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Avatar n tn I can't sleep was prescribed melatonin what is the maximum dosage I can take I am 16. 8 stone 12 about 5'10.
Avatar n tn when the doctor said 200 was the maximum he accepted that. He does seem to be doing well, but I am worried. what chance is there of his ever getting off of it, or at least onto a lower dose?
Avatar n tn I've been on Xyzal tablets for 5 years. was given these tablets because I suffered from itchy and runny nose. when I do not take the tablet for more than a day i experience itchiness all over my body especially on the arms and legs. please can you advise whether this is a withdrawal symptom?
Avatar f tn But the past few days, some hives have started to come back. I have been taking benadryl along with the xyzal as needed. I was wondering if I could take 2 xyzal a day instead o 1. The only other medication that I am on is ortho cyclin birth control. Would I be okay if I took a 5 mg of xyzal early in the morning and then another in the late afternoon? Thanks in advance!
429925 tn?1203905115 What is the maximum dosage for Effexor XR? Also, is it advisable to take with Lorazapham?
Avatar f tn I have been dealing with hives since 2000. All i have to do is be in the sun and i break out. I have tried Zyrtec, Allegra, Singular and now i'm on Xyzal. The Xyzal i only tried one time and woke up the next morning feeling like i was drunk and hit by a train. It left a horrible taste in my mouth. I am so sick of these hives. I'm getting married in August and have a terrible farmers tan and i am asking for any advice on what to do.
Avatar n tn However, it is common practice to increase medication dose to help control blood sugar (the maximum dose of metformin is about 2500 mg/day, in split doses). Some people do take their medication before eating. Please discuss changes in medication dosing with your md. You may also find that restricting carbs (eat more fat, non-starchy vegetables instead to replace the calories) may help in reducing your blood sugar.
Avatar n tn The doctor told me to stop using it immediately after he heard that my body got some allergic reaction toward the drug. The doctor gave me XYZAL-sample medicine- for itching. He gave me four pills and plus a Cholestorel medicine called NIASPAN. He said if itching goes away after four days of using the XYZAL, then I will try Niaspin and see how my body will react. Now, after using XYZAL for two days, my body is still itching, there is no diffrence yet. I got two more pills of XYZAL.
Avatar f tn If you stop use of the Tylenol PM, it may take up to 2-4 weeks for you to adjust to falling asleep without the medication, but there should be no other problems. The current recommended maximum daily dosage of acetaminophen, commonly known as Tylenol, is 4000mg (4 grams) in a 24 hour period and one tablet of Tylenol PM contains 500mg of Acetaminophen and 25mg of Diphenhydramine. Therefore, if you take 2 tablets (1000mg or 1 gram) each night you are not exceeding the maximum daily dosage.
Avatar f tn In general, the initial dosage is a 15 mg capsule per day, and your doctor can increase the dosage based on your tolerance to the drug and your weight loss , but the maximum dosage is 30 mg per day.
Avatar f tn Tylenol is unveiling new maximum dosage instructions for paracetamol or acetaminophen in the US. The new instructions state a maximum total daily of 3,000 mg versus the old maximum of 4,000 mg. Additionally, it states to take the over the counter dosage every 6 hours instead of every 4 to 6 hours. These new instructions seem to be specific to their over the counter products not prescription medications.
Avatar f tn I finally figured it out its was only happening the nightd he would have the xyzal....The xyzal made the outside of his lobes and his ears feel like they were on fire!!!
Avatar f tn Do you mean, what is the maximum effective dosage or what is the maximum dose at which toxic levels become a danger?
Avatar m tn Is it 50mg? I am about to switch and wanted to make sure. I also know that 20mg is usually the maximum allowed for Lexapro, is 50mg the maximum for Pristiq? Thank you for the help!
Avatar n tn I am having trouble finding out what is a safe maximum dosage of Diamox for psuedotumor cerebri. When I had asked my daughters neurologist this question, she said there is no maximum dosage which I found hard to believe that there wouldn't be a max dose on any medication. My daughter is 15 yrs old and had been prescribed a total of 2500 mg per day divided into 3 doses. Does anyone know the max dose for diamox? Thanks!
526311 tn?1229286330 t know how much I can help but my hubby takes Lyrica 600mg a day which is the maximum dosage. He is also on oxycontin, both for severe back pain. The oxycontin he craves and is addicted to (currently tapering down from) but the Lyrica he does not crave at all and sometimes doesn't take any at all during the day.
Avatar f tn This drug helps stimulate the egg follicles resulting in improved egg production and ovulation. If there is no ovulation on initial dosage the dosage may be increased to a maximum of 200mg per day. It is usually prescribed for a maximum of six cycles. While on clomiphene you may need frequent trips to the doctor to monitor the progress of ovulation. Do contact your doctor for more queries. Keep me posted. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar n tn Cough is not a side effect of this medication but you are way over the maximum dosage and need to address "why". Good luck.
Avatar n tn Usually when Psychiatrist refer to "maximum dose" they are refering to the maximum effective dose at which any more of the drug is simply never going to produce further theriputic results. I know it sound as if it means "max dose" as in "that's the most you can take before the danger level" but that's not usually the case. For example if the maximum effective dose of Effexor is shown to be 350Mgs a day.
Avatar f tn Yes take it every day....
Avatar f tn ENT said eustachian tube dysfunction due to allergies (tested positive for various inhalent allergies) and said to use Xyzal and Flonase. Xyzal made me too sleepy so stopped, and Flonase has done nothing. ENT said it would take Flonase a month to clear up the ETD. The constant ear popping wouldn't bother me if it weren't accompanied by the lightheadedness and brain fog, which sometimes by the end of the day turns into a very bad headache and then disappears.
Avatar n tn I took XYZal for 4 days for my Fall allergies. Once I stopped, I developed this maddening itching all over!!!! I went to my dermatologist who prescribed hydroxyzine capsules. The meds help somewhat....but also make me tired so I can only take at night!!! I have been suffering for FIVE weeks. Any idea when I can expect this reaction to end?? Or at least some tips on method of relief? PLEASE!!