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Avatar f tn I was having some different symptoms, like some burning and itching so I went to get a pap and my PA didn't see anything at that time, I kept getting recurrent yeast infections and finally couldnt take it anymore so I went back to her. She said I did have a horrible yeast infection and BV so she was going to treat me for both, then she asked if I wanted to check for chlamydia and I said, sure why not, thinking there was no way. She called the next day and treated me for that too.
Avatar f tn it you still have itching, you need to go back and be seen again. get properly tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally too while you are there.
Avatar m tn Your itchiness in the genital area is highly likely to be caused by a fungal problem called Thrush. Your groin joint pain and back pain may be due to arthritis or from urinary infections or bowel problems. You can get itchiness and soreness in the groin area in the folds of skin if you are overweight.
147426 tn?1317269232 Sometimes the use of antibiotics is a definite no-no. Fungal Infections - Like yeast infections. This is an area of great disagreement. In general, yeast infections should be treated locally and with probiotics. If they are out on the skin, generally topical treatment is enough. These should not be suspected of causing a relapse. Parasitic infection of the bowel - Many of these cause enormous stimulation of the immune system.
Avatar n tn also, does anyone know if penicillin causes yeast infections?? I thought I read that it did, because it is a yeast itself and disrupts the balance. I'm just finishing up a week's worth of penicillin and have noticed an extreme dryness.
Avatar n tn If you keep getting yeast infections, you probably have a systemic yeast infection. Garden of Life Fungal Defense is the best yeast detox on the market in my opinion. One bottle is a 2 week detox. Just follow the directions and drinks LOTS of water.
Avatar n tn Then, I'd make an appt with a dermatologist as well, because skin issues are their specialty.
Avatar m tn She's had a few boyfriends and has no problems with yeast infections, no std's, no problems at all. I am not diabetic, I might have b12 and a thyroid problem due to signs of them and im waiting to get blood work. I don't know what this is, and what really upsets me is this has ruined my life. I cant go outside without taking cream with me because it helps a tiny bit to relieve the itchy burning feeling. Im irritable and so depressed over it.
Avatar m tn She's had a few boyfriends and has no problems with yeast infections, no std's, no problems at all. I am not diabetic, I might have b12 and a thyroid problem due to signs of them and im waiting to get blood work. I don't know what this is, and what really upsets me is this has ruined my life. I cant go outside without taking cream with me because it helps a tiny bit to relieve the itchy burning feeling. Im irritable and so depressed over it.
Avatar f tn I took 3 day Monistat and the symptoms went from urgency/frequency of urination to just urethral burning. I then became convinced I had an overgrowth of candida in my system (I have had yeast infections countless times since my teens, not to mention BV, my tongue is always white and furry, I cough up small white chunks sometimes and often have a bad taste in my mouth) so I convinced the clinic doc to give me Diflucan. She gave me one pill which helped, but it wasn't enough.
Avatar f tn Upper respiratory 13 Lower respiratory 2 Yeast (oral,vaginal or systemic) 7 Urinary 9 Skin (other than yeast overgrowth) 4 Colds 12 Flus 6 Sore Throats 9 Other infections/viral ilness 4 I continue to experience frequent infections/viral "bugs" despite thyroid treatment 1 There is a paper I found written on this and if I can find it, I'll post it.
Avatar m tn Eczema is also a possibility, but your dermatologist should have been able to easily recognize this. Men can get yeast infections; however, they typically do not cause any symptoms (men just pass it back to their partners). Syphilis is extremely rare in this county (only about 10,000 cases a year), and 2/3 occur in men you have sex with men. Also, you would have to have direct contact with a syphilis sore in order to contract it.
Avatar m tn hope that is okay?) Sorry about the length... this has been an ongoing saga, and it's driving me crazy with worry and depression. I'd love any input on similar experiences to my story, but feel free to skip to my specific questions at the end. About three months ago, I started having unprotected vaginal and oral sex with my girlfriend (she started taking the pill). We'd both tested clean for STDs in the past, though I don't believe herpes was ever included, as seems oddly typical.
Avatar f tn I am a 24 year old girl. I acquired a mild yeast infection in November 2012. I've been sexually inactive since October 2012. The last time I had sex with my boyfriend,we didn't face any problems. Since he was out of town and only returned this week, we had sex 3 days back (3 months after my yeast infection).But It felt as though my Vagina had tightened up, it hurt during sex and once he was inside a certain length it felt as though there was a physical barrier in there (he felt it too).
471161 tn?1317194550 Hi Joni. I had a previous ENT to suggest that I had Candida Albicans (overpopulated yeast), and I too tried the diet, but didn't feel any better. So, since the diet deviated so much from my family's, I finally gave it up. I'm becoming convinced again, however, that I have too much yeast in my body, as I'm ALWAYS fighting off vaginal yeast infections now. I take those "yeast prevention pills" that AZO came out with.
Avatar n tn Try doing some google searches for chronic yeast infections. They used to call them recurrent vulvar vaginal yeast infections or something similar to that. I made sure that the docs I saw knew I was in a living hell and that it was starting to affect the people close to me. No sex + no bike riding = one ugly free spirit. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Some women prefer the vaginal tablets because they are less messy than the creams. The length of treatment of yeast infections can vary from one to seven days. All of these medicines work equally as well for treating vaginal yeast infections. The choice of an over-the-counter product depends on your preference for cream versus tablet, length of treatment (one, three, or seven days), and cost.
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that it IS common for periods to dwindle down to almost nothing when someone has been on the very low dose pills for any length of time. It sounds like this may have happened with you. Yeast infections, although unpleasant, would not affect your period--it is probably the pill. I WOULD recommend doing a pregnancy test though; it is always a good idea to test whenever bleeding in unusual. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Taking antifungal medication to treat yeast infections would not cause bacterial vaginosis. If you suspect that you have a vaginal infection again, make an appointment to see your doctor to get a swab taken to be sent to the laboratory. If may be that the medication you were given to treat the BV either was not the correct medicine or may not have been a long enough course to treat the infection.
Avatar n tn abnormal vaginal discharge is not to be taken lightly, and contrary to popular belief, increased vaginal discharge is not a usual symptom of yeast infections. I cannot judge whether you in fact have yeast, some other vaginal infection (bacterial vaginosis, for example), or--less likely--chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, etc. But herpes is not a likely cause of any of your symptoms.
2127574 tn?1335362817 I've used multiple types of BC pills but they always seem to give me recurrent yeast infections. I stop the pill and the yeast infections stop. When I restart the pills they occur over and over again. So that is why I'm looking in to a non-hormonal contraceptive (and not Mirena). I am very nervous though with my periods already being moderate and having cramping; I'm afraid that the cramping and flow will become almost unbearable.
Avatar n tn See this happens because the anitbiotics kills all the bacteria including the normal Flora that is found in the Vagina, when this happens Yeast infections form causing the Cottage Cheese look. You don't necessarily have to go to the Dr. you can go to your local CVS and purchase Monastat 1, you only have to use it one time and it should clear you and you should be fine..
Avatar f tn If needed a throat culture will show the growth and the antibiotics to which the pathogens are most susceptible to. During culture it would be worthwhile to test for yeast infections also besides bacterial infections. Viral infections are by exclusion and do not need any antibiotic therapy unless there are super added infections. Discuss these options with your doctor when you happen to meet him next time. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I have spent countless hours researching about male yeast infections on the web. I have been reading on symptoms. I don't think I have come across any symptom that suggest what I have described. Well, they describe it as flakey dry skin of the foreskin. Could it mean what I am describing? Thanks once again!
Avatar n tn if they suspect herpes they can do a lesion culture and typing. you also need tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally too. stop back and let us know how it went.
Avatar f tn While many people using this medication do not have serious side effects, prolonged intake may result in oral thrush or a new vaginal yeast infections as well as severe intestinal condition (Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea) due to a type of resistant bacteria. Regular monitoring of kidney and liver enzymes may also be indicated. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn What other sort of work up have you been thru? Have you been tested for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally whenyou've been seen for these bumps? It's really not all herpes down yonder and a negative blood test this far out means it's time to start looking for other causes.
Avatar m tn Hi, recently I had sex with a girl who I know pretty well, and was tested for STD's (not herpes b/c she had no sores) and we used a condom for most of the interaction, except for the first 10 seconds. About mid way through, she complained of soreness and we discovered she had just started her period, and stopped. About 5 days later, i had intense itching in my groin, down my legs, and my buttocks. I began to get worried, and then began to get a soreness at the tip of the penis, with redness.
Avatar n tn is an uncommon word for yeast infections in North America.) If so, you can get high quality evaluation and advice at a NHS genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic.
Avatar n tn A few weeks after I resumed unprotected sex with my girl friend, she got a yeast infection (she hasn't had a yeast infection in years). I googled "yeast infection and HIV" and found sites that state woman with HIV often get yeast infections. The yeast infection quickly cleared up. Then a few days later she developed a stiff and painful neck.