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Avatar n tn After avoiding zoloft, I was walking 9 miles a day, but, w/o any weight loss.... In the end, Zoloft reduced depression/anxiety, weight gain started to create anxiety issues. In the long term, zoloft seemed to be quite ineffective.
Avatar m tn I have taken both but effexor was harder to taper off of. I know they cause a slight weight gain, if you are exercising and watching calories that isn't a problem. I too struggle with all this but I am just too hyper and the brain moves too fast if I am not taking one.
Avatar n tn First I took Lexapro then Cymbalta and now Zoloft. My doctor keeps changing my meds because of the weight gain and every change only makes it worse. This latest change has caused me to gain about a pound a day. Since Thursday I have gained three more pounds and have been eating next to nothing. I finally convinced my doctor that I am not pigging out all day and she ha ordered a thyroid test. I'm so scared that I'm going to die from this, it's uncontrollable.
Avatar n tn I got off it because I was uncomfortable with the weight gain/tiredness. I started taking Wellbutrin about a month ago and have been more anxious than without drugs plus I am agitated and bouncing off the walls. I also awoke with depression on several days and am typically not a depressed person. I have been on Wellbutrin in the past and it has never helped with anxiety by itself. The combination of Lexipro and Wellbutrin has worked for me in the past.
Avatar n tn Somehow tonight (that's why I was searching out lexapro and weight gain)I just mentioned the lexapro to my trainer. They advised that they have several clients on lexapro that are having the same trouble with weight gain. They seem to think that it may have something to do limiting the control we have over our intake. I just know I've been spinning in circles.
Avatar f tn I googled last night and read that Paxil is one that doesn't (usually) accelerate tremors but I read weight gain is ridiculous on it. I also read the Prozac is good too but I think Prozac is activating. I need sedating. I am glad you said that about Cymbalta. I need one that will not make my tremors worse. kickbutt, My doctor wanted to orginally prescribe Lexapro but coming to find out my insurance doesn't cover it. I don't understand why because I have decent insurance.
Avatar f tn As to adding the wellbutrin, this is usually done when there is weight gain or sexual dysfunction, because wellbutrin is a stimulating antidepressant -- not usually for primary anxiety. But again, it's all trial and error. Some have tried to make it more scientific -- some believe eeg studies can tell which drugs will work and which won't and some think brain scans can tell something, but the evidence is weak.
Avatar n tn I gained 40 pounds while taking Zoloft and yet I can't cope without some sort of medication nor can I cope with this weight gain. I have always prided myself in looking nice. I have just switched to Wellbutrin XL because I heard it doesn't cause that weight gain that Zoloft does... Can someone pleae tell me if they have gone through this and what I should expect?
Avatar n tn I have tried Lexapro, Zoloft, Abilify, Risperdal (which I was allergic too) and a whole sleu of other anti-depressants. I finally ended up on Effexor XR. In the beginning it seemed that all is well. After almost 3 years fo taking Effexor Xr I've been getting nothing but worsening sypmtoms. Anxiety, DEPRESSION 10 fold. My social life if gone, due to my fear of people. I had a Dr. appt. yesterday and asked to be switched backto Zoloft.
Avatar n tn if I can be switched to Wellbutrin, what do you all think about that change? I have no serious side effects other than the weight gain on Lexapro, however, the weight gain is making me feel worse than I did when I started the medication.
Avatar n tn I have just switched from Zoloft to Wellbutrin because of the weight gain I experienced on the Zoloft. I have been on Wellbutrin for about 1 1/2 months but haven't noticed any weightloss (or weight gain). How long was it before you saw any changes?
Avatar f tn My old psysician did tell me about the weight gain with paxil so I could not do it, I tried but my anxiety was so high about the weight gain.. Its your choice and you really don't know which was is going to be the best for you but my advice would be to listen to your doctor. If that doesn't work then you can always try something else. I am in the process to switching to Lexapro and I am discouraged because i'm also very tired, your body doesn't get used to it?
Avatar n tn Some insight would be nice. I had some experiences (not pleasant) with Zoloft myself... Both Zoloft and Lexapro are the milder forms of the SSRI's. Yet nevertheless, it is finding the right med. that will work for you. I myself just can't take SSRI's (I think I am sensitive to the serotonin in the med.) and get head-zings and wackiness, as I call it (there is no proper term to describe it, unfortunately).
Avatar f tn I had a great experience with Zoloft about 2 years ago but back then I didn't know about the side effects so I didn't look for them at all. I gained alot of weight with the Zoloft so of course I don't want to gain anymore but supposedly this is good for that as well. I'm about 95% sure I will start tonight so in keeping with a positive attitude, I will post in a few weeks to let everyone of my "great experience with minimal side effects if any"!!! Best of luck to everyone.
Avatar f tn org is a good site where you can type in medications and it will tell you the number of people who had each side effect. For instance, doctors will tell you Zoloft does not make you gain weight, yet 10% of people do, and it is the highest side effect reported! So do your research, and good luck. Don't believe doctors completely.
489656 tn?1250003583 Thank goodness I wasnt and all was well. Just need to up my water intake and gain weight. I have not gained anything. (well i gained 2 lbs but lost it) I have no appetite. Anyways, I have horrible anxiety and panic disorder and he wanted me to try and control it with veryy limited zanax use vs. a long term ssri. I dont want to have to take zanax 3x a week, or at all. But I had to when it got bad. So we are trying me on zoloft. Its like 50mg. A low dose.
Avatar m tn Was of SSRI for 3 years and was put back on the Paxil for social phobia, no panic disorder this time, and had gain 60 pounds in less than 3 months, when my PDoc saw this, he ask me to stop the Paxil and give to me some sample box of the newer Celexa at the time (1999) and I start it at 20 mg, increase at 40 mg after 1month and it was doing nothing at all for my anxiety and the social phobia, also, I had gain another 20 pounds in 2 months on the Celexa and my PDoc was a lot worried about my we
Avatar n tn Hi Ryan, I have a degenerating spinal injury, I have many disc prolapses and I also have grandmal epilepsy. I was bruitally attacked and my spine was damaged in the 3 different sections of the spine. I got grave's disease when I gave birth to my son and live on a concoction of meds.
Avatar f tn They seem to have bad and maybe worse side effects, weight gain, akathisia, thyroid issues, liver damage, etc. I'm more comfortable with SSRI's because of the less scary side effects. I am lucky to be taking Latuda (way expensive though), because it doesn't cause weight gain and has a lot less side effects. It did cause me to have akathisia at the 60 mg dose. Akathisia ***** more than anxiety and and more than any side effects I experienced on SSRIs.
Avatar n tn When my Psychatrist decided to try me on Topamax it was because of my anieity over my weight gain with the standard mood stabilizers. Within these past two years I have lost 38 pounds taking this medicine. I will say that I have done low- carb about 8 of those months but ashamed to say no exercise.I have suffered with migrane headaches for about 10 years - they are gone . I think i have had one mild one .
Avatar n tn ) I went off Paxil due to frustration over 1) somnolence (sleeping good part of weekend days away), 2) asthenia (the 5 mile run I'd done for years became a difficult chore), 3) lessened motivation (one of the good parts of anxiety, I guess), 4) sexual dysfunction and 5) weight gain (5 side-effects in one patient--not bad, eh?) Withdrawl symptoms were unpleasant but not near as crippling as I've read about (mostly brain zaps).
Avatar m tn 25 pounds is alot for someone who was trying to lose weight before I started Lexapro. Anyway, I tried to go off Lexapro by myself with terrible results. I then called my obgyn to tell me how to successfully get off this stuff. He said to take a pill every other day for 2 weeks. I did that and now I'm a week without the drug at all. I am pretty miserable still. Maybe a little better, but my head feels like it's not all working together like it did.
Avatar m tn I heard Zoloft is the most prescribed SSRI, and a recent study of all 12 major anti-depressants concluded that Zoloft was most effective. Does Zoloft cause weight gain? I already take Wellbutrin because a) it has helped me quit smoking cigarettes, and b) helps control my appetite, and c) there aren't sexual side-effects.
881463 tn?1245349249 for example paroxetine causes sedation and weight gain, and prozac causes activation and a bit of weight loss. Citalopram is weight and sleep neutral in most people. All SSRIs and SNRIs have sexual side effects, EXCEPT perhaps Pristiq, a new SNRI that has very low incidence of sexual side effects in the one or two trials that have been done with the medication.
Avatar f tn They seem to have bad and maybe worse side effects, weight gain, akathisia, thyroid issues, liver damage, etc. I'm more comfortable with SSRI's because of the less scary side effects. I am lucky to be taking Latuda (way expensive though), because it doesn't cause weight gain and has a lot less side effects. It did cause me to have akathisia at the 60 mg dose. Akathisia ***** more than anxiety and and more than any side effects I experienced on SSRIs.
415867 tn?1323369103 Newer antidepressants don’t have the same side effect. While Paxil and Zoloft do cause some weight gain, other SSRIs, like Prozac, Celexa and Lexapro, don’t. For Paxil and Zoloft, the weight gain can add up to five to 40 pounds a year. Some people do experience weight gain with Lexapro or Celexa, but most don’t. In this case, it is not a surprise to have idiosyncratic responses, since the chemical structure of all the SSRIs is so similar.