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1173196 tn?1292920090 I asked all 3 of my midwives, and they each told me that there was no danger in continueing zoloft for the entire pregnancy and even while breastfeeding. I've already cut my dose by half anyway. Is anyone else on zoloft or has anyone taken during their pregnancy?
Avatar n tn Ceezo, I have been on Zoloft for the last 10 years. I stopped taking it when I started trying ttc due to the advice of my Dr. What I read from Zoloft's website is that they don't exactly advise taking it while pregnant, but that they also don't have any evidence that it causes harm to your baby. Plus, you are on a very low dosage. I was totally worried that I would freak out when I went off Zoloft. I am prone to anxiety attacks too.
Avatar f tn I took Zoloft throughout my entire pregnancy. My dosage was 75mg. Zoloft is the most widely used medication of this type used in pregnancy and breastfeeding. I am not going to tell you to start up without talking to a Dr, but I am telling you is that most Dr's agree that it is safe for use in pregnancy. Good luck!!!
Avatar n tn What is safe for taking while breastfeeding that also has the least withdrawal symptoms when going off when medication is no longer needed?
202436 tn?1326477933 I won't go into detail about why I'm asking, if you would like to know you can read my journal entry. I'm just wondering if anyone has taken Zoloft while pregnant. If so, what was your doseage, did you take it the entire pregnancy or just part and did your baby having any affects from it? What did your doctor say could be possible effects on the baby from it?
Avatar n tn i am so glad i found this posing. i did a good long tapering at my doctors suggestion from 200>150>100>50>25>0 and couldn't understand what was happening to me after a few days of discontinuing. i am angry (well, that's a general state of being at the moment..) that my psychiatrist who insisted on multiple expensive visits "for my medical well being" while on zoloft did not even mention the possibility of this horrible withdrawal.
Avatar n tn but I am still wondering about the proper dosage. So why the ones that know about this dont post here their experiences. Is it a good dosage for a weight loss program?? 'The usual protocol is to inject 1500-3000 I.U. every 4th or 5th day, for a duration usually no longer than 2 or 3 weeks. If used for too long or at too high a dose, the drug may actually function to desensitize the Leydig's cells to luteinizing hormone, further hindering a return to homeostasis.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone is currently PG or breastfeeding and taking either Zoloft or Paxil CR. I am 31 weeks PG and have always suffered from pretty severe anxiety and OCD. I stopped taking Paxil CR prior to PG b/c I was worried about the effects and all of the research/ info seems so inconclusive. At any rate I have suffered with it through most of the PG but have been able to manage.
455051 tn?1255830118 and my ob/gyn's nurse said that they called me in xanax and zoloft. They said that zoloft takes about 2 weeks to get into the system, that while I am taking the zoloft to take (1/2) a 1mg xanax for 2 weeks. I just think that that will effect the baby. This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard for me.
Avatar f tn I was on celexa for about 11 years and I went back into my depression and anxiety filled days. I saw the psychiatrist and she prescribed me zoloft. I started gradually increasing my dosage of zoloft until I reached 100 mgs about 2 weeks ago. It has been a TERRIBLE month and I do not see any improvement, if not a worsened symptoms. Could this be that zoloft is not as helping me? When I wake up in the morning my life is literally a living hell! What is the cause of this suffering?
Avatar n tn I'm sick and tired of detachment, lethargy, anxiety, and hoping that things will get better. I was on Zoloft for a while a few years ago and it was great but seemed to lose its effect after a year or so. I have tried taking it again since then, but have not been consistent with it, and I also think my dosage is too low. (50mg.) I still think it's a viable option for me at a higher dose, and plan to check with my doctor about it. I've heard good things about it from others, also.
11356079 tn?1421361418 If you have taken them both you know yourself they are actually very different. While breastfeeding the info is the same but valium taken while breastfeeding made my baby sleep deeply and have episodes of apnea which is definitely not safe but xanax never seemed to bother her. I save all unused medicine in my medicine cabinet just incase I need it.
Avatar f tn I have been on and off of multiple medications for the last 4 or so years, but the moment I even had an inkling that I may be pregnant, I stopped taking everything except for my Zoloft which I quickly weaned myself off of. This all happened near 8 weeks into my pregnancy. I am now at 15 and going to high risk in two weeks (sigh). Yesterday, I met with a nurse at my OBGYN who told me to absolutely avoid taking any and all of my anti-anxieties, and to get back on Zoloft.
Avatar n tn One human study found that a ginkgo extract significantly prolonged bleeding time when given along with cilostazol (Pletal), a commonly used medication that inhibits platelet aggregation. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using ginkgo preparations. In addition, ginkgo use should be discontinued at least 36 hours prior to surgery due to the risk of bleeding complications. Do not ingest Ginkgo biloba fruit or seed.
Avatar n tn I think with all those drugs effect everybody different. I was on Zoloft for a while. I stopped taking it, because it made me feel drained. The doc. keeps trying to put me on something, but I'm gonna wait.
3060903 tn?1398568723 These anxiety drugs are excreted in breast milk, so they should be avoided while breastfeeding, too. People with a history of substance abuse. Anyone with a current or former problem with alcohol or drugs should avoid anti-anxiety drugs or use them only with extreme caution. The greatest benefit of benzodiazepines is that they work quickly, but this also makes them addictive. This can quickly lead to their abuse, often in dangerous combination with alcohol or other illicit drugs.
129291 tn?1205780063 Time sure flies. Gavin will be 8 months next week. I quit BF a month ago. They just up my dosage on Zoloft. I have had a very hard time. I think my parents have decided to go home late this year, early next year.
Avatar n tn My doctor says it's not worth the risk and I should seriously consider weaning off it for a while. I'm with him 100%!!! My husband agrees. My advice to pregnant women on meds. is discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor carefully and thouroughly and take the advice given by the expert. A little concerned with withdrawl but am closely supervised by my GP so confident I'll get there. Happy pregnancy!!!
Avatar n tn Certainly not with all of these mental health problems. A year and a half ago, I started psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. First, Zoloft. Once my dosage was up to 200mg. per day (the adult dosage my doctor says), my anxiety decreased to a much tolerable level. But I was lethargic and void of ambition or motivation. Enter Wellbutrin. I'm taking 300mg. (200 in the morning and 100 at lunch, also the adult dosage.
Avatar n tn Anyway you are over with Effexor XR. Effexor is an SNRI while Lexapro is SSRI. But they are more or less the same with regards to classification, efficacy and side effects. Lexapro claims to be an improved formula of Celexa, which is another SSRI. The pharmaceutical companies that launches these products tends to include an exhaustive list of possible side effects from the established papers to safeguard themselves from possible litigation.
304970 tn?1331429594 I have a sis-in-law who is bipolar and takes a sleu of medication and she is not allowed to become pregnant. While bipolar is obviously a more severe case than just regular depression I still think any drug you'd take either 1). hasn't been tested on pregnant women or 2). is harmful. So sorry! Are you doing okay?
Avatar n tn the first time i tried effexor it was because my zoloft had stopped working after yrs. i lost all my zoloft weight. 25 poinds! it was a miracle. after about four yrs. the effexor stopped working so i tried other anti depressants with no luck. my md put me back on effexor and now i am a fat slob who can't afford to buy any more jeans! i went from a size two to a 7/8 in 5 months. why now? he said it can go either way. i am miserable about my stomach.
Avatar n tn putting the particles into suspension is sufficient to insure random dispersal for long enough to adjust your dosage. While the mixer is still ON, take the dropper and remove a small amount of the water. Use the small lab cylinder to measure this amount to 1 ml. Discard this amount and drink the water that remains in the mixer. Then add a little more water from a cup and hit spin again to get all the residue out of the mixer and drink that.
Avatar n tn All those things you're experiencing when trying to get off, I experienced while trying to get on. I have a somewhat mild seasonal depression. I never had an outright panic attack until my second day on paxil. The funny thing was, the doctors acted as if it had nothing to do with the drug. I was unable to function for about 10 days. Just sat in bed and lost about 20 lbs. Either someone is being misinformed or there are just some very ignorant doctors our there. Be careful who you choose.
Avatar f tn The last time I decided to go off my zyprexa some of my reasoning was the weight I had the worst manic episode,I ended up in jail for kicking a police offecer in the doogies and I had to ask myself while I was sitting in that jail cell Do I want to be skinny and be over the top bi polar or be stable,noram, and carry some weight. Unforunatly most mood stabilzers can cuase weight gain but diet and exercise can take care of that. Now since you on depakote,be sure to have your thryoid tested.
Avatar n tn I'm hoping and praying it's just anxiousness. I didn't go back on Zoloft after DS was born b/c of breastfeeding, and unfortunately I would like to have another baby soon so I don't want to go on Zoloft. On the other hand, I don't know how much longer I can take this anxiety! Well, anyway, just another fellow sufferer saying hello. Much peace to all of you.
Avatar n tn Can anyone give me an idea of how long it usually takes for your metabolism to recalibrate after stopping Effexor and/or Lexapro? I've gained significant weight while on these drugs (despite an intense exercise program and careful diet). My nutritionist and MD told me that the drugs likely altered my metabolism, but no one can tell me how long it will take to correct that. Most frustrating, I've noticed that since I stopped taking both, my weight gain has accelerated.
Avatar n tn The benzos definitely help with the withdrawls too, unfortunately I was and am unable to take any while pregnant or breastfeeding and I'm not going to give up the breastfeeding. If you can get your hands on any valium or clonidine (?) I would recommend tapering as much as you can and using the benzos to help you. JMO!
Avatar n tn I would describe my dizziness NOT as vertigo but as an imbalance while walking (accompanied by a heavy/drowsy head). Sometimes it feels like the ground is not solid. Those of you who have experienced the type of dizziness I've described, was it all day/everyday or just when you panic ? Does it ever seem to go away or subside ? Also, is there anyone out there who had this symptom then had it disappear after their anxiety was under control or their stress relieved ?