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6575230 tn?1388816480 The thing is that only up until about six months ago, I have only had maybe 3 yeast infections in my entire life (I always got BV instead). Now, not only do things not feel right down there, but my discharge is slightly different too. It's very, very frustrating! My primary OB told me that I may have dyspuraneia (sp) due to the vaginal tear (ulcer). Sex isn't painful, it's the afterwards part that stinks- the swelling, raw feeling and tenderness near the posterior fourchette area.
Avatar m tn Croup, respitory infections, bladder infections. She has had multiple viral infections your only suppose to get one time like hand foot and mouth (3 times) Rosiloa (5 times) she had a hospitilization for a severe case of Cdiff and has had pnemonia twice and staph. She has sever vision issues if her eyes were any worse she would be leagally blind. she wears glasses that help. She does not sleep she complains of leg and feet pain at night and since birth has been a non sleeper.
Avatar f tn When I was pregnant with my daughter I got yeast infections a lot my Dr said just use cream on the outside eat lots of yogurt an wait until after preg to treat it ..yeast will not make a baby go blind an they also treat every vaginally delivered baby with a mild antibiotic ointment in there eyes when born ..good luck an maybe call your Dr for more advice ...
Avatar f tn I just finished my second course of antibiotics on Thursday and have a horrible infections again already. My skin is pasty white, my eyes have huge black circles, so i look a little like Elvira, without the long hair, which is mostly down my shower drain right now. But I don't even care about that stuff. I would just love to get rid of the sinus infections and mouth sores. On Week 5 of victrellis, 31 more weeks to go.
147426 tn?1317269232 Sometimes the use of antibiotics is a definite no-no. Fungal Infections - Like yeast infections. This is an area of great disagreement. In general, yeast infections should be treated locally and with probiotics. If they are out on the skin, generally topical treatment is enough. These should not be suspected of causing a relapse. Parasitic infection of the bowel - Many of these cause enormous stimulation of the immune system.
Avatar m tn The irritation that is razor burn she pointed out doesnt look at all like herpes and it got irritated when my yeast infection occured. I kept asking to the point where she looked me straight in the eyes and said "TRUST ME, I've been doing this for 16 years and I've seen plenty of herpes and THAT is not herpes!" but still the swab test will know for sure ya know? I just am irritated that everything on the internet describes herbes perfectly but is kind of vague about yeast infections.
Avatar f tn My 9 month old lab keeps getting reoccuring yeast infections in his ear. The vet perscribed drops and a cleaning solution. We were able to clean them the first couple of times but now he won't let us come near him with the solution or drop.. He bites and barks at us. Giving him carrots, treats, his favorite bone to distract him doesn't work. Any idea how to help make this easier?
Avatar n tn I have had about 4 yeast infections in the past year and a half. This one seems the most brutal. My entire vagina is swollen and red. It itches and burns to the point that i cant sleep. I just took diflucan two days ago so im waiting for some relief. I use the topical but it doesnt seem to do anyhting, maybe just irritate me more. Can anyone suggest anything else. also bare with me because i have posted about this before but i am always freaked out about herpes.
Avatar f tn If you go in to like a walmart, there should just be different test by where Vagisil and Mosistat are. They can only tell you if it's not a yeast infection. If it is BV, you will need to go in to the doctor. Only antibiotics will get rid of it.
Avatar m tn pelvis area - clear discharge that sticks to my boxers almost like pre *** but is very little - pain in penis that shifts sometimes left or right? - other i have been given different prognosis. its been persister over a month. my girlfriend has gotten checked out & had no prior infections. says things came back negative but i am skeptical. i know she has had cold sores before. i did however notice nothing to prevent me from allowing her to perform oral sex. i would love to get closure.
189192 tn?1261345228 I've never been prone to yeast infections but last cycle and this cycle, I keep getting a strange discharge that looks like a possible yeast infection. I even treated it this cycle already once and it is back. I really have no other symptoms other than my discharge looks like it has some ricotta cheese mixed in it. Sorry for TMI, but it is what it is. Anybody else experiencing recurrent yeast infections with injectables?
428506 tn?1296560999 Dr. N, I have been treating Lyme and co-infections for just under two years now, using combinations of oral antibiotics as prescribed by an ILADS-member physician. Other treatments I use include supplements (vitamins such as B, B12, D, also Mg, probiotics, and herbals such as milk thistle and samento). I exercise regularly (usually several times a week unless my symptoms are flaring). As needed, I take diflucan for yeast.
665125 tn?1273027524 Acupuncture 7. Controlling skin parasites (fleas, demodex, scabies), dermal yeast infections, and bacterial skin infections, which can occur at the same time as allergies. 8. Novel Protein/limited ingredient trial if food allergies are suspected. 9. E-Collar's and bandaging feet. A compounding pharmacy can formulate a proper dose of any medication for your tiny dog. Many herbal formula's are available online, but it would be best to consult a holistic vet for the best outcome.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry to hear about everyone's issues with those damn yeast infections. I haven't had one in years... and I think it was the soap products I was using. Its not documented very often (if at all really..) but I'm pretty darn sure I'm allergic to glycerine. I was so baffled as to WHY it seemed like I was doing everything right (condom use, one partner, very good hygene, frequent doctor visits..) I wasn't on antibiotics or birth control.
Avatar n tn That has continued and i am now feeling pain/burning around my nostrils the corners of my eyes,my armpits and in my groin area where my underwear rubs.I don't see any blister or lesions and the skin isn't discoloured.My penis is a bit red though.I went to the doctor and gave a urine sample and a swab was taken.He presribed Cerfixme and Azithromycin 3 days ago but my condition seems to have gotten worse.Could this be a yeast infection?Can i be tested for that?Or could it be something else?
Avatar n tn Definitely following up monday to get better answers finally is the best course of action. Also get tested for yeast and bacterial infections too. Be sure to cover other std's too though it's still a little early to test for chlamydia and gonorrhea for starters ( all others have to wait a few more weeks/months for testing too ). Bumps that don't hurt or itch can be many different things. At this point all you have are unanswered questions so hopefully monday you get better answers overall.
Avatar f tn You (and maybe your doctor) are confused about yeast and other fungal infections. Most such infections in pubic area are due to non-yeast kinds of fungus. Such infections occur in everybody from time to time, and in some unlucky people all the time. Having such a problem is not a marker of immune deficiency and does not suggest HIV. You do not have HIV and are not apparently at risk for it. Apparently my reassurance about it is doing no good. That's too bad, because I tried to help.
Avatar n tn I was reading questions on your forum and you made the connection between yeast infection in the ears and body odor. He has a brown, tarry like substance in them as well. I have used a 50/50 peroxide and water solution to wash them down and it seems to help, but the condition eventually returns. Fresh aloe vera gel seems to ease the itching as well.
Avatar n tn (doctor has said its not thrush but still does not feel right, maybe just lots of yeast, worst in morning) - like if I run my top teets along the tongue, my entire front of my teets is covered in this goo... also leaves like pronlunced white hairs all over tongue (maybe this is normal) Around the same time I got a couple of nights of fever, and was so tired I did not go to work, felt like my body just needed sleep. Also a lot of muscle ache.
Avatar m tn Croup, respitory infections, bladder infections. She has had multiple viral infections your only suppose to get one time like hand foot and mouth (3 times) Rosiloa (5 times) she had a hospitilization for a severe case of Cdiff and has had pnemonia twice and staph. She has sever vision issues if her eyes were any worse she would be leagally blind. she wears glasses that help. She does not sleep she complains of leg and feet pain at night and since birth has been a non sleeper.
Avatar f tn Could long-term use of abx with steroids cause yeast overgrowth in sinuses? If fungal in nature- would something like Diflucan help empirically? He's a student with very poor insurance & surgery is the last resort (as we have read multiple times people's problems often persist?
Avatar m tn Can Thrush (yeast) infections cause these symptoms or a possible fungus from the yeast. Although there were no signs of Herpes, could this or some other STD be an underlying cause or would something else have showed up by now? I plan on having a full STD test panel done next week (9 weeks) so I can move on, yes, I know, 9 weeks may not be long enough, but reading it should capture the majority of window periods.
Avatar m tn About me staying on the Diflucan for months, I suspect I am just very sensitive to fungal/mold infections, and yeast is definitely in that group. Diflucan can't be taken indefinitely (hard on the liver, I think), which is why I went over to Yeast Cleanse for the sinus that was troubling me. Keep your doc in the loop on what you're taking; docs often forget to ask. Take care! Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Now he also has these black rings around his eyes. The vet said he must be allergic to something in the yard, but how am I supposed to know what. When I cut the grass he turns pink and sneezes a lot. Is my dog allergic to grass? What do I do I feel so bad, but can not keep him inside until I move. I have considered giving him away just because I don't think that I can give him the proper care that he needs. I have spent so much money on vet bills and he just seems to get worse.
Avatar f tn Upper respiratory 13 Lower respiratory 2 Yeast (oral,vaginal or systemic) 7 Urinary 9 Skin (other than yeast overgrowth) 4 Colds 12 Flus 6 Sore Throats 9 Other infections/viral ilness 4 I continue to experience frequent infections/viral "bugs" despite thyroid treatment 1 There is a paper I found written on this and if I can find it, I'll post it.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if at all possible can yeast, follicides, chancoids, or pertigo be mistakened for herpes in a culture test? 2.if someone has herpes can the lesion be at the lower back? 3. Can yeast cause a female to develop lesions or pimples in the buttocks area? 4. Is it possible for someone to diagnosed with herpes and retest two days later and the test comes back negitive? Thank you so much for taking the time out to read and respond to my questions. I will totally appreciate your response.
Avatar n tn I have No clue what it is or if I should be worried! I just turned 20 and have only had one yeast infection in my entire life! I dont know if its a Yeast Infection or Genital Herpes outbreak! I got tested for Genital herpes which came out negative, but I have been looking online and alot of people say that many people get a misdiagonosis of Herpes as a Yeast infection. That is when I was diagonosed with a yeast infection (Papsmear and they found alittle Yeast).
Avatar n tn On another website I perused, there were many entries where the individuals had very similar symptoms and they were finding alot of them had yeast infections so by eating more acidophilus enriched products (yogurt, probiotic supplements, etc), less sugars (including alchohol) and less fats, their skin conditions began to resolve.
Avatar n tn Should I also have medication on hand for an outbreak? My yeast infections, which may not all be yeast infections have become more frequent and I don't want to treat a yeast infection when it may in fact be an outbreak that I can't see. Thank you so much! You definitely made this process a bit more bearable with your expertise. I also downloaded the herpes handbook and reading it makes this seem like less of a problem than it's been blown up into.