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1063764 tn?1272824664 I have read many things on different foods to avoid, such as broccoli, peaches, brussel sprouts, etc. I don't COMPLETELY stray from them, but if I have them it's very rare. I was just curious as to what I should do/eat before I have these tests redone, so there aren't any false results. I do not want to be put on a higher dosage of medication that I don't need. Thanks for any help.
Avatar m tn can anyone here who knows a lot about yeast infections help me out and give me an honest list of foods to consume and ones to avoid. please experts only as I have made a few mistakes already by reading and taking the advice of charlatans.
Avatar f tn Douching upsets the natural balance of bacteria and yeast in your vagina and will cause infections. 2. Avoid bread and sugary foods as much as possible. If there is yeast in your vagina it is in the rest of your body too and sugar will just feed it. 3. Use condoms if you have sex. You CAN give a yeast infection to a guy (they usually get no symptoms) and then he will just keep passing it back to you. 4. Eat yogurt with live cultures in it - sugar free is best, but any kind helps. 5.
1168718 tn?1464987135 From what I have learnt, all yeast infections begin in the gut, so to get to the root cause of the problem you need to take a pro-biotic to redress the imbalance. I tried this once and, lo and behold , it WORKED! So while smearing cream on your nether regions may seem logical, it doesn't fix the root of the problem. Fix the gut, and the rest will sort itself out.
Avatar n tn I have frequent yeast infections and my Dr says it's normal but I'm just wondering if it's commin.
139064 tn?1262096233 For the past 8 years, at the beginning of menopause, I have been PLAGUED by yeast infections and vaginal wall thinness. (Before menopause I never had yeast infections.) My vaginal wall is so thin that sex is now impossible. Even Pap smears are a big deal. About 3 years ago, I began losing my hair and now am bald. At the same time, I got uveitis in one eye making my vision 20/400 in that eye. A year later, I got uveitis in the other eye.
Avatar m tn But at one time or another, yeasts can be found in the vagina or rectum of most women, with equal frequency in those with and without symptomatic yeast infections. What seem to be new yeast infections usually are not really new at all, but either increased growth of previously present organisms, or a more intense immune reaction to them, or both. The reasons yeasts sometimes grow to larger numbers, or cause symptoms, remain mostly mysterious.
Avatar f tn I know that my sister said that her daughter loves to eat lots of bread and will eat up to almost a loaf a day if you let her and it causes her to get yeast infections as well. Remember if you do drink alcohol, a lot of it has yeast in it. A lot of foods has yeast in it as well. I would doubt that maybe some of the meds that are out there probably has yeast in it. Stress does a lot to a person as well. When we get stressed out, our bodies react to it. I hope this helps you out. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Sorry, I know nothing about insurance. I'm just starting to venture back into foods that I gave up to avoid encouraging the yeast, so no answers yet. We'll see. Good luck!
6014380 tn?1378526915 Your diet is another factor, if you eat alot of sugar or sugary foods this can cause a yeast infection so try to avoid such foods. On that note has any of the doctors checked your blood sugar level as chronic yeast infections could be an early sign of diabetes. When taking antibiotics you should also take an over the counter probiotic there are specific kinds for regulating the vaginal ph balance.
Avatar n tn I read and have used Acidophilus tablets which help kill yeast infections. I know yeast infections thrive on sugar, so i would try and avoid sugary foods. Also "live" natural yoghurt helps too, doesn't sound too good i know, but thats what they say. I would definitely go into your local health food store and look or ask for something to help the infection.
Avatar f tn ) 2 - go back to your doctor and get an exam and get tested for yeast and bacterial infections just to err on the side of caution. If you are still sore it could be from either of them even if you don't think you see any signs of either. Also let your doctor know that you are still sore and have some areas that seem to be scarring and talk about it.
Avatar n tn I do recall eco-balance which I'm gonna try asap, I'm still trying to avoid sugary foods as best I can but its tough. Is it normal for men to have this issue cos most places I read about it online are directed towards women. I lasted about 1month 2weeks eating raw garlic everyday, as little sugar as possible etc...
Avatar n tn if you have a yeast infection you need to go to a doctor i had one and all you will need is antibiotics for 1 week
172826 tn?1423426556 To help avoid Yeast Infections here are a few tips.
Avatar m tn avoid refined sugars. Yeast thrives on sugar. Avoid foods with other types of yeast for the time being that are also paired with alot of simple carbs (beer, wine, white bread). Avoid other types of fungus (mushrooms).
4274823 tn?1388532698 A few years ago I had a bad case of a cycle of yeast and bacterial infections. I believe it started when the stupid pharmacy changed my birthcontrol pills from ortho tri cyclin to trinessa. I had problems for at least a year non stop! It was the worst. My dr tried every kind of yeast treatment on me but all it did was give be a bacterial infection because the yeast was all gone, so when I was treated for the bacterial infection I got a yeast infection again.
1070570 tn?1283439813 The problem is that just helps with symptoms. Something that is suppose to help with the yeast or rid us of the yeast is enzymes and another thing I read is to take Grapefruit Seed Extract the minute you get the yeast infection. As for the yeast free diet, I'm curious what that is. What I have read is sugar, cakes, chocolate, caffeine all can aggravate yeast problems. For me if I avoid these things I can keep it some what under control.
730826 tn?1317946934 I had a yeast infection in the beginning of september and my woohoo is kind of sore like it was then. What are some things that cause yeast infections and what can I do to keep them away? Also, Im ttc and am over a week late (so possibly pregnant) will it harm the baby if Im pregnant and slow down the conception process? (obviously if I know I have a yeast infection I wont be having sex but are there after effects of it and conception?
Avatar n tn perhaps trying an anti-candida diet will help...
Avatar n tn it's in your digestive system and for females, our reproductive organs are directly linked to our digestive system(which is why you're getting chronic yeast infections). basically, all processed foods have yeast(to fill you up), fast food has yeast, plus the normal yeast products like bread...check the labels and you'll see. the previous post that mentioned acidophilus was correct, but don't try garlic pills, just eat more garlic.
Avatar n tn There are also anti-yeast natural products, but there are so many and so many combinations, and it's likely to be difficult to do while the antibiotics are still killing off your beneficial bacteria, but it's something to look into. The best way to prevent this is to avoid antibiotics unless absolutely positively necessary.
Avatar f tn I have also heard that ur more prone to getting yeast infections when u sweat (tmi, I know).
Avatar n tn I get yeast infections constantly and they seem to be coming more frequently. I've talked to my dr. about this and all they do is test for diabetes and hiv. Negative on both. Then perscribe a perscription such as diflucan which helps but they always come back and I feel I'm constantly going in to be treated. It's annoying. Reading this forum gives me hope however and makes me feel better that I am not alone. I'm going to try Krissy444's remedies... I hope they work.
Avatar n tn Heavy yeast in food can cause you to have recurrent infections. Also heavy antibiotics. You can take medicine for them to clear but if you are not avoiding things with yeast or antibiotics, you will have them again and again. I am not a Dr but I would search the web to see what causes them instead of how you can treat them.
Avatar f tn Something in your diet may be triggering it or making it worse. Google it there are alot of foods to avoid and some that will help. Yogurt or foods with active cultures can help also avoid sugars they can trigger it. Goodluck its aweful dr have always told me im jus more prone to them. Also there is an azo pill that can help balance your ph level also feminine wash nothing scented with ph balance can help.
Avatar n tn Antibotics does causebad yeast infections,but my DR told me to eat yogurt before I start to take the meds next time and I went and bought some and so far I haven't gotten a yeast infection good luck;)
Avatar n tn Recently I got allergy testing done and found out I am allergic to yeast (candida albicans) so the doctor gave me a bunch of guidelines for avoiding foods and drinks with yeast. My next step is to try to cut out sugar, which makes yeast grow. Also I am trying to reduce my alcohol intake... Wine and beer have yeast! And there's sugar in other drinks/mixers! And also I am looking into natural yeast fighting supplements like Caprylic Acid and Pau D'Arco. Look it up!
Avatar f tn It's pretty much trial and error. On the good side, by trying to avoid sugar, I have gone for weeks at a time with no problems and have lost about 15 pounds over the last three months. I went from a 40 inch pant size to a 36 inch. I would like to drop to my college days size of 33 inches. I hope this helps someone.
Avatar n tn Also I don't experience really painful itchy severe yeast infections anymore. I advise you all to be tested for candida allergy. And use diaper rash cream on the cuts to soothe and heal them. Also avoid sugar. Best of luck.