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Avatar f tn I have been dealing with hives since 2000. All i have to do is be in the sun and i break out. I have tried Zyrtec, Allegra, Singular and now i'm on Xyzal. The Xyzal i only tried one time and woke up the next morning feeling like i was drunk and hit by a train. It left a horrible taste in my mouth. I am so sick of these hives. I'm getting married in August and have a terrible farmers tan and i am asking for any advice on what to do.
Avatar f tn My face/neck calmed down but the rashes on my elbows knees came. Do xyzal and allegra have a similar ingredient, or what could this be? I would really like an antihistamine that works but doesn't cause another reaction,just crazy!
Avatar m tn HI, Mar 2018 I was fine. Allergy test revealed Cedar, Elm tree allergen. I began allergy shots, for a month, afterwards I began sneezing up a storm. Developed chronic rhinitis in the process. I've also developed montly infections, non stop since Mar 2018. Was on antibiotics for 4 months straight, last year. This year Feb/March been on antibiotics Amox/Clav. Each time, I complete course of antibiotics, I begin sneezing up a storm !!
Avatar n tn Have tried several medications such as Zyrtec D, Flonase, Nasonex, Xyzal....also nasal rinses, and some vitamins and herbs...nothing works for long. Today the doc decided to start testing me for allergies to try to get to the root of the fluid and swelling in my ears. Your results sound interesting. I have in the past from time to time has what I think are fever blisters around the corners of my mouth. Is there a test for Herpes simplex 1? I may mention this to my ENT next time I go there.
Avatar n tn Hey, I'm just looking for advice and to see if anyone else is going through what i am. I was Diagnosed with chronic Cholinergic Urticaria. I cant exercise, i cant even go outside in the winter, i break out in hives every single day and every time i do, my throat gets real scratchy, and really gets be scared. On top of that i'm also highly allergic to dust, molds, pollen, dander, and almost every other airborne allergens.
Avatar f tn Another Dermatologist had given zentel, Ivermectol for only one dose. and xyzal daily.Now She is not getting hives than previous days. will she get rid of hives completely?
1116122 tn?1268496794 Other than Zyrtec, are there allergy shots covered by insurance that I could take, or other allergy medications that are prescription? My insurance company stopped covering Allegra, which was perfect (bummer). Thanks for your help in advance.
Avatar n tn I've been on Xyzal tablets for 5 years. was given these tablets because I suffered from itchy and runny nose. when I do not take the tablet for more than a day i experience itchiness all over my body especially on the arms and legs. please can you advise whether this is a withdrawal symptom?
1528897 tn?1291833568 Its successor Xyzal has even fewer (same basic active chemical, but it is more purified). Allegra also has few side effects. Sometimes you have to try different meds to find one that works well with your metabolism for the best treatment with the fewest side effects. If you haven't tried sinus rinses, they are amazing for allergy control. I started them about 2 1/2 years ago and have only missed about 5 of the twice aday rituals. One was because I was in a power outage.
Avatar f tn But the past few days, some hives have started to come back. I have been taking benadryl along with the xyzal as needed. I was wondering if I could take 2 xyzal a day instead o 1. The only other medication that I am on is ortho cyclin birth control. Would I be okay if I took a 5 mg of xyzal early in the morning and then another in the late afternoon? Thanks in advance!
Avatar n tn The doctor told me to stop using it immediately after he heard that my body got some allergic reaction toward the drug. The doctor gave me XYZAL-sample medicine- for itching. He gave me four pills and plus a Cholestorel medicine called NIASPAN. He said if itching goes away after four days of using the XYZAL, then I will try Niaspin and see how my body will react. Now, after using XYZAL for two days, my body is still itching, there is no diffrence yet. I got two more pills of XYZAL.
Avatar n tn Cannot get an appointment with gastroenterologist until May 27 (Allergist is currently coordinating treatment). Currently on Allegra, Zyrtec, Singulair, Doxepin, and Colchicine for hives, Wellbutrin & Topamax for bipolar disorder. Previously on prednisone, up to 80mg/day for 2 weeks, with no relief in symptoms.
Avatar m tn Hi All, I am not sure what to do anymore. I've moved to a foreign country and I have had terrible reactions to what I assume are airborne allergies since March. My eyes are VERY red and stingy almost all day + recurring runny nose. The nose is better after some sprays I got, but my eyes get so red and bothersome that it has affected my social life---I literally just don't want to go outside anymore!
Avatar f tn I took a ton of medication daily like xyzal, singulaire, allegra, and prednisone and nose sprays for to help with the breathing and the itching. I got so fat - it’s the side effects from takings these pills. Some morning I could not get out of bed and could not walk and changed my living will and told my husband to prepare my funeral the way I wanted.
Avatar f tn I finally figured it out its was only happening the nightd he would have the xyzal....The xyzal made the outside of his lobes and his ears feel like they were on fire!!!
Avatar m tn Well I have had Hashimoto for the past 10 years, and I also have had allergy problems and have taken Allegra D for the past 4 years. I don't think allegra had anything to do with my hashimoto/hypothyroid.
Avatar m tn In the first place Zyrtec tends to make you drowsy and Allegra tends to perk you up. It would be pretty weird to take them together. I take Zyrtec daily and when my allergies act up I take a single dose of Benadryl which is short-acting. that works well for me.
Avatar f tn s when I decided to try the Allegra for the Paxil, problem. Just to let you know, I ended up taking 1/2 of an Allegra and the symptoms went away again. I woke up this morning feeling fine. The zaps usually start late in the day and are not bad. Just to reassure everyone....I have a doctor appointment Monday morning at 9am!!! I will not, however, take another Paxil! Thanks for all you help and input..
Avatar f tn ENT said eustachian tube dysfunction due to allergies (tested positive for various inhalent allergies) and said to use Xyzal and Flonase. Xyzal made me too sleepy so stopped, and Flonase has done nothing. ENT said it would take Flonase a month to clear up the ETD. The constant ear popping wouldn't bother me if it weren't accompanied by the lightheadedness and brain fog, which sometimes by the end of the day turns into a very bad headache and then disappears.
Avatar m tn Is it safe to take both Allegra-D and Zyrtec. In short, I suffer from allergies. I find that I feel best when I take a single pill of Allegra-D in the morning and a single pill of Zyrtec at night. In part, I have been doing this because I haven't had to go to the doctor (or Canada) to get more Allegra D so I can take it twice a day. I was wondering what the possible side-effects, besides fatigue, are of the regimen I'm taking? I've felt much better since beginning it.
Avatar n tn I took XYZal for 4 days for my Fall allergies. Once I stopped, I developed this maddening itching all over!!!! I went to my dermatologist who prescribed hydroxyzine capsules. The meds help somewhat....but also make me tired so I can only take at night!!! I have been suffering for FIVE weeks. Any idea when I can expect this reaction to end?? Or at least some tips on method of relief? PLEASE!!
Avatar n tn discharge with a dough like texture but no smell. I am taking xyzal but my appetite has slowly decreased every day. Now i am to the point that I dont want to eat at all. If I do eat all I want to eat is nuts. Also have been trying to get pregnant for 1 1/2 years after miscarriage.
Avatar f tn for 7 months i was on 40 - 50 mg of ultralan DAILY (it seemed to work better than Prednisone), 2 atarax tablets, 3-4 Xyzal (or zyrtec) daily. if i even tried to lessen the dose then my lips, tongue, eyes and throat would swell. the hives lessened but never fully went away. my weight ballooned and i was in a constant stupor and NOT HAPPY. oh noooo. eventually i started bi-weekly sessions of acupuncture which really really helped and finally i was off the medication.
Avatar f tn Hi! Congratulations! If you were my patient, I would advise you to take the absolute minimum medication that you can get away with during the first trimester especially. BUT having said that, Allegra is pregnancy category C which means that it CAN be used in pregnancy if the benefits out weigh the risks. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Loratadine is considered a placebo by many doctors (and many patients that I have talked to). Zyrtec and Allegra are good choices. Since Allegra just came OTC, it will be much more expensive the Zyrtec generic. I take Zyrtec. Take care and feel better. God bless.