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Avatar f tn I noticed for the past year or more that his growth has not been the same as when he was an infant/toddler. A friend had told me that she saw online somewhere that Zyrtec can suppress growth in children. Maybe when used for a long time? Does anyone know about this? Is this true? Or is this a possibility that Zyrtec taken for allergy could suppress growth in children?
460830 tn?1347219306 ), but I never have had any problem with taking a normal dose of Zyrtec...if I go ahead and take a Zyrtec, and it turns out that I did already take one, would it do any harm?
Avatar n tn I believe that my child has a behavorial issue. She has emotional outbursts and loses her temper really easy. If she gets upset, there is nothing we can do to snap her out of it. Sometimes I do something to distract her and she forgets that she was mad. She says mean things to her sister and grandmother. If she gets in the "zone" nothing I tell her phases her. She will not follow directions and does not care if she gets spanked.
Avatar m tn I took my dosage and quit hookah. 3 days after the steroids had ended I woke up in the middle of the night with the left side of my tongue swollen. I went to the emergency room and they put me back on steroids and benadryl again. 3 days after my steroid dosage had ended my hand and foot only on the left side started swelling to the point I couldn't walk. Got put back on steroids and zyrtec and some antacids.
850029 tn?1238857820 Have you switched to a different antihistamine? I thought about doubling my dosage but that will cost me $60 a month on top of the nasal sprays etc. My doctor put me on it last year when I started breaking out in hives all over. I realized I had the fragrance allergy. I can control the fragrance part of it but had chronic sinus infections due to my other allergies after I took myself off it.
Avatar f tn // Flonase is a bit different. I assume you were also buying that over the counter? This too is generally regarded as safe but is recommended to only be used 2 months out of the year unless your doctor has said otherwise. It's a nasal steroid. These have been associated with usually insignificant slowing of growth.
Avatar f tn How far along are you?
2169449 tn?1358489923 Benadryl is safe, but just a normal dosage and it's better to wait until after your first trimester to take meds...
689528 tn?1364135841 THANK YOU!!! Yes this is sooo helpful! I will def have to go out and get this Zyrtec or claratin. I didn't know you could give them these things, all I knew is that benadryl was safe and I gave him the children's kind so it wouldn't have alcohol in it. Pills are a pain but I'd rather give him pills now then deal with this itching. I feel so bad for him and I have a 10 month old who crawls all over and is covered in hair that's been shed.
Avatar n tn The reason is that in a small amount of cases it has caused swelling of the brain. If you look at the label on cough syrup for children, even those typically recommend for age 6 and up (at least the brands I have seen.) When my 2 1/2 year old has a cold with a cough I give him milk slightly warmed with honey in it. I have also given him a teaspoon of honey on it's own. It works extremely well.
Avatar m tn Have you tried claritin? I started using that to combat my allergies with perfume, but found that zyrtec worked better. I'm not sure about other allergy meds though, have you tried nasal sprays? Benadryl knocks me out in seconds so I understand not wanting to take it all the time- have you tried using the tablets and cutting them in half? I found a 1/4 of the adult dosage works well enough on reactions my Zyrtec isn't good enough for without causing excessive drowsiness.
Avatar f tn Benadryl for sure and claratin I think
Avatar f tn i went through a lot similar before having my surgery this past June. The doctor prescribef me zyrtec which really did help me alot...
454366 tn?1211245301 Please read the info on on Bi-Polar disorder in children. The info is kinda scary; but I think you might help with finding other avenues to take. Peace be with you and keep the faith. Our kids are our future. Let's not just dope them up because we are told to. Let's not dope ourselves up either.
Avatar n tn can zoloft cause or aggravate rage in young children? Will Tenex and or Zoloft aggravate psychotic features?
Avatar f tn he has an allergy related skin condition (Urticaria Pigmentosa), seasonal allergies, and food allergies (tree nuts only). He takes the adult dosage of Zyrtec daily and uses Flonase to keep some of the allergies under control. Because of all of these allergies, I assumed the tongue issue would also be allergy related (the allergy specialist disagrees though). We have also tried Benadryl to no avail. He hasn't had a decent night's sleep in weeks.
Avatar n tn has zyrtec been banned,i cant find it anywhere,if it has been banned then wot was the reason?