Yellow discharge under foreskin

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Avatar n tn About 6 months ago I went my doctor about a yellow discharge from under my foreskin. He prescribed a cream and explained that it was a problem of not washing the underside of the foreskin. I had problems with mine being taut and hard to pull back. Since then the problem has reoccured twice but has gone away after a day or two. My doc didnt reccommend an STD test. the problem has occured again today and i am concerned that it could be an infected or possible std... any advice?
Avatar n tn i had protected sex with this girl about 2 months ago, now i have a yellow discharge coming from under my foreskin and it smells unpleasant, I havnt been to the doctor about it yet but i will go soon i just want to know could it be a STD? i havnt had sexual contact with anyone else exept for her.
Avatar n tn Hi please help, I have a white/yellow coloured discharge under my foreskin. It smells bad and it appears again the morning after I wash it? It's really stressing me out. I have used Canesten cream for it as recomended by my Doctor but to no avail. I had a test done a few years ago and all was fine and have only been with the same partner for 10 years! Please help. Thanks.
Avatar n tn About 2-3 months ago I noticed that when my penis is flaccid, among the foreskin skin that bunches up when flaccid there is what appears to be a bump about the size of a pen tip, it stands out amongs the surrounding skin which neatly bunches up uniformly. The strange thing about this though is that when erect or when i pull the skin tight it disapears pretty much completely, leaving only some slight redness in the skin where it used to be.
Avatar n tn anyone who has a foul smell (may even be fishy), there is hope. The discharge is typically whiteish grey or maybe even green or yellow. This smelly discharge is cause by BV (bacterial vaginosis) the doc can give you pills but they don't usually seem to work much. the only thing i have tried that worked was a douche. not a regular douche though. It's hydrogen peroxide and water. The infection is caused by an unbalanced pH level in the vagina, and the peroxide will fix that.
Avatar n tn I have a nasty problem which comes and goes, and I think it is a result of my foreskin not retracting whilst my penis is erect. I develop foul smelling yellow discharge from my penis, and often it dries up on my penis just underneath where the foreskin should come down to. It hurts when I pull the foreskin back to clean it, and masturbation is a problem, I have never done it the traditional way, I have to mimick the sex act with my stomach on a bed for me to orgasm.
Avatar m tn When i get an erection my foreskin goes really tight and pulls back. And there are small yellow soft lumps under the foreskin. I rarely masturbate as i cannot ejaculate yet. And i have wet dreams very often. Also sometimes when im getting changed i notice lots of large white semen stains on the inside of my boxers. I'm too scared to tell my parents because I'm nearly 16 and i could never show my penis problem to a doctor so i need some advice from anyone who can think of anything i can do.
Avatar m tn i have a red rash around the head of my penis i have never been circumsized and now theirs this foul smelling odor and yellowish discharge when i pull back the foreskin. it doesnt hurt to urinate.
Avatar n tn my problem is, i have developed a rash under my foreskin that has persisted for more than 4 months. it causes the foreskin to shrink around the head of my penis and a rash appears under the foreskin and on the head of the penis. it itches terribly and when i pull the skin back to clean; the foreskin splits to the point of bleeding. my physician prescribed Diflucan( which worked years ago) but no longer has any effect.
Avatar n tn Hi, i have recently masterbated quite a bit, and one day discovered a dark yellow stain on my underwear, and from further observation, i have found that the stain resulted from a discharge that came from either under my foreskin or possibly the tip of my penis. Also, my foreskin seems to be a little swollen and red. My penis is somewhat more red than usual, and it sometimes iches during the day. If i stop masterbating, the symptoms clear up in less than 5 days.
Avatar n tn Hi, Are there other signs or symptoms present? Do they look like rashes or bumps? Or just yellow discharge? Smegma is a combination of exfoliated epithelial cells, transudated skin oils, and moisture, that can accumulate under the foreskin of males. On the other hand, Hirsuties papillaris genitalis is a clinical skin condition of the male genital organs.
Avatar m tn Also under my foreskin ive noticed when i i wake up theres a white creamy substance under my foreskin. this doesn't hurt or itch at all and goes away when i shower. But after long hours like when i sleep there seems to always be more. There is no yellow discharge or white discharge when i wake up. I haven't had burning when i pee. I totally scared and have no idea what std can cause this. I have never seen any std pictures or anything online that shows what std causes this.
Avatar m tn The discharge i from the urethra, not under your foreskin. I and the burning is only on urination and is located at the tip and extends about 5mm down the urethra. I would also add that there is constant itching, although I don't have any urgency to urinate. I have had my fasting sugar tested recently and it is within normal limits and as far as I am aware I have no allergies other than penicillin.
Avatar n tn i think i have gonorrhea, im not sure. Have yellow discharge coming out of my penis (underneath the foreskin). I have had this for about 2 years now after i had unpretected sex with my girlfriend. I need to know more about gonorrhea. Im to scared to tell anyone about my problem, that's when i thought abot lokking on the internet, and saw this website. i need a second opinion about what to do and who to tell, please someone help me, thank you.
Avatar m tn while i was masterbauting my penis inflamed, did not have any itching, started having a yellow discharge, not from my penile hole but on the lower side of my penis between the head and foreskin and i also seen a small cut under my foreskin on the top part of my head with puss and this happened while i was masterbauting like instantly like scractching a infection on a leg..
Avatar n tn Yesterday when i woke up i had this irritation at the tip of my penis under the foreskin. Its burning very badly since then. i have not been under any kind of drugs nor i had sex or something .. just materbated day before yesrterday. its like red spots looks almost like ulcers and looks as if its bleeding. its unbearable. Plz help This discussion is related to <a href=''>Red Spots on Penis Head</a>.
Avatar m tn while i was masterbauting my penis inflamed, did not have any itching, started having a yellow discharge, not from my penile hole but on the lower side of my penis between the head and foreskin and i also seen a small cut under my foreskin on the top part of my head with puss and this happened while i was masterbauting like instantly like scractching a infection on a leg..
Avatar m tn penis is littpe red and there is always a watery discharge. From past three days my eyes are red with yellow discharge. My doc prescribed me Supradyn, Oflox OZ and Ciplox eye drops but none of these seem to be working.
Avatar n tn there is still some of the yellow (yeast i presume) fluid under the foreskin which i have cleaned. i have had the same partner for a year and a half and have remained faithful so i take it it cant be an STD without contact with anyone else? any help would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn After the encounter I had itch on my penis head and foreskin and I use pure detol to wash it and after washing I think I had some kind of infection on my penis head and foreskin which might be due to the pure detol that burn the skin, yellow greenish discharge from the so call burn area but not the urethra and at the same time the tear in between my balls and anus also have the same discharge, could the menstrual blood have contact the tear, and also 2 month after I had unprotected sex with my
Avatar m tn This continued for a couple of days, and then I also started to notice that in the mornings there was a very small amount of yellow puss like discharge from the penis. I did some research and found that penicillin can cause thrush, so I treated myself for that. However, 2 days passed and things had got progressively worse, so I went to the GUM clinic.
Avatar m tn As I woke up įn the morning there was a notable amount of discharge under my foreskin and some more coming from urethra. Some with blood, mostly clear and some a bit yellowish again. What the!? Also pain from urinating is gone.
Avatar m tn No discharge or anything. Peeing doesn't burn but does feel strange. Yellow pee but can only assume dehydrated as it is summer. Yet to get tested and would still like a comment.
Avatar n tn Event 1(3 days) After 18 days, there’s some foreskin irritation/itching though I had not showered for a few days. Urine appears to be the initial irritant. Whole glans and all underside of foreskin become bright red. Not painful but a little sensitive and itchy. 2nd day symptoms subside. 3rd day a sticky white goo is under the foreskin. No lesions, blisters, broken skin. I had similar symptoms in the past and dismissed it as balanitis. The problem recurs in 6 weeks(same symptoms).
Avatar m tn and it hurts now and then. And my foreskin too had some kind of infection too. I was living under the assumption that i have all stds. Thank you again.
Avatar m tn I've noticed today, in my foreskin area I have a small red irritation (pink discoloration of skin under foreskin) - i'm circumsized. It's not raised, nor blistering, but does hurt. As I've said before the masturbation/oral was aggressive (in fact I masturbated yesterday minus lube and this is usually the area I tend to tech) so this might owe to it. My question is, when herpes (HSV-1) does come, does it present itself first as irritation then move to sores/blisters?
Avatar m tn erection that does not go away (priapism), genital herpes, infected prosthesis of the penis, cancer of the penis, infection under the foreskin of uncircumcised men (balanitis), inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis), injury, Peyronie's disease, pimples, Reiter syndrome, sickle cell anemia, syphilis, and urethritis caused by chlamydia or gonorrhea. It could also be due to frictional injury. The list is exhaustive and naturally you do not suffer from all these problems.
Avatar n tn Most likely the discharge was related to the balanitis (inflammation under the foreskin)--but I cannot tell; your own docs are the ones to ask. It is not normal to be so obsessed about STD as you are--especially if worried about STD before you ever even had sex! Consider professional mental health care. I suggest it out of compassion, not criticism. Follow up with your GUM clinic if you remain concerned. I won't have any additional advice.
Avatar m tn Milky, clear or green/yellow discharge? I haven't heard of it on the hand, but I guess if there is an opening and a sore it is possible.