as before tx it didnt ......
Avatar m tn but my allergy test did come back positive for high allergies to trees and grass. you said your test was completely negative..hmm.. it can't hurt to take a Zyrtec or Allegra daily, see if that helps. Don't take sinus meds because that can make you more groggy and anxious. Do the Neti Pot daily and flush your nose. Try holistic meds, you can find them at Whole Foods (they are little white pellets.) Curious to know how you're doing??
Avatar m tn - Does it typically take 3 weeks to react to a med like Norvasc? If you are allergic, why no reaction immediately? - Is Diltiazem as affective as Norvasc? I see less info on the net for this med than Norvasc. - How long might it take for this rash/hive condition to pass? - Have you ever seen a patient that is allergic to all c-channel blockers?
Avatar n tn I found out that if I start taking levo, I will have to take it for the rest of my life, I'm 26 yo!If I begin taking levo, my thyroid will stop working and eventually be unable to function at all.Neither the dr nor the Rx papers mention this!Any advice or insight would be GREATLY appreciated.
Avatar f tn new that would happen since i already itched alot anyhow. This is enough to drive me nuts. I know not to pick but it is so hard not to. The ice i do sometimes, atarax, hydrocotosone creams, aveeno bath. not much helps. These bumps are hideous and I'll scar again. It *****. yeah my hemoglobin and hematocrit is low but no other labs were gone over. I have my four wk appt in a wk I think. I have these stupid surge of emotinons (twice) when I cried for no apparent reason.
Avatar f tn Avoid smoking, join a smoking cessation clinic to help you quit. Talk to your doctor about it. If the rash still does not resolve, talk to your doctor about a course of steroids and see if that helps. Do keep us posted and let us know how you are doing. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Boy I remember being SURE I couldn't ever, ever do it or get used to it. Now I could do it in my sleep.
1278060 tn?1271112513 It is very difficult for me to be around people indoors, due to reactions to perfumes. It is embarrasing when the person tells me they don't have perfume on. Thus it could be in the lotion they have on. Does anybody have this problem? What do you do to keep it under control? I have changed my diet to include more vegetables. Gone to chiropractor, homoeopathic, acupuncturist, MD, Allergist, Pulmonary specialist.
Avatar n tn People have been very nice, and have made allowances for my being sick, and I now have a few days to rest. But I'm wondering how long it'll take to get back to normal. Next week I start physical therapy for my shoulder, and I'm on pain medication (2 mg. dilaudid 4 times a day), which really isn't much. My primary physician strontly suggested I get off the oxycodone (10 mg.) I was taking at night along with 30 mg. of temazepam to help me sleep.
491754 tn?1209491251 What I have done is to print out your post and I am going to try and go through it paragraph by paragraph and see if I can give you some insight about the things you speak of. It might take me a little time, but wanted to let you know that I am working on it. When I am finished, I will post it here. I didn't want you to think that I was ignoring you...so give me a little time to work on this...okay? Sometimes I can be a little slow. But I want to see if I can help.