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Avatar m tn I checked Wikipedia few days ago, and it seems histamine in the body is somewhat related to schizophrenia. I also took Zyrtec-D, which contains Cetirizine from UCB of Switzerland, as a decongestant in the morning, but now stop because of taking Clarinase. I will continue taking Ensure (balanced nutrition powder), Propolis (health food for allergies) and possibly Clarityne (Loratadine), and occasionally antibiotics from the GP doctor. Dr.
Avatar f tn I feel alot of pressure at the top of my nose all of the time and I have never had a throbbing headache for days like I have lately. I have been taking Aleve D Cold and SInus during the day and Tylenol cold and sinus at night and that has been helping the throbbing headache and pressure. I was testing for allergies and I'm not allergic to anything. The allergist diagnosed me with Vasomotor Rhinitis and TMJ. I don't know if anything is going to fix all of the problems going on.
Avatar f tn The zyrtec is a histamine blocker which helps block the antigen/allergen response. Zyrtec is over the counter. Benadryl is really not waranted because benadryl has a shorter half life. Unless you have health conditions that don't allow you to take Zyrtec, try it. Prevention is key. you do not want to let it get to the point of no return.
Avatar n tn then the allergist said his bloodwork for allergies is normal too. she put him on zyrtec and two hydroxine at night so the kid can maybe get some sleep.. Now were going on 5 weeks he has missed 3 weeks of school and there's still no relief for this poor kid in site. we've tried oatmeal baths, lotion, bactine which has lidocane and still nothing. Can someone give us some suggestions. It's 2007 I can't believe all this modern technology and no one can help itching.
Avatar n tn But once or twice a month, I sneeze uncontrollably, hundreds of times, all day long, and nothing, not Allegra-D, not Claritin, not Benadryl, will stop it. And the weird thing is, this sneezing is NOT accompanied by the usual itching. When I have a "sneezing day," I am nonfunctional. All events are canceled. It is absolutely exhausting. I sometimes wonder if it has anything to do with weather or barometric changes; it seems like it rains or there's a temp.
Avatar n tn It can be caused my excessive sweating, or an irritation to a chemical or substance (I worked in a salon and would also get them after long exposure to new shampoo, etc.) Talk with your doctor, and read the wikipedia article. And if you're wondering how other people's look, check out these images: http://dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/img/pompholyx/index.html I'm not recommending you do this - but I sometimes pierce mine and the heal without too much more itching.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Elidel, which does help after a day or two of use with the swelling and redness Applying a THICK coat of aquaphor at night helps with the drying that comes after the original onset and helps with the wrinkles and or chaffing from itching and heating of the skin from a warm towel This time my itching starting on a Sunday night and I was a full blown mess by Monday - Tuesday. I started Benadryl and then Zyrtec Sunday night as well as the Elidel.
Avatar n tn My wrists and palms have been itching for about a week and I found this site, then started searching around. One person on here said they had Hodgkin's Disease, which I looked up on Wikipedia, which said it can cause skin itching due to 'Eosinophil' blood cells, so I looked THAT up and it said these cells can also be present when fighting a viral infection and are also associated with the mentstrual cycle too, as well as mammary development!
Avatar n tn However I did try the anti-histamine (claritin -D) and has given me some relief since my last post. If your itching is as horrible as mine then try the anti-histamine for temporary relief before you shower....I think that most of you should try it to see if this will help you not fear the after effects of a shower. Now, I am in the process of researching natural anti-histamines like "Lacitrex" and "Quercitin" .
Avatar n tn I still have a little carotid artery pain, but it is very difficult to say if it is the muscles around it because of previous neck problems. I used Zyrtec and Motrin for the past 2 weeks. It had to be something I picked up from the fastfood court at the PX in Ft. Benning, GA. Now, I'm afraid to get any fastfood.
Avatar n tn So I back tracked, and the only thing new was overdosing on vitamins. Bought a ton of Vit A, Vit B's (all of them), Vit C, Vit D, Mg, MSM, Gluc Chondroitin, everything. Found out that my diet was sufficient, and I was getting well over the RDA values for all Vitamins and Minerals. Stopped taking the vitamins. They are unnecessary, since I get enough from my diet alone. (go to Fitday.
Avatar m tn For relief from the crawling try an antihistime, something like Zyrtec. It gave me great relief. Still on the trail of the cure for this thing, next is to sprinkle borax on the carpets and leave for a week & repeat. Someone had success with this so it is worth a try.
Avatar f tn but I know something is seriously wrong. Since my surgery, like you, Im on clarinex-D 24 hour dosage, with lunesta for sleep and celebrex for pain. Pre-surgery I was on nothing and worked out pretty regularly, sometimes 2x a day, weights and cardio split. Now, I ache and hobble around.... I think instead of going into a long winded story of what I think is going on with me, I'm just going to start telling people I have heavy metal poisoning.