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Avatar f tn I take 100 mg generic zoloft 1x daily. I have noticed weight gain ever since my dosage was increased from 50 mg to 100 mg. Is this normal? Is there something I can do to make it stop? I eat well and exercise, but I'm not seeing any results even with increased awareness of what I eat and longer exercise bouts. I also have a history of thyroid disorders in my family so I'm thinking that might be the problem as well. Please help!
Avatar n tn After avoiding zoloft, I was walking 9 miles a day, but, w/o any weight loss.... In the end, Zoloft reduced depression/anxiety, weight gain started to create anxiety issues. In the long term, zoloft seemed to be quite ineffective.
Avatar m tn I am hesitant to try it because I am afraid of more weight gain. Is there anyone out there who had a lot of weight gain with Zoloft but then switched to Effexor and had success at weight loss? I currently exercise regularly and watch what I eat. Thank you for your answers in advance.
Avatar n tn research will say Lexapro will not cause weight gain and only 10% noted weight gain. BUT, they are wrong. Look how many of us are writting in. It's really sad. I have another friend who is losing her mind over the weight gain and it's further depressed her. I took myself off the Lexapro a week ago. I am having some withdrawl symptoms but I just think about the weight gain and I am happy to go thru this period of withdrawl. I am 5 foot 6 and weighed 116 for years.
Avatar n tn I have just switched from Zoloft to Wellbutrin because of the weight gain I experienced on the Zoloft. I have been on Wellbutrin for about 1 1/2 months but haven't noticed any weightloss (or weight gain). How long was it before you saw any changes?
Avatar n tn we all are having the same problems and the catch 22 of weight gain which leads to depession which leads to weight gain etcl Any experts out there with a natural solution to losing weight with no pills. I would love to hear from someone!!
Avatar n tn What a whammy! A miscarriage, and then you GAIN weight? Doesn't it seen like it should go the other way? Well I am very reassured to read these postings. My miscarriage happened January 11, and since then I've picked up a good 7 lbs (only gained 2 in pregnancy). I've always had a "healthy appetite" but have been able to get away with it by running 12+ miles a week. If I gained a pound, I ran a little extra and off it came. Not the case any more!
Avatar f tn I did not gain weight on lithium but I sure have on Mirtazapine (Remeron). Weight gain is not a certainty on lithium nor on any drug but the majority of AD, AP, MS and a pile of other drugs used in mental illness treatment have Weight Gain as a possible side effect.
Avatar n tn i also am thinking of getting off welbutrin. i know that it is every other day to get off the med but how long to you go every other an also when do you start every 3rd day. how long does it actually take to eventually dose down to nothing.
Avatar n tn so i took my last dose of depo in march i wonder will i gain any weight back because i look like a child.
Avatar f tn help I have ganied 30 kilos/66 pounds post trx? I did my last meds on 29th July 2005 & my 12mth PCR was clear, prior to trx I was always underweight & now I am 22 - 30 pounds overweight. I work out daily, I eat low carb/low fat, and not matter what I do I am just piling it on. I have just come off zoloft & given up smoking 3 mths ago. But the weight gain started as soon as I finished trx & has been slow & steady for 2 years.
Avatar n tn I've had the weight gain. When I started Zoloft in December of 2003, I was around 205. I immediately dropped about 10 pounds. But, then it slowly started creaping back, even after switching to Lexapro. I've had moderate success with losing a few pounds; however, I'm ravenous for food a lot of the time and have uncontrollable cravings. Not cravings for sex, mind you, just cravings for food. My poor husband! Long story short: I've started decreasing my dose. I was doing 10mg.
Avatar n tn These are not all that difficult to diagnose, but may not be on the mind of an internist who may just think women gain weight from emotional stuff (ie, eating to calm feelings a la Oprah). Another thing to check is medication side effects. I'm not certain about weight gain, but a pregnant looking belly can be from uterine fibroids. A big belly from fluid trapped like in one post is often from liver problem and can be very serious.
1337456 tn?1278437461 More common * Decreased sexual desire or ability * failure to discharge semen (in men) Less common or rare * Aggressive reaction * breast tenderness or enlargement * fast talking and excited feelings or actions that are out of control * fast, pounding, irregular, or slow heartbeat * fever * inability to sit still * increase in body movements * loss of bladder control * low blood sodium (confusion, convulsions [seizures], drowsiness, dryness of the
299260 tn?1304219705 I started doing Zumba class on Monday trying to keep my weight under control, last time I was with Lupron I gain 10lbs in one month, I am having lots of fun with the Zumba class, I mess up the routine, and try to do it my style, which I really don't have, sooo I guess I must look very funny trying to follow all the moves, LOL ;o)....and I am still hoping the time goes by fast and June is here really soon! Happy Wednesday ALL!
Avatar n tn Not my first choice as I'm overweight and was hoping to have my system free of all meds to kick up my weight loss efforts. Zoloft is supposed to be one of those meds to not cause weight gain and I'm not blaming it for mine but just think it's stalling my metabolism and/or thwarting my weight loss efforts. No matter how much I exercise, what type, etc. I couldn't make a dent. The eye doctor asked me, "well do you want to be fat and sane or thin and crazy?
Avatar n tn Sounds like it could be hypothyroid based on some of your symptoms: Lack of sex drive weight gain dry, itchy skin fatigue and also the mood behavior. I would check with a Dr. that you are comfortable with.
Avatar n tn I will take it if it will help, as for the weight gain i'm worried, any suggestions on how to keep the weight gain to a min? Or is it just the medacine going to add the weight no matter what?
918275 tn?1254072352 Geodon is now approved for Bipolar, and is what I take. It's nuetral for weight gain. Zoloft can have weight loss as a side effect, and Topomax has weight loss as a side effect. All three of these meds combined and I lost weight without even trying. Of course when I lost my insurance and wasn't able to take them any more I gained it all back in record time. 20 pounds in a month. Of course Iwas very depressed and eating really badly, as well as being sedentary.
489656 tn?1250003583 Thank goodness I wasnt and all was well. Just need to up my water intake and gain weight. I have not gained anything. (well i gained 2 lbs but lost it) I have no appetite. Anyways, I have horrible anxiety and panic disorder and he wanted me to try and control it with veryy limited zanax use vs. a long term ssri. I dont want to have to take zanax 3x a week, or at all. But I had to when it got bad. So we are trying me on zoloft. Its like 50mg. A low dose.
Avatar f tn I first went on the shot in Fall 2005 when I was told by my doctor that Depo was my only birth control option aside from condoms because I have a history of aura migraines (I later read that people with migraines should not be on depo). I was in the best shape of my life at the time. After about a year I gained 10 ponds. I had talked with my doctor about the shot possibly having an effect on my weight since I had not changed my diet and exercise routines and had unexplained weight gain.
489656 tn?1250003583 Thank goodness I wasnt and all was well. Just need to up my water intake and gain weight. I have not gained anything. (well i gained 2 lbs but lost it) I have no appetite. Anyways, I have horrible anxiety and panic disorder and he wanted me to try and control it with veryy limited zanax use vs. a long term ssri. I dont want to have to take zanax 3x a week, or at all. But I had to when it got bad. So we are trying me on zoloft. Its like 50mg. A low dose.
Avatar n tn I LOVE Zoloft, but can't stand the side effect of absolutely no sex drive. I am starting to feel really guility. Also, anyone gain weight on Zoloft? HELP...
Avatar f tn Effexor is an antidepressant that works slightly different than the others that you have tried. It also does not have a side effect of weight gain, it can actually cause weight loss in some people. You should talk to your doctor about a trial of this medication after tapering off of your Celexa. Effexor does also does not interact with any your current medications.
454677 tn?1206691163 I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid within the last year, my grandma on my fathers side had it as well. I take 50mcg Synthroid. I was having the symptoms for about a year before anyone figured out why I was gaining so much weight quickly and felt so bad all the time.. I have gained a total of 80lbs and still going steady unfortunately...and I don't eat bad at all. I'm now up to 205lbs vs the 125lbs I was in April of 2007.
125112 tn?1217277462 Not all people are suited for their job, I don't think. As for weight gain and fatigue...what I have found with most people complaining of this, don't think (or know for that matter)of thyroid. I've blamed this, mostly myself for the way I had felt in the past. Having worked towards self improvement, can't say that I have improved to where I should be. In '05, I had high cholesterol (what!?) and during the summer, was hiking all up and down the mountains and didn't lose an ounce.
Avatar n tn I heard it is horrible with weight gain. Is Paxil CR as bad with weight gain as regular Paxil? Also which SSRI's will make me gain the least amount of weight. I know each person is different, but I just mean genarally.
Avatar n tn It has been about three weeks and the rash has decreased a lot. I would like to know more about weight gain being on Zoloft and what happens to the gain after the drug is entirely out of your system.