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Avatar f tn The odor means the infection has not cleared up and you may need a different antibiotic, either pills and/or cream. You may have a propensity to yeast infections and adding cranberry juice or cranberry pills and yogurt to your diet may also help but see the Dr. first to get this cleared up.
Avatar m tn Recurrent urinary tract infections should have alerted your doctors to the possibility of havng diabetes (it's a common symptom of diabetes), especially since they happened after having too much sugar. Recurrent yeast infections (skin, vaginal, urinary) are also common in diabetics. I would get tested for diabetes. Because you may be taking care of the symptoms rather than the problem. Regarding the sugar issue....yeast thrives with moisture and with sugar.
Avatar n tn I had reoccurring yeast infections for 5 years! Went to numerous doctors tried everything you can think of untill a wonderfull Dr. told me to take ACIDOPHILLUS tablets(you can buy them at Wal-Mart)every day. I have not had another Yeast Infection since. Just wanted to share that.
Avatar f tn hello...dosomebody kknow...diferents between-yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis?
Avatar f tn Has anyone had multiple yeast/BV infections? I've had 3 so far and I think I'm having another! I'm going to ob tomorrow and I'm sure I'll get some meds. It's frustrating. Anyone Else?!?! Please help.
1847035 tn?1327278523 Well how exactly does it smell might sound weird but, yeast infections have a yeast/bread smell BV has a fishy smell.
Avatar n tn sounds like you have a yeast infection definitely go to the dr and get examined and they will give you an antibiotic for it but also make sure you consume yougart while on the meds because it will destroy the bad bacteria and the good in your stomach that you need to fight other infections or bad bacteria that can be present when we eat or drink anything now adays. good luck!
Avatar f tn Hi ladies I am excited to say that this is my first pregnancy, I'm 14 weeks and just now discovering smell down there. I took at least two showers a day before the pregnancy, still do, but I seem to get a minor smell. I changed my soap to the regular white dove bar and now waiting to see if this makes a change. My question is... Is this apart of pregnancy or is there any suggestions for the best soap ????
Avatar f tn A major risk factor of bacterial vaginosis is unprotected sex when you have a sensitive vagina, as a penis that has been several places can cause an infection that is not an STD. Yeast infections, for the most part, do not have a fishy odour. The odour means that it is probably a bit more than just yeast.
Avatar n tn Friends and I have not had luck with the one-dose, for whatever reason. That being said, if you get yeast infections often and use Monistat, you might be 'immune' to that option. At that point I'd say go to the dr., get it checked out, and get a Diflucan, which is available only through prescription as you probably know. With Monistat: you put it in at bedtime... there are pre-filled applicators.
Avatar n tn I've been battling Yeast infections for almost a year. I gave up on OTC creams after months of the infections coming back. Within the last few months I've tried every natural cure possible. you name it, yogurt, garlic, vinegar, tea tree oil, expensive products like threelac. I recently ordered candisil, but it doesnt seem to be helping either. In January of this year, I noticed an odor to the discharge.
Avatar f tn Ive been having yeast infections that come and go and I constantly have itchiness and have to use creams and seem my GYn many times and he sjust says its yeast and I am ok. I gave my boyfriend a cream and he went to check his penis and nothing from him. I still feel unconfort once in a blue what should I do? i want to feel not itchy. I dont even smell or have weird discharge and dont feel it everyday and have used pills creams and all of the above cotton underwear. not tight jeans.
Avatar f tn - it seemed I was constantly dealing with yeast infections. I had a very hip Gyno and he finally gave me the best natural cure to yeast infections or strong smells you get in that region - EVER! Simply get PLAIN YOGURT - mix whole container (usually the small Dannon plain yogurt) in about 4 cups of very warm water. Make sure its dissolved as best as you can, will look like milk. Pour into a douche bag, then do your thing. Use all of the mixture.
Avatar f tn i took the pill on monday and its now saturday and i still have white pasty discharge, but it doesnt itch, burn, smell or anything. its just there. im so over these yeast i need to go back to the gyno for the 50th time? i dont wanna go back if there is no need. suggestions?
Avatar f tn Discharge is common but with a smell that's scary .... Next appointment bring it up again to make sure he or she knows you are concerned about the odor of your discharge it could be an std ....
Avatar n tn Sorry, i forgot to add that from what ive read about other's infections, mine is not that bad. it never itches, isnt red or sore, and doesnt smell bad. I just have thick white discharge constantly and it is slightly uncomfortable when I wipe.
Avatar n tn It's embarrassing, it's disgusting, and it takes away one of the few joys I get out of life - sex. I am so tired of yeast infections. If anything makes me want to stop being a woman and turn into a man, it would be a yeast infection. I would even declare that these things have given me depression!! Does anyone have advice for treating these ASAP and, of course, methods for keeping them away?
Avatar f tn Your vagina should have a smell though, and you should become familiar with the normal smell so that you can tell in the future if it changes. Bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections can arise spontaneously, without sexual activity being involved. Did you check for a tampon? I know it's gross, but if that's your problem it should be an easy fix. You can put gloves on if you're really grossed out by the idea. You should see a doctor before resuming sexual activity, just to be safe.
Avatar f tn Also, when you're taking antibiotics you are more susceptible to yeast infections. So why don't you call your doctor (again) and explain all of your symptoms and ask about whether or not you could have a yeast infection. Also, if you've normally had the vaginal creme medicine maybe you can try the oral (or vice versa). Metrogel never seemed to help for me and I think the name of it was Clindamycin that really helped me.
Avatar f tn My 2 basset hounds have constant ear infections. I have spent hundreds of dollars at the vet, and nothing seems to help. they will clear up for a day or two, but them the awful smell comes back, and all of the dark brown smelly stuff too. I am a t my wits end, I must have used every treatment there was out ther. Any suggestions on how to clear these up. I know the dogs are miserable too.
1241045 tn?1268254483 If she is getting yeast between her toes that does sound like she is allergic to something. Maybe first try to just change her dog food and remember to do it by adding the "new" a little at a time to the dog food she is now eating and then do away with it completely and keep her on the new food and see if there is change. You probably know switching dog food in too quickly causes diarhea (sp?) Good luck, MO oops, I just read you already tried switching dog food.
713383 tn?1232487514 It seems that no matter what I do, I cannot clear up his ear infections. I have tried antibiotics, ear drops, everything and they keep coming back. His ears smell terrible, which leads me to believe he is getting chronic yeast infections in his ears. What causes this and is there some alternative, perhaps herbal supplement I can give him since traditional medicine seems to be failing? This has been going on for years now and they just keep coming back.
Avatar n tn I took Anti-Biotic but dindn't help.I don't smell fungus when i go out. when i go meat section in grocery store i smell different not meat smell and i get headach .I don' t know what is the problem. could you give me any solution how to get rid of .
Avatar n tn I continue to have a bad ordor in my nose, like a bread yeast smell, and whenever I get anything caught in my throat, I sneeze. I also have a hard time smelling and tasting food. What could be the problem?
Avatar n tn I have been HSV2 positive for 14 years but a series of other problems began about 2 years ago. First areas on the head of my penis began to turn white, maybe chronic yeast infection? Now after having unprotected sex I have small blister like lesions on the head of my penis that form circles about 1/16 of an inch around. Doctors give me ointments but that keeps coming back. Some say thats herpes but I know my body and breakouts. It's not herpes. Related...unrelated...any ideas?
Avatar f tn you certainly need to be seen sooner rather than later for this. You need properly examined and tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally. also discuss with your provider std testing to see if you need any done.
Avatar f tn If sweat, you can try a panty liner to prevent infections like yeast.