Yeast infections and boric acid

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Avatar n tn Could this be from my husband? My husband has diabetes I read up on yeast infections and it say that you can get a yeast infection more than normal if you are a diabetic but I am not a diabetic my husband is so could it be my husband thats causing me to get a yeast infection after sex? And this is not every blue moon this happens everytime after sex!!
1168718 tn?1464987135 with ms, but I have had the same exact question. I was wondering if I had continuous yeast infections and if it had something to do ms. I had recently gone for my annual Pap and all tests were clear for infection..... so what has been causing the "itch". My doc. said that in the beginning (5 months ago) it could have been yeast and I treated it, but to me it kept coming back, or so I thought, she said I must have treated it with the OTC inserts and it went away. But to this day...
Avatar n tn However, my biggest worry is that even if I can get rid of the BV completely, is that I will still have the original problem with the yeast infections. It does not come and go, the discharge is always there even if I don't have any irritation or itching. All in all, I want to deep down problem. I'm so tired of masking syptoms and thinking I am better only to have the same thing happen over and over again. It's such a vicious cycle!
Avatar f tn THe discharge was thick and white like hair conditioner, smooth, no odor, and extremely profuse. Ive spent well over $1000 seeing doctorrs and specialists and just recently the found candida galbrata on a swab, both internally and externally on the genitalia. Ive been repeatedly tested negative for all stds. My questions are first, is it possible that for whatever reason the first couple of times that this has been the problem all the time and it just did not show up on the swab?
Avatar f tn I am 40 yrs old and currently being treated for recurrent yeast infections with boric acid. I am also using permarin cream everyday for vaginal tearing. I believe the boric acid is working (dr tested) but the tearing is becoming worse. I am very red, slight swollen and tearing around my vaginal open and anus. I doesn't matter what I try, the tearing doesn't stop. Haven't had sex in a month and have 2 tears that are itchy and irratating. I have tried every cream under the sun..
Avatar f tn I have been on numerous creams, gels, pills, and even boric acid (which seem to help clear the itchness and redness). My body responded best to the boric acid in that the discharge is very like. But the discharge is still there. I have been tested for HIV/AIDS,diabetes, and everyything under the sun. And to no avail nothing has helped. I don't no what else to do. I have been to 5 doctors and 1 specialist that say it is just "Normal Discharge".
Avatar n tn I know this is for the doctor.I was reading your post and I had the same thing is you..Chronic yeast infections......I was scared to I still get them when I take a antiobotic or in the hot weather, and intercourse.I got treated for yeast a millions of time I was so worry it was something else......I think I have one now cause I feel itchy down there.......You will be fine......Has nothing to do with HIV......
Avatar n tn So i keep getting yeast infections and i know when i first got one my gyno said to just get monostat. but they seem to just continue, one after another every so often. should i go back and ask for antibiotics, or is that wrong?i'm not sure what else to do. should i just keep using monostat? also, they probably won't scedule me for another million weeks, so whats the point? i heard of women that use home remedies and such. should i look things up oneline?
1245078 tn?1268582322 Me too. I took metronidazole fort bv and took diflucan, and got yeast and on and on it went. Except my husband has sex with me anyway. It's really awful. I was prescribed boric acid once. And this was the only thing that worked. Good luck getting rid of that nasty.
512442 tn?1216263100 to avoid the grossness of putting yogurt on your hoo-ha, try yogurt pills (acidophillus) or buy AZO Yeast, I've used AZO Yeast pills for all my yeast infections and it relieves it in a day or two. These pills are a combination of natural herbs and yogurt cultures and it balances your vaginal PH. That stuff is awesome, it relieves the itching and burning in a couple of hours too. Yogurt is ok but doesn't work as fast.
Avatar n tn I have taken boric acid capsules for yeast infections before. It just makes the vagina more acidic and yeast can't thrive in acidic environments. I don't know if that would work for bv though. I have always taken flagyl for BV. Maybe your ph is off though and the boric acid capsules will work. I just took them at night for 14 days and worked for my yeast infections.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been suffering from yeast infections for 8 months now. HIV test just came back negative but CD4 came back low (309). What does this mean?
Avatar f tn I have used boric acid to treat chronic yeast infections for many years. But is boric acid (suppositories) safe during pregnancy? Some sources say it is and others say it's not, but no one has been able to tell what why it might be dangerous during pregnancy. What problems might it cause? For instance, could it cause miscarriage or stillbirth? Or some more minor problem?
Avatar f tn I've tried everything and I mean... EVERYTHING. Diflucan (for a full month), Terzol, Boric Acid (for a full month), probiotics, yogurt, garlic, tea tree oil, apple cider nane it! Went to Gyno and 3 times they looked under scope and saw yeast. When they did the culture, it was neg, but I was always using or had very recently used some form of treatment, so I think it's a false neg. The only time I get relief, amazingly, is during my period.
Avatar f tn I bought boric acid vaginal suppositories and tea tree oil but haven't use them bc ur not supposed to if ur pregnant. I don't know for certain if I am or not so I'm holding off till I get af. Any thoughts? I'm getting very frustrated.
Avatar n tn The only thing that worked for me was boric acid suppositories. I took Gy-na-tren, a combination of boric acid and probiotics. You can make boric acid vaginal suppositories yourself if you want to. I also mixed 1 drop of oregano oil in about 1 tablespoon of olive oil and applied that on the outer area. I am FINALLY feeling much better with these treatments.
Avatar n tn I am being treated for a yeast infection with boric acid suppositorys for a wk now and i am still having irritation with intercourse. my symptoms are painful intercourse. this pain is only with certin positions, usually when he penatrates the pain is external around my vulva more or a irritation if anything. I dont have any discharge. could this be something other than a yeast infection. my doctor has said nothing about trating my partner. i have been tested for stds and they all came back neg.
Avatar f tn I have had a yeast infection fo approx. 4 months that will seem to clear up and come right back. I have tried OTC creams, such as Gynelotrimin and Terazol. I have also used Diflucan. I am willing to try anything that might help. I have heard that using boric acid suppositories or douching with hydrogen peroxide/water will help with stubborn cases. Any ideas?? HELP!
Avatar n tn For many months now I have had constant vaginal inflammation, burning and soreness accompained by an on and off thickish white discharge that I can only see with a mirror. My OB tested me for bacterial infections including yeast and for all stds which was negative. He thought it was nothing to be concerned about, that because I have never had a history of yeast or bacterial infections that these symptoms are a result of the pregnancy. Perhaps hormonal or an allergy.
Avatar f tn My biggest issue is the painful sex, my boyfriend and I never had trouble before I got my yeast infection and now i feel like a virgin again, it is the worst. I am really running out of answers now. My Dr. is trying to get me to go on to a 6 month treatment of some pill and it just sounds awful and seems like it will be just another thing that won't work. Any answers or suggestions will be really appreciated.
Avatar f tn it takes about two to three days to clear up and the pills are only about 7.00 i have had a few yeast infections and i use the medicine everytime.
Avatar f tn Yeast infections can be caused by all kinds of stuff other than HIV but if its a fear get tested it will make sure feel better when you get that negative test back. I never tried the boric acid because the grape seed helped me a lot, but if i ever get another horrible infection im going to try it. ive had mutliple doctors suggest it to me. i believe you can get a prescribtion or buy it OTC. Try typing boric acid for yeast infections into a search engine.
Avatar f tn Recently did a yeast culture test and stool test and susceptibility test but waiting for results and pretty sure it could be C.Glabrata since it is resistant to the Azoles. Are Echinocandins used for to cure rectal yeast as well ans what is the rate of success? Also ordered Boric acid suppositories to treat vaginal yeast infection, is it safe to use it rectally as well? This is getting very very frustrating.
Avatar f tn Since age 18, I have had yeast infections regularly. 35 years later, I'm still having them, although for the 15 years they have been completely atypical. There is no visible discharge, no itching or burning. Just a piercing, searing pain both anal and vaginal. I know it's yeast because after the first miserable episode, my former ob/gyn cultured a swab and it was yeast.
Avatar f tn Hi Dee, Then try the natural way, yes just plain good old yogurt, but a good one and natural, now try eating it twice a day and smear some twice a day after washing your virgina each time with just plain water, and each time change your nickers and cotten would be best, and dont wear any at bedtime.
Avatar f tn Boric acid: You can use boric acid suppository capsules as they are good at treating yeast infections, in particular those that have been caused by non-albicans species of yeast, but unfortunately boric acid can create an unsavory and painful vaginal burning, it should never be swallowed as it is highly toxic and therefore should not be used all the time and definitely should not be used if you are pregnant.
Avatar n tn Also, I too had reoccurring yeast for awhile and dr. ended up prescribing boric acid capsules. You have to get them at a compounding pharmacy or look up online how to make them yourself.
Avatar f tn i suffer from frequent yeast infections and had to start taking grape seed extract every night to help prevent them..even with that i still got one 3 months ago and it last about 2 months. My doctor didnt test me he just sent me on my way...
Avatar f tn I started Garlic pills and have been taking 50 billion culture tablets of probiotics (since December) and am currently using Boric acid suppositories 2 a day. I also have purchased the Genetian Violet but have not try with the combination of the boric acid. I just started taking Flagyl 2 days ago. I still am experiencing throbbing and pain. I rarely experience discharge. Mostly burning and itching. I have not had intercourse in weeks. Tried and CRIED!! I have been tested for EVERYTHING...