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Avatar n tn Is it safe to take 4 (250mg) pills of Zithromax in a single dose to cure Chlamydia? How about 2 (500mg) pills in a single dose? Is that considered overdosing? How long does it take to be fully cured after taking the necessary antibiotics? Thank you!
Avatar n tn Hello..I was wondering will Azithromycin 2gram single dose cure syphilis,gonorrhea,and or chlamidia? i have been having this pain in my neck so bad and headache,nad thrush in my mouth for 6 months,i dont know if i have one of the above,but i was tested negative for HIV at 5 months so i guess that id good but i,m going to ask my doctor for Azithromycin 2gram as i hear syphilis can cause server stiff neck and headache,and i was never tested for the other 2..will it cure all 3 things?..
Avatar f tn at this point I wouldn't worry any further about the dose you were given ( 1gm is the dose but just as a single treatment isn't recommended ). Instead, if symptoms continue/return, be seen and get basic urine testing done for a proper diagnosis. It's far more likely to be prostatitis or ngu than gonorrhea or chlamydia anyways and one dose of azithromax isn't very effective for either of those.
Avatar m tn HI, I would like to know please if like a day or two following 1,5g single dose of zithromax can someone develop an itchy skin rash for 6 days with red spots on the torso and few pimples on the arms and legs, nothing on the face or neck.
Avatar m tn You are correct that STD specialists generally don't recommend blind treatment of this sort. However, a single dose of azithromycin (Zithromax) is not likely to be harmful. It effectively treats or prevents syphilis and chlamydia, and probably gonorrhea -- 1 gram is on the low side for reliable activity against gonorrhea, but is still at least 90% effective. My only other advice is that you keep those condoms happy for the next time! I hope those comments are helpful.
Avatar n tn Hey doc, I was wondering if 500 mg of zithromax in one single dose is enough to treat chlamydia.
Avatar n tn Can I take four 250mg Zithromax at one time as a single dose instead of the single dose 1g?
Avatar n tn Will taking 2G of zithromax in a single oral dose cure gonorrhea AND chlamydia? Is taking 2G at risk for side effects? If so, what kinds?
1394684 tn?1280256585 She gave me zithromax(azithromycin) to take,two red pills I took in one single dose,After I lefted the office I experienced the worst diarrhea of my life hours later.Is zithroma 100% effective?Is my chlamydia gone?
5268376 tn?1406183312 My doctor Prescribed Zithromax i time dose at 2 500mg pills for an infection, and I have history of benign pvc's and pac's , while taking it i felt horrible . I felt worse than i have ever felt in life. It gave me unclear thoughts, I couldn't drive due to a foggy mind, it made my heart race and skip , i actually had to go to the ER because i thought I would die. Now it is 2 and a half weeks later and i am still nauseated and have the confusion on and off also my PVC's are worse than ever .
Avatar n tn I too wonder this same question. I took z-pack based on a possible exposure, 1.5 grams, single dose to be exact.... and after about 2-3 weeks symptoms that resemble prostatitis are emerging. I am abstaining in sex, except for one protected sex episode, I intend on resolving this before I have sex again. There is a lot of info that states zithro is the magic bullet. I hope someone responds.
Avatar m tn So , is taking 2g or 4 pcs of 500mg Zithromax in a single oral dose safe? Could it be taken 2 pcs. 500mg capsules first then like an hour later with 2 pcs. 500mg capsules of Zithromax later?
Avatar n tn He gave me the single dose of Zithromax 2 X 500mg tabs, which I took last night as my GP suspected Chlamydia. He did culture tests for UTI, Gonnorhea and also one to confirm Chlamydia. But, as of today it seemed that my urination and the burning sensation had slightly increased. How long does the Zithromax take to work and how long till the symptoms subside? Do the two pills just work away at it for week? Is it normal to have a slight peak of symptoms when taking the Zithromax?
Avatar n tn It is compressed into a tablet for a reason and if they wished to hand out powders the pharma's would do so. One dose of 500mg (whole tablet) of Zithromax will not clear up chlamydia.
Avatar m tn They also took tests for chlamydia and syphilis (not related to the burning, but their general policy), which still haven't been come back yet. They went ahead and gave me single-dose blasts of metronidazole (aka flagyl) for the possibility of trichomoniasis, and azithromycin for the possibility of chlamydia. Everything I've been advised and read says those should have cleared up the symptoms with 7 days. But it's now been 9 days, and the burning persists. What could this mean?
Avatar m tn For a recent burning sensation in the urethra no discharge, a single 2gm dose is Zithromax is taken. The burning sensation still exist after 1 day of taking the dose. After how long this burning sensation usually disappears following a single 2gm dose of Zithromax? Should ibuprofen be considered as well? Should any other medication be considered?
Avatar n tn He also prescribed zithromax (1g, single dose) and a 10 day course of doxycycline just in case. After reading a lot, I understand that, based on the epidemiology of these STDs, including HIV, and the various studies out there that I'm extremely low risk (or even no risk, because of condom). I'm still freaking out, however. I imagine this has something to do with feelings of regret, guilt, etc. I've been constantly checking my genitals and probably am too focused on that area.
Avatar f tn (1) how long does it take for zithromax to be effective (i.e., when can i have sex)? i took a single 1000mg dose. I still have symptoms 24 hrs after taking it. (2) how effective is zithromax? (3) how likely is it that i passed it on to my partner in one unprotected encounter (sexual intercourse, not brief)? our relationship is new and fragile, and an std could end it.
Avatar n tn Will taking 2G of zithromax in a single oral dose cure Primary Syphilis:?
Avatar f tn Zithro single 1g dose is more than enough. You can take doxy 200mg for 7 days too seperatly or at the same time. Either one is supposed to work.
Avatar m tn I took 500 mg of Zithromax for 2 days for Chlamydia infection, But I just found out (after second day) that the dosage is 1g single dose. Should I continue 500 mg for a the third and last day or change it to 1g for that day.
Avatar n tn I have been treated for chlamydia at my health clinic with a 1gram single dose of zithromax but 5 days later i am still seeing some discharge though very slight and feeling some pain after I urinate.
Avatar m tn I took a single dose zithromax to treat chlamydia 3 days ago and was wondering how long i would have to wait before i could get re-tested for chlamydia? could it be as soon as 7 days after taking the antibiotics?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with chlamydia last Friday and recieved a single dose of zithromax and took it the same day, my doctor said I should retest is 3 months for it but I wanna get retested as soon as possible to make sure it's cleared up I know I read after you take meds it clears up in around 2 weeks, so I was wondering when's the soonest I can retest after I've taken my meds?