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Avatar m tn can anyone here who knows a lot about yeast infections help me out and give me an honest list of foods to consume and ones to avoid. please experts only as I have made a few mistakes already by reading and taking the advice of charlatans.
Avatar f tn The only thing I have not tried was stop using panty liners. With all the creams and yeast infections meds and the leaking bladder issue I never thought to try that. I have another dr appt this week and will take some of these suggestions to her. I have no insurance right now which make this even harder. Just wish someone would find an answer...
Avatar f tn I was just given medicine for a Bacterial infection and i finished it , before that it was a yeast infection and i am having red and itchy and burning on the outside of my vagina but all around. I was swabed for herpes and freaking ever since . I have a discharge and i notices 3 days onto the cream they gave me a small little lesion or looks like maybe just a raw spot.
Avatar f tn Hashi's, you're probably going to be very disappointed. I have Hashi's, and for me, it's totally unrelated to gluten.
6014380 tn?1378526915 What exactly can you do if you have been seen and been treated for yeast infections and no antibiotics oral or suppository has worked to get rid of it? I have had this issues close to two years and doctors seem to be blowing me off about it when I know there has to be a underlining cause for this please help this is literally killing me.
1100598 tn?1413131026 I bought some Zymox and put that in her ears 1-2 times a week and her infections cleared up for almost 3 months. Now she is infected again and the zymox isn't working. I went back to the Enterderm. She is on a Gluten Free/corn free/soy free diet, but it isn't keeping the infections away. I am at a loss on what else to do for her.
Avatar n tn My gf gets yeast infections regularly and has been told her body doesn't produce enough friendly bacteria. So, we think the two of these tie together. It affects our sex life and I know there are remedies to increase the friendly bacteria, can you recommend some good ones?
Avatar f tn Yes. You need to cut out all sugar, gluten and Dairy. Look online for this herbal pill called Candacin. I went through 2 yrs of a yeast infection that didn't go away and I was on antibiotic after antibiotic and it wouldn't go away. I saw a naturopathic doctor and she told me I was intolerant to wheat, spelt and dairy and she told me what to take and I swear on my life it all went away even the itchy toes I had for 2 yrs as well.
1094370 tn?1317138425 I really don't consume a lot of sugar and otherwise, eat a pretty healthy diet with lots of green smoothies and I've been juicing and adding garlic cloves. I am gluten/dairy free as well. I do also like my occasional 100 calorie Trader Joes chocolate bar. Do you foresee a problem with what I've described? I know that Jackie experienced a problem, but is it a real often occurring problem for us on all these antibiotics? Thank you.
1226748 tn?1267224295 The yeast tends to thrive on high sugar and grows better when sugar is up. I continue to have yeast problems despite yeast treatment. Blood sugar control is good, but I need it to be excellent. My sister's experience was that she couldn't get rid of a yeast problem regardless of what treatment she tried until she went gluten free. So that's my next step too..... So get your blood sugar control very tight. Ask your doctor for prescription yeast treatment.
Avatar f tn I have Hashimotos and this last year came up IGG positive for gluten intolerance. I stopped eating gluten and my heavy periods went away. I know that my antibodies are also a lot lower since quitting it too.
Avatar n tn It may cause fungal infections like yeast or candida to multiply in the human body by effecting immunity thus causing vaginal symptoms.But you can’t blame EBV alone for this. Vaginal yeast infections occur when new yeast is introduced into the vaginal area by sexual contact, or when there is an increase in the quantity of yeast already present in the vagina relative to the quantity of normal bacteria.
Avatar n tn so im 22 and a have a few pounds extra on me, got into a serious car accident gained a few cause of it and my mobility issues and right after the car accident , i was super stressed and got a yeast infection, have had it for over 2 and a half years, can barely have sex, driving me nuts, hurts so bad, its on my but too, cant sleep, in pain, take acidopholus and cranberry extract everyday, also calcium and chromium, drink lotsa water and eat yogurt everyday, tried monistat, , and conestin, and har
787203 tn?1239724533 com and order the fecal antibody test for gluten, and team it with the allele (gene) test and a test for cross-reactivity to casein (the major protein in diary - a problem with a number of celiacs). Docs can be 'unknowing' at times, and if that happens test things out for yourself. As for the yeast, I'm not sure. There is a stool test that can be done to determing if you've got certain species present, and you might want to consider that.
Avatar n tn I have been reading all your post because I have been so upset and miserable over my yeast infection. I have gotten yeast infections a lot. The yeast infection I have right now is one of the worst infections I have ever had. It hurts so bad and I am so swollen on the right side. It is hard to sleep at night or let alone walk around. I got a 3 day treatment to treat it myself considering I have had them a lot before.
Avatar n tn I too have had re-occuring yeast infections. I stopped taking the pill and they stopped. After I gave birth to my daughter (c-section), they have started up again. I have been searching for a way to prevent them and found nothing seems to work! My doctor told me to stop using soaps down there. He said that water and a gentle rub is a sufficiant cleaning. I was grossed out at this at first because...well, obviously things happen down there that you think would require soap but nope...
Avatar f tn I use to get painful sores on both sides of my tongue from yeast and diflucan was the only thing to help so it probably does depend on what type of yeast you have but the probiotics is a must because of the antibiotics too.
4274823 tn?1388532698 My mother had severe systematic yeast infections however. She took betaine HCL with pepsin to increase stomach acid and all fungal infections she's suffered with for years stopped dead in its tracks! A good article on to check out: Candida: Acid or Alkaline?
Avatar m tn // If my IGG subset 3 is low doesn't it mean I'm missing antibodies to some diseases?? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I started to do a little bit of research on my own and began reading about stomach/intestinal yeast infections. Is it possible that I have a yeast infection in my stomach or intestinal tract?
Avatar f tn Well, three months after giving up gluten and I am now down from 150 Synthroid and 10 Cytomel to 112 Synthroid and 2.5 Cytomel and my neck swelling and antibody attacks are gone. Just pop over to my profile pics and look at my neck. In February, I was maxed out on thyroid hormone and my labs were in the upper 1/3. I was feeling okay, despite fatigue and stomach pain. I've always struggled with IBS and bloating, ever since childhood, I can remember my mom loading me up on prune juice.
Avatar n tn I continued to have yeast infections and feel generally fatiqued each time I ate something that I shouldn't (Gluten,m etc.). I have been on threelac for only two and a half weeks and have not suffered from yeast infections. I have eaten foods that I shouldn't with minimal fatigue! I am feeling so much better and I am amazed at the results. Threelac may be somewhat expensive but it's definately worth it, especially when you have come to the point that you think nothing will work!
Avatar f tn also took SF722 for a couple of months (supplement from castor oil beans, very antifungal) avoided all sugar and white flours, been tested for yeast allergys, food allergys, STD's.....on and on and on and on. I have paid for many programs to cure and been on some forums. look, most of you have superficial yeast infections and will be able to cure yourselves.
Avatar n tn I began feeling worse and became depressed but the depression would come and go in waves for an hour or 2 at a time and it would usually ease after going to the restroom. I chalked my emotions up to various family deaths in the past 2 1/2 years. The doctor started tests when diarrhea began 4-6 times a day along with fatigue, daily nausea and depression that lasted all day. We have tested for lactose, gluten, colonoscopy, celiac, malabsorption, blood work galore and stool tests.
Avatar f tn The main issue I've been having for the past 8-9 months are chronic vaginal yeast infections. They are almost constant and I've tried every herbal, anti-fungal, and prescription remedy to alleviate the situation. I'm currently on diflucan 2x a week for the past 3 months and still, I expereinced a YI 3 weeks ago, which I got under control with Boric Acid. Hwever, for several months, there wasn't a time where i did NOT have a YI, despite treatment.
Avatar n tn There is tons of information on the internet if you do a google search - (healing yeast infections naturally) (garlic and yeast infections) (tea tree and yeast infections) and check out probiotics and yeast infections too while your searching. Good luck and happy healing!
Avatar n tn I have had a yeast infection for around half a year now and it will not go away i tried some pill that made me throw up so the doctor just told me to take these pills from cvs that are really made to prevent yeast infections , and i thought my yeast infection was gone but it game right back after me taking the pills everyday for two months I dont want to have to take those pills everyday though because of this there must be a solution ?
136956 tn?1425609872 Since there is no sugar allowed and I am prone to yeast infections, I can’t juice anymore which really upsets me as I really enjoy it. After the first week, I the stomach pain stopped completely and I felt really good all over. I am not sure how many more diets I have to try but I feel that I am getting closer to my optimum diet. I think that everyone reacts differently to different foods. My body just seems to not like anything other than soup and protein shakes.
Avatar n tn There is so much information out there though and it gets pretty scary at times. A lot of stuff links Yeast Infections with Herpes and that is one thing I wasn't tested for because there were no sores or anything. Plus the swab came back that it was a VERY bad yeast infection. It has had me an emotional mess though. I have never experienced anything like this and I started to worry that it was something else and NOT the Monistat.
Avatar n tn --bad intestinal bacterial infections, due to the antibiotics, --Candida albicans (yeast) infections, due to the antibiotics --gluten intolerance, possibly acquired due to bad intestinal infections. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, oats, barley & buckwheat. Brown rice is gluten-free. Corn is also gluten-free, but is very "allergenic" to many. Kamut & Spelt are types of wheat, and have gluten in them.