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Avatar n tn Also taking Singulair, Advair, Xopenex as needed, and Zolair 1 X month. Until las June I was otherwise healthy, no illness or problems. Every time I attempt to wean off, I get sick, can't breath, end up using nebulizer and large doses of steriods. Side effects becoming an issue and now seem to need constant antibiotics for chronic sinusitis. Sinus/nasal surgery in December did nothing to assist; in fact seems to have made it worse. My allergist is great but seems to be at a loss as well.
Avatar n tn hey phil I was wondering if you had any luck treating your asthma? I get the same reaction to all steroid inhalers and even albuterol, intense jitteryness/anxiety, shakes, palpatations sometimes, dry mouth, etc. It's horrible. Please let me know if you've found something that has helped you. So far I've tried advair (all doses), albuterol CFC and HFA, and Asmanex.
25201 tn?1255584436 Each has to have its own setup, not only because they aren't compatible but because they have a certain order of administration. Xopenex first, then Pulmozyme to loosen my secretions after the Xopenex has opened up my lungs and finally TOBI, tobramycin an antibiotic to fight the pseudomonas in my lungs after my lungs have been cleaned out. In your case, the Xopenex should go first to open up your airways and then Pulmicort, a steroid for the best results.
Avatar n tn I was given Flowvent 110mcg, combivent and xopenex I the other day I had a panic attack and was sob it might of been in my mind but would any of these inhalers help in this situation??. which one should I always have on me. right now I stopped taing all of them,they were given to me when I ahd coughing and chest congestion also wheezing but it seems to be gone now. I do take flonase for nose congestion.
212161 tn?1476095111 Asthmanex is a steroid that is used for more long term control. If you are using Xopenex and still wheezing, your doctor should be informed right away. You might want to read here: http://www.medhelp.org/medical-information/show/240/Asthma for more information about asthma, or merely google "Asthma management" for lots of information.
212161 tn?1476095111 Xopenex is similar to Albuterol and may cause palpitations and arrhythmias. Flovent and Asmanex are steroid inhalers, both of which are used for asthma.
Avatar n tn my 5 year old son has acute asthma and has so many prescriptions i feel it may not be safge to administer them all he has qvar 40 mcg inhalation aerosol xopenex and budesonide inhaled meds and singulair and prednisone are these safe to be taking all in a day and is there any that should not be taken during the administration of others
Avatar f tn We were told by his Doc that if anyone gets sick to start treating him upon the first cough. They said start with Xopenex (4-6x a day) and give him Flovent once in the morning and once at night. Do this for about 1-2 days. But doesn't it take weeks for Flovent to kick in? Why would they have me do it like this. How could it help him for only 1-2 days?
Avatar n tn At first we were seeing a doc that told us he had mild/intermittent asthma and had him on Xopenex and Pulmicort when he had cold symptoms (also Extendryl) 2x per day. THe last time he got sick, I was unhappy with the docs attitude so I vowed to switch. (He was on Zithromax, Pulmicort, PediaPred, and Xopenex). I switched docs and without much hesitation this new doctor has decided to put him on a daily maintenance (even though without a cold he has no symptoms). Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I have been treated for years for asthma, get low pef's that respond to xopenex and presdnisone with known triggers/allergies. Had a normal spirometry with a decreased gas diffusion exchange, now asthma diagnosis has been retracted due to normal spirometry and all meds have been discontinued. Can you have asthma with a normal spirometry? Sx are cough, SOB, and tachycardia.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Asthma 3 years ago and was told to take Advair 250/50 but it only helps for an hour or 2. on other occasions I take xopenex inhaler and sometimes use machine with produces mist to get xopenex into lungs, but most of the time it does not seem to work. I am constantly out of breath, body alway tight, lightheaded and increasing in depression as time goes by. I feel like I am losing my life and dont know what to do.
312330 tn?1245180352 Flovent, serevent (essentially advair), singulair, zithromax and xopenex ( I am on several others but these are specifically for my asthmatic problems). Some people do very well on Theo...I hope that it works out for you.
Avatar n tn 5 Days ago I started getting a cold, so I went to the doctor and they gave me 2 Xopenex 1.25mg treatments, a presciption for methlyprednisolone, Biaxin 500XL, and a nebulizer for home. Also I am on Advair 500 DPI for every day use, and a Xopenex MDI inhaler. They said I had bronchitis. I started feeling better the next day, but today I woke up in distress again and now nothing is working not even the nebulizer, I feel anxious and I dont even have the energy to cough anymore.
Avatar n tn most colds we end up in ER with his oxygen around 87-90 or so.. improves with steroid, and breathing treatments. used to be on just XOPENEX we were using it as a rescuer almost daily breathing treatment at home, now were on flow vent has mild steroid, as preventative so we dont end up with these emergency situations. he is doing much better.
Avatar f tn He said that he must have gotten some sort of virus and it triggered his asthma. He told me to continue his Singulair, Pulmicort Respules one time a day, Xopenex in the nebulizer every four hours, and he prescribed Prednisone two times per day (dr. said to start the steroid only if the cough does not slow down). So on Wednesday morning, my son woke up at 6:30am coughing non-stop....coughing so much that he vomited!
Avatar n tn My 9 year old son has been on flonase 50 mcg, singulair 5 mg, and pulmicort 180 mcg for the last year and a half. He is also on xopenex when needed. I am concerned because during this time he has gained almost 30 lbs. He also has very strange dreams and can be quite moody. My major concern is the weight gain. Does anyone know if the medications could be causing the weight gain and other problems. Thanks!
Avatar m tn That could include allergy testing and shots, antihistamines (oral and nasal), nasal steroid, Singulair, an inhaled steroid (ICS) and a long acting broncho dilater. I would try to stick with agressively treating the allergy trigger and see how much control that gives you. This year you are behind and may need a controller inhaler to get things back under controll.
Avatar n tn AND he gave me some samples, of a drug called Xopenex. It contains some decongestant, and hydrocodone. He knows I went to Rehab for 7mos, due to my addiction to hydrocodone. I am desperate to get better, so I didnt ask any questions, I was scared to take the drug, but he prescribed it to me. So I took it at night liek he told me to. But then today I took it during the day, It only contains 5mg. Thats nothing, I'd been taking 55-80mg a day before, and that includes nasally and orally. So 5mg??
Avatar n tn Her breathing is normal on a daily basis but when she gets any sort of cold it always ends up going right to her chest causing rapid breathing combined with the chest and tummy rising and falling dramatically. The pediatrician has prescribed Xopenex and Pulimicort to be inhaled via the nebulizer in the past. After researching the negative long term affects of the pulmicort I have decided not to use it for my daughter.
Avatar n tn one to open up my airways and the other is a steroid to reduce inflammation...a life saver if you ask me), Singulair (really helps my allergies and asthma), Xopenex if needed and Astelin and Flonase for my nasal symptoms. I am on others, but I can't remember them right now! Oh, I take Zyrtec as well. Once the doc found the right combination, I did so much better in the asthma department, prior to that, I had horrible exacerbations and even wound up hospitalized frequently. It was horrible.
Avatar f tn In the states we have several versions of albuterol - Proair, Proventil, Ventolin, Maxair (technically pributerol) and a purified version Xopenex (technically levalbuterol). All of them Xopenex is the only one that does not go by albuterol. No generics because of the cfc ban. We do have generic albuterol neb solution. The Xopenex doesn't cause the shakiness that the other versions do and can be more effective. I wonder if that is what part of my problem has been? hmmmmm...
Avatar f tn orapred( liquid steroid), Amoxcillian( antibotic), xopenex(liquid for nebulizer) and the list continues with medications over the counter. To date my son is still vomiting at least 3 times a day and out of 5 days he has only been able to attend school 2 days without actually vomiting in class but on those days he vomited when he arrived home.
Avatar n tn I took him back in and the Dr said that she could hear fluid in his opposite lung this time. She put him on Singular, Nasonex, Zithromaz, Pulmicort and Xopenex with a nebulizer and Pancof-PD for cough at night. All at the same time. It kinda scares me!! He has been having up to 5 potty accidents a day. Is this possibly related? He seems to be full of energy (which he has been all along, he has never even acted sick). I have noticed after a treatment of Pulmicort that he gets a little crazy.
Avatar n tn When the results came back that she was healthy aside from the fact that she was very allergic to cats and grass, we were able to begin treatment. She was put on an inhaled steroid and Zyrtec daily. We also used Xopenex when the asthma flared. Finally she became my healthy little girl again. We continue to tweak things as she gets older but she remains pretty healthy.
Avatar m tn The problem for me is that I am very far from any hospital with a decent emergency room. I am thinking of getting on to the steroid-inhaler, to be used as a preventive- which does not cause tachycardia. However, I have heard that it has the side-effect of suppressing the immune system, and therefore has to be taken with antibiotics. Would you happen to know anything about this?
212161 tn?1476095111 I have QVAR (beclomethasone) that is a steroid. The quick relief inhalers like albuterol will have an adrenergic effect and cause the heart rate to increase temporarily. My HR increase usually lasts about 15 minutes. I see that Flovent and Advair are both steroidal inhalers.
Avatar f tn I have started him on pulmacort and xopenex again. My questions are this... Should I ask our Pedi to send us to a pediatric pulmonologist since he had the significant troubles at birth? What do you think his current diagnosis is? What are recommendations? Am I able to give pulmacort as often as I have been since it is a type of steroid? Thanks so much for your help.
Avatar n tn I am now 18, and my asthma has grown worse. Up until a few years ago, a Xopenex inhaler or nebulizer treatment would help me if I was having an attack, but now it only seems to make it worse. I have cough-variant asthma, and my cough is extremely loud and obnoxious, and will sometimes cause me chest pain. It's virtually ever-present at this point. I've noticed recently that if it's chilly out, I physically cannot take in enough air and it feels similar to hyperventilating.
Avatar m tn This Prednisone also gives me a high heart rate especially when I use the Albuterol. Thankfully my neighbor is a PA and gave me some Xopenex samples from her office which doesn't race my heart as much as Albuterol because it's already racing enough with this steroid. I have heard weening off of Prednisone is better. So when day 5 comes around and I take my last 40mg of Prednisone will that cause any problems or should I ask my doctor to ween me off this more gradually? Thank you!