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Avatar n tn I have had a reoccurring yeast infection on my (circumsized)penis - generally starts near the base, scrotum, or crease of legs for about 4 years. I have been to 1 general practicioner, 1 male specalist, 2 dermatologists, and a urologist and they all pretty much say the same thing. They conclude I have a yeast infection and I should take something to treat it. I have taken nystatin, miconazle, and keteconazole for the problem but it always comes back.
Avatar m tn Hi, A yeast infection is also called candidiasis. It is the name for a common infection caused by a type of yeast-like fungus called Candida. Candida albicans is part of the normal environment of the skin, mouth, and intestinal tract. It causes an infection only under certain conditions.
Avatar m tn It kind of looks like there's puss in the middle. They also look like pimples/white heads. Doesn't hurt or itch. Could this be yeast infection or herpes? My last exposure was an unprotected blow job over a month ago.
Avatar n tn Based on the sexual events you explained as well as those of who you were with, I would suspect either a yeast or bacterial infection. Yeast infections can be unbearable. Birth control can also cause yeast infections. Bacterial infections can be the same but are treated a little differently. Did your gyn give you diflucan or did you just try over the counter medications? If it does not clear up, I would suggest asking your physician to prescribe diflucan.
Avatar m tn Lack of aeration and irritation because of smegma and discharge surrounding the glans penis causes inflammation and edema.More common in uncircumcised males. It is usually caused by poor hygiene in uncircumcised men. The inflammation can be due to infection, harsh soaps, or failure to properly rinse soap off while bathing. One common organism associated with balanitis is a yeast known as Candida albicans.
Avatar f tn I've never come across any posts saying about ulcers when it comes to yeast infection. Could this truly be yeast infection or something worst? Plus, I've never had sex before so is it possible I might actually have this particular infection? Btw, about the red little pimples I mentioned earlier, do they have anything to do as being the early signs of yeast infection? This is my first time having this and I hope someone could help to find a cure for it.
Avatar n tn Or.....your partner can have a yeast infection and you two keep passing it back and forth, have him checked too.
Avatar n tn I had my first yeast infection like 3 month ago, 2 weeks ago I went to the gyno and she gave me a pill name Fluconazole (Difulcan) first it was only 1 pill.She told me that this pill is so strong that it will stay in my body for a month. That I shouldn't have sex again in a month but she never told me nothing about monistat, I know about this cream 'cause before I went to the gyno I was using it. So ladys NO SEX IN A MONTH....
Avatar m tn Dear Doctors, Last month in Dec, I shaved my pubic hair and used FDS feminine spray on a daily basis. Few days later, I noticed that I had yeast infection like symptoms even though I was using the spray strictly on my pubic. I also saw a lot pimples scattered on my pubic area and thought they were ingrown hair. Usually, ingrown do not leave me scars this time around it did. All pimples went away within a week except for one that wouldn't go away. It looks kind like ringworm like pimple.
Avatar n tn Non-infectious causes like dermatitis or a fungal infection can be considered, and if suspected, treated with the appropriate cream. I would do a comprehensive test for STDs, including herpes and genital warts, which can present this way. Urine tests and urethral swabs can be done to exclude other STDs like gonorrhea or chlamydia. These options can be discussed with a urologist or dermatologist. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar f tn Initially I thought it was just acne, but after two days it has continued to spread as tiny red dots and tiny whitehead pimples. It doesn't itch at all but it looks terrible and I am starting to get concerned. I should also mention that I went to the doctor last week because of a persistent and violent cough and sinus congestion. Even though he did not think it was bacterial, I have been taking antibiotics. The cough is all but completely gone, but the sinus congestion continues.
1655600 tn?1302165828 I thought it was a yeast infection, but then after 4 months i saw those little bumps at the opening of the vagina and thats when i dumped him. Anyway, maybe it was harsh of me, but I was angry and im still mad at me. Vandykd3 do you know how you got it first place? do you ever have unprotected intercourse after that? As far as i know the virus never leaves your body :( and might come back at some point especially when you get pregnant.
Avatar n tn your nose should not in itself cause boils or blisters, just makes them harder to treat if they do. Recurring blisters in yr face however can have a lot of causes. Obviously herpes and bacterial infection ('impetigo like') could be easily found out and treated. But if it is allergy based, it might be more difficult to discover what is the exact agens causing it.
Avatar n tn I had no symptoms but had self-treated successfully for a yeast infection 3 weeks prior (diflucan). The day before my period started, I got lymph nodes in my neck (sore) that took several days to go down, no other symptoms. Day after we had that slightly granular feeling sex, he felt some tingling when urinating, and wondered if he'd irritated his urethra with soap. Two days later the tip of his penis looked red and sore.
Avatar m tn BUT, you know what that does get rid of? A fungal infection, such as, candida which causes yeast infections. The symptoms are pretty easy to clear, however, clearing the infection from your body can be tricky. So, the symptoms will often reappear easily. Try taking some probiotics, eat raw garlic and keep the area very clean and dry. Let it air outs much as possible by wearing boxers or sleeping naked. That should clear it up. You could always try some OTC yeast infection cream too.
Avatar n tn (you can't stay on antibiotics forever). The dermatologist said that the cultures he took from the pimples were showing yeast, and pseudomonas. pseudomonas is a bacteria that is commonly found on our skins and usually causes no problems unless the immune system is faltering. I started on herbs to boost my immune system. Still nothing after three years. It is so aggravating not knowing!
Avatar n tn Came down with a big sore bump inside my left nostril. Entire left side of nose became red and swollen. Went to Prime Care and test showed "light staph infection". Have been taking double-strength Bactrim along with Valtrex in case it could be the start of shingles. It has been 4 days on meds with no improvement, but no rash either. Extremely painful. Wake up every 2 hours and need Vicodin. Seems to radiate into cheek. Scalp itches now.
Avatar n tn Just recently I slepted with someone when the condom broke, like 3 seconds later I pulled out after it broke. What are the chances of any infection of anything resulting from this condom breaking? I immediately put on a new condom and continued. last couple of days my back of my neck has been feeling sore when i move it around, as well as my upper legs where my lower buttox meet my thighs. They feel sore when I move around , what can this be? Any advice you can provide will be greatful?
Avatar n tn I have been tolerating a bad ear infection for many months now. And believe it to have originated about over a year ago. At the time I was completely unaware since I cant see into my own ear to notice whether it was red even back then, but i certainly remember having lighter yet similiar symptoms as I do now. Alot of these symtoms seem to involve a throbbing sensation of the jaw and temple region as well as severe migraines from time to time.
Avatar n tn its yeast infection to both of u. plz go to ur doctors and get treated .
Avatar m tn HEY.. I am woundering if yeast infection causes systems that look like gental warts or girl had a yeast infection and she got fixed I never its been like 3 months now and iv been seeing signs, pluss my girl now has pimples on her that just look like white head pimples but there a a few like say 10 ruffly a centameter apart around on on lips of vergina and she is pregnent. mine kinda look like skin tags theres 3 tiny ones and one mid and thanks so much.....
Avatar m tn If an initial infection does not have the characteristic pimples cluster break and just some pimples along the penis head and red irritation along the foreskin is it Herpes? I believe it is Balantis (?).
Avatar n tn Heat rash, eczema, yeast infection, bacterial infection, skin nodules all can give rise to such a rash. This could also be due to acne/pimples/ or infection of the hair follicles called folliculitis. In STIs there would be penile discharge, enlarged lymph nodes along with penile discharge. The cause cannot be determined without having a look at the lesions. If you suspect you have any STIs or that you may have been exposed to one, see your doctor for STI testing.
Avatar n tn Prominently itching spots in the genital area raises several possibilities, including jock itch, yeast infection, scabies, crab lice, allergic reaction, and others. But unlikely to be herpes, syphilis, or other classical STDs. If it's a fungal (yeast) infection or jock itch, the hydrocortisone will make it worse. Bottom line: Stop trying to guess and to get a diagnosis on line; see a health care provider.
Avatar n tn Hi, Presence of drainage and odor in the labia, indeed, suggests infection .This may have started as fungal or yeast infection that was not controlled. Fungal infection causes itching or a burning sensation in the groin area. The rash appears as raised red plaques and scaly patches with sharply defined borders that may also blister and ooze.
Avatar n tn The rash is about the size of a quarter and is bright red and he has a couple of small pimples around his upper buttocks. What can I do and should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn The gynocologist did not know what is was but is treating for a yeast infection. She said it was not herpes ... of course I am still worried I infected myself accidently - does it sound like it?
Avatar f tn the reason i worry so much is because i noticed them a month ago... i had a really bad infection. my vagina was very very itchy... and it made the sores or pimples or whatever they are, hurt. you can barely see the marks.. they're like very shallow pits... about the size of the tip of a sharpie. my vagina smells pretty off too....sometimes as bad as rotting fish and others like potatoes or bread. what do you think the chances are of my symptoms being that of a herpes infection?
628073 tn?1222213921 Also - there's a cream that I think was hydrocortisone and something else, that was actually given to me for my daughter's yeast infection by her doctor, but it actually helped with an outbreak she had where she got painful acne/boils on her skin which turned out to be from this evil plant that grows EVERYWHERE here, and it will literally agitate and even burn through the skin.
Avatar n tn About three weeks ago I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend for the first time. The next day she complained of a bad "yeast infection". A few days later I got really red itchy rash in the creases of my groin. I put some powder and left it alone. After about a week, the skin on my scrotum and the underside of my penis where my penis rests against my scrotum was very scaly and leathery.