Yellow discharge with stool

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Avatar f tn For 6 months now my throat has been yellow, with very red, inflammation on either side of my uvula. My larynx is strained, and I can't rid myself of a white coating on my tongue, no matter how often I clean it. I also have asymmetrical lesions inside my cheek which were successfully treated on a temporary basis by an oral suspension, but soon reappeared. The conditions are growing worse and are very very worrisome. I would very much appreciate any help.
Avatar m tn I am having a lot of bowel movements per day (once every hour or two at least) for about 3 days that consist mainly of a dark yellow liquid and very little stool. I am currently on no medications. I also had a fever of 102.9 yesterday and extreme bodily pains, but both of those have gone away, but was thinking that the two symptoms could be related. Does anybody know what may help with the stool problem or at least what it may be?
Avatar n tn // But you're talking only about discharge, only mucus, not actually orange stool?
Avatar n tn also said my symptoms are not caused by hemorroids - but after examining me, cannot find a cause (said he expected to find a fistula). So now I'm stuck with the hemorrhoids AND the discharge, and still am clueless as to a cause. If anyone has any insight (or same experience), please let me know.
Avatar n tn Three months ago I began to notice a small amount of clear sticky discharge from my penis. I only notice the discharge in certain circumstances. When I wake up in the morning with an erection, the erection subsides; I have my morning urination and a couple of minutes after I notice the discharge. During or after (up to an hour) a bowel movement. This is less frequent but yields the most discharge. After an erection has subsided without ejaculation. After ejaculation.
Avatar f tn Just yesterday I had a green discharge and loose stool and loose anus from gay sex, and my partner did cum inside of me. Just an hour later from sex I had light greenish yellow discharge and stomach hurt had it for until today. My stool now is harder and my poop is darker brown and less green. I only had it for that day and some of today and never b4. I read online that std symptoms usually take 2 to 3 days to weeks in advance.
Avatar n tn i was just wandering if your mucus was yellow in color sence i had my gallbladder out ive had a stool that is pure water with this yellowish mucus that i thought was just bile from my liver.
Avatar m tn I am wondering how to tell if you have an abnormal penile discharge (such as one from chlamydia or gonorrhea) or if it is just urine??? I smelled my underwear after I noticed this discharge, and it smells fishy. But this could just be smegma...
Avatar n tn I also have type 2 diabetes treated with metformin, diet, and exercise. In May of 2004 I started to notice an unusual discharge with my stool. I've noticed a pale yellow cylindrical object about one to one and a half inches long, the girth like that of an average woman's middle finger. The outside is tough and resist pressure, but the inside is bright white and very soft. There's usually more than one of these foreign bodies, and they typically are not imbedded in fecal matter.
Avatar f tn the only problem i have is before my periods like 2 weeks before there is a funny smell which goes on getting worse and when my period date is near there is a white discharge with itchiness. i got examined by my gyne and she said there is nothing so serious and gave me medicine. for few days there wasn't any itchiness but after that when discharge occurs itching is there. but after my periods there is no smell or itching. can you help me out by giving some advise?
Avatar n tn Just so I'm clear... if it was a std, the discharge would be yellow and not at all like semen? I keep thinking I'm having sensitivity at the tip, but it's probably mental. Would the burning be very intense? Woudl the medications I received handle ngu? does ngu act like the other two major bacterial stds - pus, etc.? Thank you again.
Avatar n tn I have been for STD checks and all clear so far.
Avatar n tn But when *** dries its white my secrections are ranging from light brown with a slight yellowish tint to dark brown with a heavy yellow tint. It Burns when I use he bathroom and when I touch it Idk what it is and how serious it is. I'm scared to ask for advice from friends and don't want to ask my mom what's wrong ( she's a nurse and pharmacologist). What to do and any home remedies?
Avatar n tn if you wipe with tissue, you can see some yellow liquid discharge on the tissue. Stool has been loose/no form etc. went to doctor, did blood and stool test...all normal...please help!
Avatar m tn A clear, sometimes tinted yellow liquid discharge. I constantly feel like I have to go the bathroom, but most of the time it's just a teaspoon at most of this liquid that comes out. There have been a few days of stool... usually very little and then one day with a large amount and actually somewhat firm for the first time in months. (I started probiotics and fiber supplements which I assume assisted in that). On Monday I called the gastro office and told them about it.
Avatar f tn Okay, sorry for bumping this up, but I'm reading more on oily farts/ stool and everywhere says pancreatitis or a tumor. I HAVE to know if I'm in desperate need of medical attention. I did call the doctor and said I had orange in stool, and she said it was probably the peach tea I was drinking, but I had forgotten to mention it was oily and came out with gas. I remember this happened before, and I was told fat malabsorption, but it went away after a few days.
Avatar n tn Well that's what I hope-related to some kind of yeast thing, and not HPV-which would mean I have to wait until it runs it's course with me. My doctor actually told me to stick with the gold bond if it works, but that's treating the symptoms...sigh. I just had a run of anti biotics after a surgery, wouldn't that take care of any kind of BI/yeast/uti??
1428921 tn?1317723216 I think it must have been a yeast infection, itchiness and irritation with white discharge (yoghurt consistence) and later on bloated stomach, stomach ache and hunger pains at night and after meals. I remember my whole stomach felt a bit strange when I bent forward. It felt like muscle weakness and heavy kind of feeling.
Avatar n tn He asks to go back to bed during the day and will sleep for about 30 minutes. We took him to the doctor yesteday and submitted a stool sample along with nose and throat cultures. Strep came back negative as we suspected. His Doctor said it most likely is a virus that will have to run it's course. He ordered the stool sample after we told him that we were in Minnesota for the weekend prior and that he swallowed some lake water. He did that on Sunday and was sick Thursday evening.
Avatar f tn I'm working on it.) My symptoms are extremely severe. I have constant yellow discharge and probably thirty ulcers everywhere. My vagina is swollen nearly three times its size to where I can hardly walk, sit, anything and its started to make my rectum raw. I haven't urinated today because the pain is so extreme it's like my body won't allow me to urinate. I've been drinking water and I know I have to pee but I cannot bring myself to do so. My question is, what can help the pain when I urinate?
Avatar n tn A few very small bumps on head of penis but no discharge. They seem to occasionally fade but don't go away. Facial red raised rash with yellow heads that disappear in 2-3 days after appearing. Facial Milia Very small bluish lesion on face. Stinging Sensation: Random/Entire Body-Increases when lower dose of Vitamin C or Lysine. Lips: very small, almost subdermal yellow-head type pimples.
Avatar m tn this happened for like two days. it stopped but now my stool is covered with mucus and the rectal discharge increased. i also feel the mucus in my throat. sorry i wrote too much. does anybody know what i might have?
Avatar n tn The sinuses keep get better, but I still have this discharge. Occasionally I'll get a stool... usually it's very little, and when it is there it's loose. There was one diveration from the norm the other day and it was a large fairly firm stool. But Except for that one time there's always been this discharge involved. Two nights ago I was up all night, running to the bathroom about once an hour and didn't get to sleep until 6 AM. I called back to the gastro office yesterday.
Avatar m tn I have had for a year now, from time to time, a yellow color in my stool, mostly loose, but not always. These bouts come on and last for a day to a few days, and then I will be fine for up to a month before it happens again. I also have a pilodinal cyst (going on three years) that I have opted to NOT get surgery on for the time being, but my last flare up has lasted much longer than usual, with discharge nearly everyday for a month now.
Avatar f tn Rarely is it accompanied by any stool.
Avatar n tn I was having aa few problems with discharge . ( mostly white with a tint of yellow) and a few cramps along with horrible, horrible constipation. I went to the hospital and found out that I had a BV infection but everything as looking fine. Now my cramping has subsided and things are starting to feel normal. However, every now and then I do tend to get a bit of shotting pain in my upper part of my vaginal region.
Avatar n tn Diarrea was gone after I stopped the ABX but intense redness, itchy and a yellow foul smelling sticky liquid still hanging around. I had a cbc and stool sample sent to lab and it was normal. Actually I couldnt present the lab with stool at the time but I gave them some of the viscous yellow discharge in the cup to test. Anyhow they diagnosed the itch and redness as perianial candida. Ironically my wife got what appeared to be a yeast infection arounf the same time. Sigh....
Avatar m tn When present, signs and symptoms of urethral infection in men include dysuria or a white, yellow, or green urethral discharge that usually appears one to fourteen days after infection 5. In cases where urethral infection is complicated by epididymitis, men with gonorrhea may also complain of testicular or scrotal pain. I don't think that is causing the weight loss but stress could be. Some times gonorrhea can get into other areas and cause problems as well. Do you have a fever?