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Avatar f tn I have been dealing with hives since 2000. All i have to do is be in the sun and i break out. I have tried Zyrtec, Allegra, Singular and now i'm on Xyzal. The Xyzal i only tried one time and woke up the next morning feeling like i was drunk and hit by a train. It left a horrible taste in my mouth. I am so sick of these hives. I'm getting married in August and have a terrible farmers tan and i am asking for any advice on what to do.
Avatar n tn I guess I needed to up the Valtrex when I get really congested along with a Sudafed/ Allegra D to dry out. There is a blood test for the Herpes 1 which I was positive for.
Avatar f tn My face/neck calmed down but the rashes on my elbows knees came. Do xyzal and allegra have a similar ingredient, or what could this be? I would really like an antihistamine that works but doesn't cause another reaction,just crazy!
Avatar m tn HI, Mar 2018 I was fine. Allergy test revealed Cedar, Elm tree allergen. I began allergy shots, for a month, afterwards I began sneezing up a storm. Developed chronic rhinitis in the process. I've also developed montly infections, non stop since Mar 2018. Was on antibiotics for 4 months straight, last year. This year Feb/March been on antibiotics Amox/Clav. Each time, I complete course of antibiotics, I begin sneezing up a storm !!
Avatar n tn Hey, I'm just looking for advice and to see if anyone else is going through what i am. I was Diagnosed with chronic Cholinergic Urticaria. I cant exercise, i cant even go outside in the winter, i break out in hives every single day and every time i do, my throat gets real scratchy, and really gets be scared. On top of that i'm also highly allergic to dust, molds, pollen, dander, and almost every other airborne allergens.
Avatar m tn Is it safe to take both Allegra-D and Zyrtec. In short, I suffer from allergies. I find that I feel best when I take a single pill of Allegra-D in the morning and a single pill of Zyrtec at night. In part, I have been doing this because I haven't had to go to the doctor (or Canada) to get more Allegra D so I can take it twice a day. I was wondering what the possible side-effects, besides fatigue, are of the regimen I'm taking? I've felt much better since beginning it.
Avatar f tn Another Dermatologist had given zentel, Ivermectol for only one dose. and xyzal daily.Now She is not getting hives than previous days. will she get rid of hives completely?
Avatar m tn Well I have had Hashimoto for the past 10 years, and I also have had allergy problems and have taken Allegra D for the past 4 years. I don't think allegra had anything to do with my hashimoto/hypothyroid.
1116122 tn?1268496794 Other than Zyrtec, are there allergy shots covered by insurance that I could take, or other allergy medications that are prescription? My insurance company stopped covering Allegra, which was perfect (bummer). Thanks for your help in advance.
Avatar m tn Something alarming happened today. I took two allergy pills around 10:00pm. Around 12 pm I had a baowel movement. The stool looked... fluffy. Not diareah (-sp?) like, but spongy. There were two white things floating. When I looked closer I realized they were the allergy pills I took. It was Allegra D. Could this be the reason they haven't been working like they used to? I mean, they hardly looked like the outer coating was gone. Should I go to the doctor? Be alarmed? That was kinda freaky.
Avatar n tn I've been on Xyzal tablets for 5 years. was given these tablets because I suffered from itchy and runny nose. when I do not take the tablet for more than a day i experience itchiness all over my body especially on the arms and legs. please can you advise whether this is a withdrawal symptom?
1528897 tn?1291833568 Its successor Xyzal has even fewer (same basic active chemical, but it is more purified). Allegra also has few side effects. Sometimes you have to try different meds to find one that works well with your metabolism for the best treatment with the fewest side effects. If you haven't tried sinus rinses, they are amazing for allergy control. I started them about 2 1/2 years ago and have only missed about 5 of the twice aday rituals. One was because I was in a power outage.
Avatar f tn My doctor actually told me that allegra was fine to take as long as its the regular kind not allerga D. But I didn't take it all of the time... N my baby is perfectly healthy, benadryl is good to take too.U should ask ur doctor n see what ur comfortable taking Bcus everyone is different.
Avatar f tn But the past few days, some hives have started to come back. I have been taking benadryl along with the xyzal as needed. I was wondering if I could take 2 xyzal a day instead o 1. The only other medication that I am on is ortho cyclin birth control. Would I be okay if I took a 5 mg of xyzal early in the morning and then another in the late afternoon? Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn ENT said eustachian tube dysfunction due to allergies (tested positive for various inhalent allergies) and said to use Xyzal and Flonase. Xyzal made me too sleepy so stopped, and Flonase has done nothing. ENT said it would take Flonase a month to clear up the ETD. The constant ear popping wouldn't bother me if it weren't accompanied by the lightheadedness and brain fog, which sometimes by the end of the day turns into a very bad headache and then disappears.
Avatar f tn I was OK to take Allegra. Ask your Dr. But I know Allegra is safe as well as benadril. And claritain. When in doubt ask a Dr.
Avatar m tn If you can afford to (sort of pricey at $20 for a 2 week supply) I would get Claritin-D or Allegra-D. They have an antihistamine as well as a decongestant. You have to get them from a pharmacist (behind the counter) and show your ID. I take Claritin-D daily for the same symptoms you have. I get bad headaches at night and my nose gets stuffed, with sneezing and runny eyes. Since starting Claritin-D, I no longer have that problem unless it wears off before I go to bed.
Avatar n tn I'd be interested to know what input you get about this. I have been having what seem to be allergy episodes -- nasal congestion, watery eyes, clear mucous -- for a day or 2, then it's gone. I don't use decongestants as I have a history of Afib, pac's & pat. My first episode, I woke up with Afib and ending up needing to be electro-converted. I am abut ready to see an allergist, as I can't identify a trigger. Is the omeprazole a proton pump inhibitor for reflux?
11803947 tn?1430842645 You might consider switching to allegra or zyrtec. Both are safe during pregnancy. Sleeping with a humidifier and drinking warm tea also helps me.
Avatar n tn The doctor told me to stop using it immediately after he heard that my body got some allergic reaction toward the drug. The doctor gave me XYZAL-sample medicine- for itching. He gave me four pills and plus a Cholestorel medicine called NIASPAN. He said if itching goes away after four days of using the XYZAL, then I will try Niaspin and see how my body will react. Now, after using XYZAL for two days, my body is still itching, there is no diffrence yet. I got two more pills of XYZAL.
Avatar f tn My midwife said to watch out for meds with a d in the name (ie allegra d, claritan d, etc) but that most without the d are okay to use on occasion.
Avatar f tn Is it ok to take allegra D while on zoloft? I also get botox shots to the back of the head for pain. Is it ok to continue them? Ive only been on zoloft for 2 wks.
Dog by the time I got to read your reply I had already purchased a product suggested by live chat pharmacist Ronda R...she said Allegra D or Claritin D(generic) and local Walgreens sold my wife Wal-itin D........contacted my Dr. and he also stated the same as you 'I would suggest not taking pseudoephedrine with metoprolol. It could elevate her heart rate. Loratadine by itself would be fine.
Avatar f tn Question is what do you think can be done and what I can do about stopping Allegra D; if I do I will have a sinus infection within one week or less. I have been on Allegra D all year round for about 4-5 years. Also just in the past 7 months I have been experiencing an awful metallic/chemical smell in my sinus, once in awhile, some days I do not smell it.