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Avatar n tn I have Emphysemia & take med neb treatments of xoponex & ventolin @ least every 4 hours. I stay on the med neb machine doing my breathing for 1 to 2 hours even though the med in gone long before that time. I also am on 02 continously. Is this good for me to make the breathing exercise last that long or could it be bad for me??
Avatar n tn 1 week in hospital for RSV, then 3 ER visits for labored breathing, then 1 week in hospital with Pneumonia. It's been a month since the Pneumonia and I've been consistent with the Pulmicort (2 x's a day) & Xopenex (3x's a day) and he seems to be 100%. Drs have labeled him as someone with RAD- Reactive Airway Disease, meaning that a simple cold can turn into something worse for him, like Pneumonia. My question is, how long do I continue doing the treatments if he is now okt?
1064552 tn?1322583358 I've been held for hours and many treatments at Kaiser and at ERs. I don't remember how many treatments I had at Kaiser - that was my first emergency - but I remember one ER trip I had 5 treatments of prednisone by nebulizer and they wanted to do another one, but I said no because I was shaking so hard I thought I was going to vomit. I remember Kaiser game me an EPI pen to carry around, but I never used it. I was kind of scared of using it.
Avatar n tn everything sets my asthma off now smells activity eating drinking i take so much meds I am going crazy. i take xopenex, atrovent, pulmacort, neb treatments, singular, 40 mg prednisone, bumex, aldactone, and i take diamox. and i still cant breath. wouldn;t you think that the surgery with a possible good outcome outweighs the suffering i am going through right now. if i am wrong please explain how. thank you for your time struggling to breath.
1315759 tn?1274048388 or the breathing treatments? at the hospital, they give me xopenex, which works ok, not really good for me. the last time i went to the hospital, the therapist gave me atrovent and xopenex, with 4 doses in one. i told them it was making me too jittery, way more than normal and nobody listened. instead of getting better, it was staying the same and making me feel out of control. how can i get my doctor to prescribe me a pulse ox for at home?
Avatar n tn Is there any difference at all between xopenex and albuterol for breathing treatments? I need some information about them , to know why one works differently than the other.
Avatar f tn His cry is hurt/pained or terrified. Wondering if the onset of having medicated breathing treatments (xopenex and budesonide) 1 in am and 1 in pm could have anything to do with this?
Avatar n tn most colds we end up in ER with his oxygen around 87-90 or so.. improves with steroid, and breathing treatments. used to be on just XOPENEX we were using it as a rescuer almost daily breathing treatment at home, now were on flow vent has mild steroid, as preventative so we dont end up with these emergency situations. he is doing much better.
Avatar n tn She's run a low grade temp for 13 days running, has taken codituss cough med (with codiend), breathing treatments with Xopenex, and has finished a round of Z-pack. Coughing is horrible at bedtime and through the night. Since she has a low grade temp I had disregarded an allergy. 13 days into this, I'm re-thinking everything. I'm looking for help. Is this a virus or allergy or what? She can sit in a room 6 ft from the guinea pigs and not cough at all.
Avatar f tn He said that he must have gotten some sort of virus and it triggered his asthma. He told me to continue his Singulair, Pulmicort Respules one time a day, Xopenex in the nebulizer every four hours, and he prescribed Prednisone two times per day (dr. said to start the steroid only if the cough does not slow down). So on Wednesday morning, my son woke up at 6:30am coughing non-stop....coughing so much that he vomited!
Avatar n tn About a month into the atenolol she began to caugh alot then about 2 weeks after that I took her to the ER to find that the atenolol was causing resirtory problems. She ended up with breathing treatments 3 times a day. So I took her to her cardiologist and he took her off the atenolol. Her breathing problems went away with in a month after stopping the medication. Since then we have been treating the SVTs with headstands and ice packs to the face.
Avatar n tn I took him back in and the Dr said that she could hear fluid in his opposite lung this time. She put him on Singular, Nasonex, Zithromaz, Pulmicort and Xopenex with a nebulizer and Pancof-PD for cough at night. All at the same time. It kinda scares me!! He has been having up to 5 potty accidents a day. Is this possibly related? He seems to be full of energy (which he has been all along, he has never even acted sick). I have noticed after a treatment of Pulmicort that he gets a little crazy.
Avatar n tn said you may not feel like it and even may feel worse but your breathing test indicate your breathing is better . So I question the Pulmo , what exactly do I have then ? Answer , Well there's really no name for it , it's a cross between chronic broncitis and mild ahsma . I said why don't you do a biopsy ? No that won't show anything . Why not try a 3 month course of antibiotics, like we were going to do before ? No, I'm not comfortable with that .
Avatar n tn I am now 18, and my asthma has grown worse. Up until a few years ago, a Xopenex inhaler or nebulizer treatment would help me if I was having an attack, but now it only seems to make it worse. I have cough-variant asthma, and my cough is extremely loud and obnoxious, and will sometimes cause me chest pain. It's virtually ever-present at this point. I've noticed recently that if it's chilly out, I physically cannot take in enough air and it feels similar to hyperventilating.
Avatar n tn My son had been diagnosed with pneumonia 4 times in the past four months, as well as bronchiolitis in between. He has been treated with Rocephin, Azithromycin, and Amoxil. He has breathing treatments 4 times a day (pulmicort & xopenex) has had 2 episodes of cyanosis, and been hospitalized for low oxygen satuation, wheezing etc. His pediatrician tells me I shouldn't panic and that he has asthma. He is only 13 mos old!
Avatar n tn Since birth has had a dry cough,sneezes often and rattles every day off and on,wheezes about 3-4 times a week.He runs a fever about 1-2 times a week.Has done breathing treatments since his bronchitis,the xopenex didnt really do anything for him.In November ran a high fever of 103 and couldnt stop crying was admitted for 3 days ran tests including tap and chest xrays. He had pneumonia in R and L lower. However when examined was told his lungs sounded fine.
Avatar n tn The asthma rescue meds (xopenex) does nothing to help even after 3 or 4 treatments. We then take him to the ER and they tell us that he has a stridor and that he has the croup virus and it is not asthma. He is generally prescribed and oral steroid which clears it up and sent home, but he will develop a cold or viral symptoms like runny nose and cough. He has been on a asthma maintenance med Pulmacort for 2 years and it does not seam to help.
Avatar n tn I upped my dose of Advair to 500/50 (from 250/50) and have been taking Pulmacort breathing treatments at home BID. I haven't needed to take the MDI very often. I am noticing that the shortness of breath is worse when I'm lying flat and immediately after getting out of bed. I've noticed use of accessory muscles of ventilation after getting out of bed, until I've taken time to do breathing exercises.
Avatar n tn My five year old daughter was diagnosed by her pediatrician as being "borderline" asthmatic. When she gets a "cold" or has respiratory episodes causing a cough, it gets pretty bad. Sometimes coughing every two or three breaths and eventually vomitting. She is treated with pulmicort respules and xopenex in "breathing treatment" form and also a phenylhistine/delsam cocktail at night. These treatments seem to have about a 35% success rate.
Avatar n tn I'm almost sad to go to sleep because I know when I wake up I will not feel this good. I have never in my life felt this good. It not only helped my breathing but it seems to have decreased my nasal allergy issues. What I'm wondering is if hypertonic saline has ever been used in conjunction with regular asthma treatment.
Avatar n tn This requires a more long-term approach, like the breathing treatments that you mentioned. In addition to the Pulmicort, which is a preventative treatment, she probably needs a rescue medicine, such as Albuterol or Xopenex, which is used to treat the cough. These medicines are used when they are needed.
Avatar n tn My question is...are there any other treatments other than listed that could have a better result for the chronic coughing??...Are steroids effective and what are the side effects.please? Are there any home remedies as far as air treatment, beathing masks etc..? Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I'm taking Bactrim SS QD, doing the breathing treatments - QID; staying on the O2; increased my prednisone to 10mg QD; and staying very still. I'm a 48 yr old female with a long history of SLE with kidney and lung involvement; DVTs, multiple fractured bones due to osteoporosis at young age. So I know this is a lot to think about, but any ideas would be greatful. If I thot I was in immediate danger, don't worry, I would go to the ER.
Avatar n tn He has had 2 surgeries, and the narrowing in his trachea had caused his trachea to swell SHUT when the put in the breathing tube for the surgeries. So he was on breathing treatments to keep the swelling down and oxygen sometimes and steroids all the time immediatley following the surgeries for at least a week each time. So I feel I do know somewhat of what you are feeling. It is very frustrating. Just be sure that the doctors are doing what YOU want for YOUR baby all the time.
Avatar m tn If not what else, what doctors should I go to, what treatments should I ask for. I am an adult male in my 30's. In the past year my pollen allergies jumpped from being annoying to in "my opinion life threating". My allergist told me it is serious anxiety not allergy. I recently tested allergic to the pollens, pets, molds. No runny nose, no itchy eyes, no sneezing.
Avatar f tn Anxiety, as another user mentioned, will raise your heart rate, tighten the chest and make breathing difficult as it raises your heart rate. Ask them to use Xopenex and see if that helps. It's not the heavy stimulant that Albuterol is and I think you'll find that it works for you. Another thing that works for me since it's impossible to tell if my symptoms are asthma or my heart racing, I have learned ways to calm myself down and bring my heart rate back to normal levels.