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Avatar n tn Everyone usually has yeast infections and they are annoying, not dangerous. It's just an overgrowth of yeast in the vaginal cavity. I can't imagine putting up with a yeast infection for 3 years but it won't affect your fertility.
Avatar f tn My 19 month old has a rash that has been persistent for the past 2 months. We have tried antibacterial ointment, antifungal ointment, all diaper rash cream, corn starch, baking soda, changing diaper brands. I'm sick of this. I feel so bad for the little guy, it obviously bothers him, we have to keep him in pants or he tries to dig at it. His doctor said we can't run any tests until it blisters or has puss to collect for samples.
Avatar f tn now a few days ago i went to hosp coz of a yeast infection naturally i thought it was because of the antibiotics i was taking ..but they diagnosed me with my husband says he never cheated do you think he did ?? coz he had these medicines that are meant to kill trichomonas..or any quesion isdoes rocephin kill trichomonas?
Avatar f tn OK the last bit, get some boric acid get it from your chemist, and ask for some, half a teaspoon in a litre of water, and drink through the day the will or should slowly kill the yeast infection along with the yogurt, but the boric keep taken for a couple of months, in a coulple of months come back and tell me your now clear.
Avatar f tn But are you sure this IS a yeast infection? It sounds more like some other kind of vaginal infection (not necessarily sexually-transmitted) A yeast infection doesn't usually cause yellowish discharge, and "foul" smell. I would go and have this checked out, because some pelvic infections CAN hinder conception.
Avatar n tn Hi, My son gets this very often and has since he was little. I took him to a gastrologist and he said he has yeast overgrowth. Very common in boys. We haven't gotten rid of it completely some kids always have it. What has worked for me is keeping his diet low in products containing yeast and high in good yeast, like yogurt or go to herb store and buy capsules of it to put in his food. Adding the good yeast helps get rid of the bad yeast.
Avatar f tn I am now 36 weeks and have my 3rd yeast infection and have had one uti since I hit my 3rd trimester. I am so tired of getting infections. It just want to cry about it but I know it won't change anything.
Avatar f tn I'm 25 weeks pregnant. I've had a couple bacterial infections and recently I've noticed some little white bumps in the vaginal area. I was wondering if this could be from the bacterial infection? Or if it could be from a yeast infection? I have an appointment tomorrow but it's really worrying me and I was just looking for some answers.
Avatar f tn If so, This will be my 3rd yeast infection in about a month. First time it was a yeast infection and BV. Doctor believes the 2nd yeast infection came from the antibiotic for BV. I just feel like I'm getting the symptoms again and I really hope not. This can't be healthy for me or my baby. It's driving me crazy!!! Anybody else going through this? I'm 17 weeks ftm!
Avatar f tn Hi there. Well, could be a yeast infection/overgrowth, yes. If you have never been diagnosed for a yeast infection, I would go the first time to your doctor to confirm. They'll help you treat it then and give you ideas why it is happening related to your period. So, yes, I'd see your doctor at this point.
Avatar f tn If any infection is left untreated that is when you can have issues.
Avatar f tn I got a yeast infection after taking the antibiotics I was prescribed so make sure if you get symptoms of a yeast infection you call your doctor
Avatar f tn Let your OB know because many times its hard to tell the difference between bacterial vaginosis and a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn It would be a good idea to go see a gynecologist so they can do an assessment. That is really the only way you are going to find out what the smell is from. Yeast infections tend to have an odor like bread or beer, while bacterial infections have more of a fishy odor. If it's a bacterial infection then trying to treat it as a yeast infection will not work; therefore, it is best to see a gynecologist so they can treat it appropriately. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Have you tried an over the counter vaginal yeast treatment? Some yeast are resistant to these as they all have fluconazole in them. The yeast are getting used to the anti-fungals that have azole at the end of their name. But it can also be Bacterial vaginosis (BV). You should get tested to find out if it is a yeast and if it is resistant and also have the laboratory check for bacterial vaginosis. Could you have a STD? If you would need to get tested for those.
Avatar m tn as petal already recommended, be seen every single time you think you have a yeast infection for proper testing to make sure it really is yeast going on at this point.
Avatar f tn See a doctor it could be a STD the symptoms from a yeast infection are the same as some STD I thought.
Avatar f tn But here lately i have been having strange cottage cheese like discharge. Could it be yeast infection? And if so, Will it hurt my baby? How do i get rid of it?
Avatar f tn Looked down and the head of my penis was covered with this white cottage cheese like and it had a strong oder. Got scared went to the doc he said it was yeast infection well almost on my 4th week and it seems to have subsided atleast thats what im hoping for. Yesterday on the head of my penis their was this patch of skinlike thing and I was able to take it of.
Avatar f tn Hi After a female touched her vagina then touched my penis and have me a hand job I had a bit of redness and dry cracked lines on the tip of my penis. I went to the doctor and they said it seems like I have a yeast infection so they gave me canistan cream and I've been using this for weeks now and the symptoms are not going away. Does anyone know why? Is it true that some yeast infections may need antibiotics if the cream are not working? Would be grateful if someone could help me. Thanks!
Avatar m tn is it possible to get a yeast infection the next day after possible infextion.
Avatar f tn Is it ok to use over the counter meds for ueast infection, while pregnant? 19 weeks and pretty sure i have yeast infection. No opening with clinic until tomorrow. I've only had one other inflection last year but wasn't pregnant.
Avatar f tn So my Dr just called and I have a yeast infection. Said to get the o.t.c stuff for it. I was at work so had my mom get it. This is my 1st yeast infection, ever. It is okay to use the suppositories, right?
Avatar f tn Same with me it was just itchy , my doctor recommended monistat 7 u can get it at any store