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Avatar n tn Claritin is a category B. In response to another comment however, Category A is the safest with B usually being safe as well. Category C or below is generally considered risky and you should discuss with your physician wether the benefit outweighs the risks.
Avatar n tn It last for two days. Howver, it does make you feel sleepy little bit. Go for Zyrtec.
Avatar n tn I also tried the Zyrtec - seemed to last about 12hrs as well. One did not seem any better than the other. Its like the Claritin going to Clarinex. If it is a PRESSURE issue, antihistamines may not help at all. You need to lessen the pressure. Is it an ELASTIC issue? I also have MANY environment issues - including Latex. If it is an reaction to elastic, it could explain why the Prednisone worked.
Avatar f tn i took it almost every day and felt much better. i figured i would stop and see if my allergies were better. bad idea. after 48 hour without zyrtec i start to itch everywhere. it starts between my fingers and wrists and feet and ankles and ends up everywhere. i take a pill and it goes away. i have tried to stop many times but the itching is just too bad. i have been able to cut my pills in quarters and it will keep the itch away. my friend goes to an allergist and she asked about my symptoms.
Avatar n tn my stomach / whole digestive system had felt better than ever when I was taking them and immediately got worse when I stopped . I have been suffering for years with pain,bloating, diarrhea, constipation and tried everything, had tests for everything else , but never thought I had a true allergy. I have read here that they can get worse over time so I wonder if that's what's happening. I plan to see my Dr in April and see what tests he can do and who he recommends me to see next.
Avatar n tn He told me to go there and tell them how serious in need of help I was. I was in need of help. I had thought that death might be better than living with this. I drove to the office of Dr. McClelland. After filling out papers and waiting for my other doctor to release my insurance information, the secretary told me that the doctor is ready to see me. He looked in my ears and said there was no visible damage. He gave me a hearing test. I had passed the hearing test.
Avatar n tn Hi my son is 5 years old and he has a blocked nose it just comes and goes he couldnt get rid of phlegm i had yried everything nothing is workiing im 36 weeks pregnant and im worried how im gona tak care of us i had been to doctor tried nasal spray , chicken stock garlic water honey lemon green yea etc but he is not getting better now he is also tired of (blowing , cleaning his nose ) does any idea how i can help him to get better and breath properly or any best home remedy :(
Avatar m tn In the past I have taken Zyrtec, Claritin, and Xyzal....Zyrtec seems to work best for me. You can get both Zyrtec and Claritin over the counter, and both come in a generic form (I take the generic form of Zyrtec). This helped my allergies tremendously, I would recommend taking one daily while your symptoms are in full-force, and then backing off to just whenever it's needed when your symptoms settle down.
1373852 tn?1307846648 Hello, I would recommend Zyrtec over Claritin. It works better for most of the people I know. In addition to the suggestions Dr. Kaur made, you may also consider showering before going to bed so that you are not sleeping with the pollen you collected in your hair all night (and it doesn't get in your pillow for another night) and keeping all windows and doors closed as much as possible. Let us know how you are doing. God bless.
534800 tn?1217170959 I'd like to know anyone who's had this hideous and annoying condition anywhere on their bodies other than ankles and lower legs - have you had it start on your ankles and then over the years progress to other parts of your body? Any remedy to reduce redness besides not exercising or walking outside? I moved from the dry climate of the Southwest and Southern Cal to hot and humid New England four years ago - nevr, ever had this until the first summer I arrived and then BAM!
Avatar f tn My doctor has gave me the okay on zyrtec, benedryl, and claritin. Claritin doesn't work for me so I take a zyrtec EVERYDAY morning, than about 6 at night when it start wearing off I have to take a benedryl. Hope this helps. & hope you feel better.
Avatar f tn Zyrtec is the safest and one of the most effective allergy meds - deals with more allergens than claritin I use the zyrtec eye drops (i've only had itchy eyes lately) and Sinus Rinse - clears and prevents congestion. It took me a long time to get over the idea of squirting water up my nose, but it is totally worth it.
Avatar f tn Check with the doctor but he will more than likely firmly recommend Claritin and warn against Benadryl. keep us posted.
Avatar m tn The so called second generation anti-histamines (Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin) are better at not causing drowsiness, as they do not cross into the central nervous system as easily as the first generation anti-histamines (Benadryl). If your allergies are bad year round, talk to your doctor and ask if Singulair (Montelukast) can be added to your drug regimen. The two drugs tend to work great when taken in combination at night.
10014539 tn?1472252690 Thank you guys so much! I'll have to get me some.
Avatar f tn If Zyrtec only helped a little, you may want to try a different allergy medicine such as Claritin. Some work better than others with certain people. Good luck!
503607 tn?1275675179 Can anyone recommend an allergy med that works well and would not interfere with arryhthmias or pvc's? Claritin seems to not effect my heart but does nothing for my allergies, Zyrtec seemed to have caused svt's Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn It does sound like allergies to me. Try an antihistamine such as Zyrtec, Claritin, Allegra, or Chlor-Trimeton. You can try Benedryl but it tends to cause drowsiness more than the others I mentioned.
Avatar f tn I'm using zyrtec right now while I wait for the insurance stuff to process. I'm also on a new birth control pill - hoping this one works better than the last one - seasonique. I just started that on Sunday so I've only been on it for three days. I also take a thyroid medication called levothyroxin. I was on 75 mcg of it, but they just increased me to 88 mcg and I think I started that about a week or week and a half ago. I am not sure when this extreme tiredness began.
Avatar n tn Sometimes double conventional doses of these non-sedating antihistamines such as Cetirizine(zyrtec), Loratadine(Claritin) and Fexofenadine may be needed to get symptom relief.Apply mild corticosteroid cream like dermacort on the rash.It should help. If the symptoms still persist then pls contact your doctor as oral steroids may be needed.If you have any respiratory difficulty,palpitation or wheezing along with,then pls contact ER immediately.It could be anaphylaxis.
Avatar n tn i think ill give zyrtec a try...
Avatar f tn Did your doctor put you on Zyrtec or did you buy the Zyrtec yourself ? I can't remember if Zyrtec is an over the counter drug. Was it your doctor who told you to stop taking the Zyrtec for 7 days so you can get the allergy test? You need to know what your allergic triggers are and the only way you can find out is to have an allergy test. One of these allergy triggers is causing your asthma and it is very important to know which allergy trigger(s) this is.
Avatar n tn I can always count on the next morning feeling 100% better. What could I do to relieve my symptoms sooner, rather than sleeping and wasting a whole day? Thanks guys!!
Avatar f tn knows we are trying and prescribed Rhinocort nasal spray. Said it's safe to use during pregnancy. I've also tried Zyrtec, Allegra, Nasonex, Claritin, Flonase...the list goes on and on... and I like Rhinocort the best of any of these. I personally hate nasal sprays as I would much rather take a pill, but it works much better than anything I've tried so far. Hope that helps!!
Avatar n tn Hello, Rah that comes and goes can be due to hives or urticaria which can be precipitated by allergens. She can take oral antihistaminic like Claritin or Zyrtec instead of Benadryl if it is causing drowsiness. She should also get tests done for allergies like skin tests and blood tests to rule out any allergies. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn ) ) I would suggest that you try Zyrtec instead of the claritin. It is a stronger medicine. My allergist says that claritin might as well be a water pill for all it does for you. It also doesn't have the drowzy side effects you mentioned with the other. Even the generic is more expensive than the others though. I would also recommend sinus rinses if you aren't doing them already.
Avatar f tn Another one that is similar to claritin is aerius, you could try that.
Avatar f tn Well I hope you get better soon, and as much as Im sure you dont want to, if you do not get better soon, I would suggest you visit your doctor again, or at least call him/her and tell them that you are not any better. Good luck.